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  1. Thanks for the heads up on this - looks like I'll have to revisit the lighting and textures on any previous renders I need to update from 2016 version
  2. Recently updated to version 2017 (not used this version much) but recently used it on a new mac with more ram etc than the previous kit. Also today updated to the latest service pack As well as my previous question about the missing progress bar, when producing a render with custom renderworks settings as used in version 2016 on the same file the quality of the final render is very poor almost like a gritty finish to reflective surfaces and poor in detail - almost as if it was set up as a fast rendered image or low quality GL render. Final high quality render is much better but does not render reflective surfaces properly I use this as a comparison to version 2016 - so same file, same render settings etc etc and as a like for like the 2016 rendered version is much better. I am running El Capitan on the new mac and wondered if Vectorworks was incompatible with the operating system. Renders seem quicker, but quality is poor. As anyone had similar experience - plus I can't seem to quit the render without forcing Vectorworks itself to quit (not ideal).
  3. Where has the progress bar gone on Vectorworks 2017 when exporting a final rendered image - there is no clue at all on how slow or how quickly a render is taking?
  4. Hi Jim - after quitting and re opening the program it did go back as normal - I suppose if it happens again I'll have to do the same thing. By the way the grass render which is a welcomed addition is certainly a ram hungry beast - I foolishly tried to render a large area with this texture incorporated into an already detailed outside environment and after many many many hours I called it a day - infact it was actually two days. So in future I shall revert to using it in small amounts. Thanks again for your advice.
  5. No matter what render setting I choose renderworks now produces the same quality medium GL render setting and I can't understand why even when using custom renderworks at a high setting
  6. Would any one know if it's better to temporarily turn off firewalls when downloading all the new Vectorworks application and assets?
  7. Hi Jim - not sure or not if it was officially recorded. Kind regards - Barry
  8. Since my last post from 2015 I have discovered that the delay in applying textures in vectorworks and maybe other subsequent delays happens when my wifi connection is on. If I turn off my wifi connection, within seconds the problem disappears. My wifi / broadband supplier is Sky - interestingly enough a guy at computers unlimited (although the name has recently changed) the UK agents for VSS etc tried working on his computer running vectorworks 2015 his broadband supplier is also Sky. I am delighted to say he had the exact same problem. So I am not imagining it. Recently tried version 2016 - (today) same problem - until I turn off the wifi connection. I like to produce high quality renders but do everything to keep the file size down. Success though is hit and miss. Although not familiar with 2016 version - now wondering why the render progress bar just keeps counting up the time but with no real idea when the render will be finished if in fact it is actually producing a finished render! A few hours since starting this render and still a full progress bar with no error message or clue of how long this will be. Would like to continue with VSS and upgrades etc but it's a lot of money if doesn't do what it says on the can.
  9. Still having problems with vectorworks - program sometimes quits when creating a new texture - it does not always save preferences such as preferred visibility of layers - does not always create a high res render on screen even when set up in render options and when document is saved. This has happened on two different macs with different graphics cards one running Yosemite the other running Maverick. Anyone know when a new version of Vectorworks demo is available?. I would like to try the next upgrade before committing to VSS again.
  10. Involved in producing a large render - usually if the progress bar appears not to progress after many minutes I check to see if Vectorworks is not responding by forcing a quit - it then shows up if it has a responding problem. However at the time of writing this post (UK time at 12.45 in the morning) the progress bar appears to have not moved more than a third of the way in the last few hours. Checked with a potential forced quit and Vectorworks appears as if there is no response issue but there is no spinning wheel of death, at least this is sometimes an indication something is happening. It is a very big file but rendered it before without the problem I have now, I have just upped the quality from medium to high. So I shall leave this in the hope it's still rendering until 8am approx and check it again. If it has got no visibly further I guess the render has failed. Downloading service pack 3 has made no difference to my earlier problem of acquiring textures and editing them in real time. I'm going to have a go at exporting Vectorworks as a cinema 4D file and see if the rendering is a less tedious process just hope it keeps the saved view etc as I am using a trial version and have little experience of using Cinema 4D. Might invest though in Cinema 4D and give up Vectorworks as a lost cause
  11. Can the seasons on VB Plants be changed in Vectorworks Fundamentals or is it only possible in higher versions of the software such as Landmark or Designer as I don't seem to have any options in the properties box for this
  12. Hi - yes already gone through that option I'm afraid it made no difference sadly
  13. Well I really did want to renew my vectorworks subscription but unfortunately the same problem with the long time involved in just getting and editing textures hasn't gone away so really this software isn't fit for purpose as far as I'm concerned - has any body else had this problem and solved it? Or is it just the fact lady Luck has dumped me good and proper with this version of Vectorworks? Version 2013 here I come.
  14. Many thanks Jim. I did the test after reinstalling Vectorworks clean from disc then getting the SP2 download etc. But thank you again for your ongoing help with this. Regards - Barry
  15. Hi Jim, I know in your email you suggested that I create a new document do a basic extrude and time how long it takes to apply a texture. I did something more basic which describes exactly the problem I keep having. I opened a new document and saved it - then went to get a new texture from resource. The times are as follows: Approx 1 minute to open the texture dialogue box. To pick a reflection type eg plastic and to be able to put in a value between 1 and 2 minutes. To be able to enter in a name for the new texture nearly 1 and a half minutes. To click okay and exit texture box 1 and a half minutes. A further minute or so after texture box closes before I can progress further in the document or select anything. It's not looking good.


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