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  1. 1) If you get this error, do you also have Explorer/Finder open viewing that file? Sometimes yes, sometimes no 2) Does any other user have Explorer/Finder open and viewing that file? no 3) What view mode are you viewing the file in? Specifically, are you looking at the preview image of the VWX file in Explorer/Finder? If Finder is open we look at the preview image. 4) If you close all Explorer/Finder windows, are you then able to save the file as expected/does autosave resume working as expected? In our perception, it is random. we cannot find a recurring aspect.
  2. If we work on the desktop, we don't experience the problem.
  3. When this error occurs "The file save operation failed. Please try again, or save to a different location.", I get this event message in console "Vectorworks: open on /Volumes/filepath..../filename.vwx: File exists" When I click "ok" on the error message, the "save as" window opens up. If I cancel everything and check the file server, the Original filename has been renamed to "filename-VWTMP.vwx". ???
  4. I checked every possible network device, cables and settings on our switches, servers and the clients. I cannot find anything that could be causing this issue. When the same clients work with other programs like Adobe photoshop and indesign, they don't experience any issues when saving to the same location on the same fileserver as Vectorworks 2015. Like I mentioned in the beginning, we didn't experience this issue with vectorworks 2014. Besides upgrading to VW 2015 nothing has changed on our network.
  5. In our case, no files are being moved! e.g.: Original file is on "\\server\share\project01\test.vwx" the backup files are automatically created on "\\server\share\project01\VW Backup\...". If we choose "save as" and browse to the path above, we can see that the file is still there. Another thing I noticed is that if we get the error message, a new file appears in the projects folder with the original name extended with –VWTMP. So in this example when we are working in test.vwx and we get the error, a file “test-VWTMP.vwx” has been created.
  6. If we do a Save As to the desktop or a network share, we don't get the error. The file just saves like it should.
  7. We are having an issue in VW 2015 when quick saving (Apple + S) or autosave (sometimes). This error pops up “The file save operation failed. Please try again, or save to a different location”. When using save-as, there is no problem. Our clients are working on Yosemite with VW 2015 SP2. By default, the clients are connected to our Windows 2012 R2 fileserver using Extremez-IP version 9.0.4x121. But if we use SMB, we also experience the same issue. When using VW 2014 we’ve never had this issue. Please advice.
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