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  1. I've noticed that after I use the move by points tool, then try to use the rotate tool shortcut (Alt+=), the rotate tool is selected but goes right back to the move by points tool. This doesn't happen if I select rotate using the tool icon but who wants to do that..
  2. It looks like VW 2016 has the ability to export down to 2011 but does not show anything beyond that. Is there any way (plugin, script,...) to be able to export to 2008?
  3. So in a last ditch effort I did a clean install of Windows and that seems to have fixed all my issues. Vectorworks installed fine and updated fine and runs fine.
  4. I've just encountered another problem. I'm not sure that it's related but the callout tool does not align the leader with the text properly. Normally the leader is centered on the line of text but as you can see in the image it is being aligned to the locus of the text.
  5. Jim, have you been able to determine if there was a server issue?
  6. Installed the latest driver and restarted but no change. Thanks for you help btw.
  7. No changes when I deselect hardware acceleration. That would make me feel a little better if it wasn't an issue on my end with the update. My 2008 is quite old but I just can't bring myself to put it down. Too many memories.
  8. So I recently purchased a new pc (see system info below) to replace the 2008 macbook pro that I had running Windows 7 x64. I had vectorworks architect 2008 running on my old system flawlessly with no issues during install. The problems start when I install vectorworks on the new pc. Before the install I had turned off anti-virus, firewall, and windows defender. When the install process got to 88% the "huh" error message popped up and then "installation successful". I told the installer to update to service pack 3 but that did not happen. I know I'm not behind any other firewall or proxy and tried a couple internet connections to make sure. Not being too concerned at this point I carry on. I go to open the program by double-clicking the shortcut. The computer thinks for a second then nothing.WTF? Try opening as administrator...nope. Run in compatibility mode for "Windows 7"...bingo. But if it's a Windows 7 system, why does it have to be run in compatibility mode for Windows 7? So the program is running but I notice an issue with lines that are drawn. The ends are typically rounded but now they are square and it looks quite awkward when two lines connect. I've attached an image for comparison. I can turn GDI +imaging off but then I lose the ability to use transparencies. I'm not completely sure why its doing this but it sure is annoying. I thought maybe if I can install SP3 it will fix the problem. So I download the SP3 installer and go to install but it errors out saying that I am behind a proxy, which I am not. (install log below) So I'm at my wits end with this. Any help would be greatly appreciated in fixing any of these issues. >System Info: >OS Name Microsoft Windows 7 Professional >Version 6.1.7601 Service Pack 1 Build 7601 >Other OS Description Not Available >OS Manufacturer Microsoft Corporation >System Name xxxxxxxxxxxx >System Manufacturer Dell Inc. >System Model XPS 8700 >System Type x64-based PC >Processor Intel® Core i7-4790 CPU @ 3.60GHz, 3601 Mhz, 4 Core(s), 8 >Logical Processor(s) >BIOS Version/Date Dell Inc. A08, 4/16/2014 >SMBIOS Version 2.7 > > >Error log: >Defining error messages. >Initializing wxWidgets. >Parameters: > products: Fundamentals Architect > gProtectionMode: Series A > gDestination: C:\PROGRA~2\VECTOR~1 > gUpdaterMode: Update > gLanguage: eng > successURL: >https://secure.nemetschek.net/myVectorWorks/updater/index.php?vwVersion=13 >.0.1(88670)&platform=Win&osVersion=6.1.7600SP0&kind=updater&language=eng&s >erialNumber=xxxxx > gBaseBuild: > gSerialNumber: xxxxx > executableName: C:\Program Files (x86)\VectorWorks >2008\VectorWorks2008.exe > gErrorFileName: C:\PROGRA~2\VECTOR~1\InstallerLog.txt > gAccessLevel: Release > gInstallLibs: True > gInstallHelp: True > gAppZipName: AppA > gZipsLocation: >C:\Users\xxxxx\Downloads\UpdateToVW2008SP3\UpdateToVW2008SP3RC3 > LIB_ENTOURAGE_IMP False > LIB_ENTOURAGE_MET False > LIB_FURNITURE_IMP False > LIB_GENERAL_IMP False > LIB_GENERAL_MET False > LIB_IMAGE_PROPS False > LIB_MARVIN_IMP False > LIB_PLUMBING_IMP False > LIB_RW_TEXTURES False > LIB_SPOTLIGHT_GOBOS False > LIB_SPOTLIGHT_IMP False > LIB_SPOTLIGHT_MET False > LIB_XFROG_ART False > LIB_XFROG_GRAY False > LIB_XFROG_PHOTO_2D False > LIB_XFROG_PHOTO_3D False > LIB_XFROG_SILHOUETTEFalse >pageAndQuery: > /AutoUpdater.php?userName=xxxxx > buildType=Release > language=eng > exceptValue= > base_build= > exceptType= > serialNumber=xxxxx > updaterVersion=26 > platform=Win+%286.1.7600%29 > sessionID=0000-00-00+00%3A00%3A00 > msgID=BEGIN_SCRIPT > action=installerEvent > updaterMode=Update >free space: 764.359667712 GB > > >############################################################### >U P D A T E R > > >plugInSupportFile: C:\PROGRA~2\VECTOR~1\Plug-Ins\Plug-In Support.vlb >executableName: C:\Program Files (x86)\VectorWorks >2008\VectorWorks2008.exe >executable is ok: A series found >gBaseBuild: 1300_76681 >begin GetAndInstallUpdates Win >pageAndQuery: > /AutoUpdater.php?userName=xxxxx > buildType=Release > language=eng > exceptValue= > base_build=1300_76681 > exceptType= > serialNumber=xxxxx > updaterVersion=26 > platform=Win+%286.1.7600%29 > sessionID=0000-00-00+00%3A00%3A00 > msgID=REQ_PLAT > action=installerEvent > updaterMode=Update >pageAndQuery: > /AutoUpdater.php?userName=xxxxx > buildType=Release > language=eng > exceptValue= > base_build=1300_76681 > exceptType= > serialNumber=xxxxx > updaterVersion=26 > platform=Win > sessionID=0000-00-00+00%3A00%3A00 > msgID= > action=requestFileName > updaterMode=Update >requestFileName response: > >Send the error info to the database, and see if you got back a better >error >message. >pageAndQuery: > /AutoUpdater.php?userName=xxxxx > buildType=Release > language=eng > exceptValue=None > base_build=1300_76681 > exceptType=None > serialNumber=xxxxxx > updaterVersion=26 > platform=Win+%286.1.7600%29 > sessionID=0000-00-00+00%3A00%3A00 > >msgID=Server+responded%3A%0A%0A%0A%0AAn+unexpected+response+was+received+f >rom+the+web+server.++This+could+be+due+to+a+proxy+server+intercepting+the+ >connection.++Please+contact+support+for+more+information. > action=installerEvent > updaterMode=Update >Server responded: > > > >An unexpected response was received from the web server. This could be >due >to a proxy server intercepting the connection. Please contact support for >more information. > >Exception Type: None >Exception Value: None >Exception Stack: None >
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