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  1. Hey, I´m try to understand the the database information I like to read out the information a symbol have - like the manufacture can you give me a tip or a few lines of code Thanks Michael
  2. Hi, i like to generate l list of saved sheets - can someone give me the right folderid - i think the field is 49 Thanks
  3. Hey I looking for a little help with the first steps in plugin development - I have a bit experience with c4d but not vw - so I looking for someone with give me startup help and can write sometime some parts for me. sure - paid. if you have interest - looking for you pm . Thanks
  4. Hi - I try to compile the sdk examples with xcode and mac the compiling was successful after a few tryouts but I don`t get any plugin in VW by add the file into the plugin folder
  5. hey what steps are required to rotate a 2d/3D object with python ?
  6. i try to use your source - where do you call the Symbol3D or Symbol2D3D by direct call i get an error "Error: Statement must follow creation of a 3D object."
  7. Hey, I`m new to Vector Works and try to write a script to place objects from Library files to the scene . Can someone give me a start point for that ? Thanks
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