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  1. Recently migrating from ACAD to VW. I feel crippled when it comes to paragraph editing, for example the inability to create a bulleted/ automatically numbered list w. proper indentation. I don't think I should have to open Word/ Acrobat along w. VW to simply create a well formatted list of notes (which are an integral part of an architectural drawing). VW, could you please add on a paragraph editing feature to your basic software? Thanks, - b
  2. I have two design layers, each with a different scale, the two layers for some reason do not show on top of each other (even when the visibility is ON). Each layer when made active is visible but are not visible on top of each other. They are NOT on 'active only' mode but are acting like they are. What might I be doing wrong? As a test I created two different design layers with the same scale and the contents are visible. Appreciate any help. - b Vectorworks 2015/ MAC user
  3. Is there a way to control the opacity of the referenced file? Essentially, I want to make the reference drawing appear grey so I can use it as an underlay (say for an electrical drawing). Any tips would be appreciated. Thanks,


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