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  1. Thank you everyone for the clear and easy to follow help. I actually figured it out right after I asked the question, I made the mistake of thinking that a highlighted layer was a checked layer. michael
  2. Vectoerworks 18 will not produce framing for any walls that I draw. I repeatedly get a message telling me that there must be one wall on the layer that I am working in. There is infact a wall in the layer I am working in, it has a class atached to it. I included screen shots of each step but still nothing. ANy ideas?
  3. I am wondering if anyone can answer this question-I am trying to create a three-dimensional model of a miniature sculpture. It is a tetrahedral, four sides. I have made a pattern of each side in paper, scanned it and redrew it in VW. I am wondering if there is a way to rejoin the polygons to meet at the edges to create the three-dimensional model in VW space-Any thoughts? Am I wishfully thinking there is a way? Any suggestions on another approach? Let me know. There is a picture below of the full sized object installed. Thanks, Michael


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