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  1. Vectorworks Fundamentals: Grouped objects disappear from the screen when working on them - have to zoom in and out to make them re-appear. A real nuisance. Any ideas how to correct this? Only been happening since I upgraded to vwx2018 Thanks Vwx 2018 (SP2 ) Mac OS 10.12
  2. The file in question was only 840 kb I was saving to my desktop
  3. Thanks Jim, I have to say I am baffled because I am a regular manual saver but somehow I had lost an hour's work. I had secured some saves on that session because some of my changes are there. Then there is this business of the crashing itself. Which happens very frequently and it happens when I do a manual save. But not every manual save. Any thoughts much appreciated.
  4. Can I revive this item .. because I just worked on a VWX file on my computer (i.e.: not on Dropbox) and did an hour of work. It then crashed (often crashes on saving - does anyone know why??) And left no "back-up" version (anywhere) even though my preferences are set for auto-backup every 10 minutes. All suggestions most welcome.
  5. Thank you for your quick reply. You have slightly got me there on both questions: - I am not on a server, but I have been moving things from my computer to and from Dropbox - so that is a possibility. - The "original save" is also a good question - I take it this is 'a must'. Your questions may be leading me to the answers so if you could clarify - particularly re: using Dropbox - I would be most grateful. Best regards
  6. I was happily working on a VWX drawing yesterday and the software crashed. As I always have my preferences set to "Autosave every 15 minutes" and "Autosave a Back-up copy" I thought no problem. But it turned out that the whole document was not saved for several hours. Much time lost. Why is this happening please? Any ideas? VWX Fundamentals 2016 v.SP1 On Mac OS X El Capitan v.10.11.3
  7. Dang.. That was embarrassingly simple :blush: it s been annoying me for weeks and only since I upgraded to 2015! Thank you!
  8. Hi (I have VWX 2015 on a Mac with OS 10.7.5) In Basic tools palette, normally you can go to a tool and call out a pop-out tool (where there is a little black corner ) well, when I try that I can't pull out the other tools, I just get the visible tool and that's it other pop-out tools on the same palette also don't work any ideas please?
  9. Thank you - I have only just upgraded to 2015 and do not think I have SP1 yet.
  10. (sorry if this is the wrong place - there doesn't seem to be a separate Vectorworks "Fundamentals" board here) Vectorworks Fundamentals 2015: My palette "Basic tools" cannot be called up even though I go to it through: Window>Palettes>Basic In fact cannot set a "tick" against Basic It has worked before though... have tried VW knowledge base … any suggestions welcome


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