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  1. In my PIO, I have two Popups. I want to change - ie provide a new list of values - in the second Popup as a result of the selection of a value in the first Popup. Specifically, the first Popup contains the manufacturer: Marvin, Andersen, Pella. In the second popup, I want to provide the standard casement sizes. I am using SetRField, but it seems to only add one value. If I can add multiple values, I can start with an empty value list and customize on the fly. Is there a way to index these values? Thanks
  2. I am writting a tool to reposition symbols and PIOs within walls. I have been able to obtain the center point (with GetSymLoc) - now I need to change it so that it will regen properly. Question: I can't find a SetSymLoc command, so can I access the field in the parametric record? If so, how. [i know I can use the Position command in Object Info, but it's center based, and requres extra calculations] Thanks
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