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    Extrude Along Path Control

    @Pvz11Hi, this may assist. This was originally done in 2017 so you may want to update some of the nodes. This is a cupd door with an extruded handle. HTH Extrude_along_path cup'd handle v2017 v2019.vwx
  2. Alan Woodwell

    Exporting "OBJ 3D only" files

    MMmmm, found it in customise, Menus. Just had to drag it over. Seniors moment. LOL
  3. Alan Woodwell

    Exporting "OBJ 3D only" files

    Hi, Unless i am mistaken exporting "OBJ 3D only" files is not possible anymore in 2019. Looked to add it in customise and it does not appear to be an option anymore. Any assistance welcome.
  4. Alan Woodwell

    Determine roof face slope from existing geometry?

    @line-weightHi, have you tried to draw a 3dpolygon and not actually produce a roof but a 3d surface.
  5. Alan Woodwell

    Virtual Reality

    @michael john williamsHi, I have been playing with VR for some time and have a few videos on setting up HTC Vive and taking a Vectorworks Model into a Program that allows you to walk around, open doors, pick up items and switch lights on and off. See my YouTube channel. Alan Woodwell. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gy2JqGrZMok https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UFYqZpa1I0Q You will find a few more that will help, HTH
  6. Alan Woodwell

    Weird behaviour of a pad site modifier

    @PhileasHi, i use the ordinary pad and grade limiter to create these pads. HTHSite Pads.vwx
  7. Alan Woodwell

    Weird behaviour of a pad site modifier

    Hi I had problems with pad with retaining edges so I just used pads, got same results and no issues.
  8. Alan Woodwell

    How to draft a 3D swimming pool

    @Mason2152Hi, here is a link to a short video of how i go about creating a swimming pool. HTH https://youtu.be/NFKIif2lXgo
  9. Alan Woodwell

    How to draft a 3D swimming pool

    Simple way to do all this is to extrude your plan shape, cut the slopes as needed with knife and subtract solid then from top use shell solid.
  10. Alan Woodwell

    Hatches in renderworks textures flipping orientation

    @setsyou can also in the attributes palette of the hatch adjust by an angle. For 2d hatches Most helpful
  11. Alan Woodwell

    Single twist steel rod and bar...

    @Steven KenzerHi, Subdivision will get what you want. Bit tricky until you get to know subdivision. Twist Metal.vwx
  12. Alan Woodwell

    Wall to roof association not working

    @lgoodkindHi, it is working correctly, it extends to the roof surface above and you have 2 separate components out there. Either make the roof eaves with thickness or all not. It helps to place the roof on a separate design layer to be able to turn it totally off when needed. It also allows the wall to fit to the design layer and not getting confused HTH
  13. Alan Woodwell

    Wall Seams on elevations

    @lgoodkindhi if you zoom right in you will see there is a level difference top of wall to bottom. Also there are 2 walls, one with peak overlapping. nor sure if you have the walls on correct design layer. The issue was the wall components are set to by Storey and cant be adjusted for the wall bottom except globally. I adjusted the wall componants to by wall elevation and was able to adjust then to align. So original problen was the gap you can see when you zoom in. HTH WALL SEAM TEST.vwx
  14. Alan Woodwell

    How to explode a viewport

    Would exporting the viewports to a dwg file help?? you can also convert your viewports to polygons or polylines.
  15. Alan Woodwell

    window sill and glazing bar glitches

    @Cadplan ArchitectureHi, not too familiar with the universal windows as we use Windoor in Aus. Looking at the windows when you put one in a wall the sash flips. There are 2 sills, internal and external and can be adjusted separately. You may already know all this but anyways Maybe this assists? Window.vwx
  16. Alan Woodwell

    Site Model showing as an "endless tube"

    @PhileasHi, got it to work ok. Site model design layer has to be set to Zero as the levels work from there. Enter skirt lowest level. See attached. CRA_EXE_50 Site Model v2019 v2018.vwx
  17. Alan Woodwell

    3D trouble shooting

    Hi, Make sure all your classes are set to use at creation
  18. Alan Woodwell

    Stop Camera From Moving?

    @Bruce Kiefferhi, from the viewports go to enter viewports there should be a checkbox relating to the camera, uncheck it and it should not move. I use the walk through mode to get my view and save view and make viewports from them, much easier. HTH
  19. Alan Woodwell

    Best Methods for Extrude along path in multiple planes?

    Hi I have a PC not a Mac, may make a difference. good luck
  20. Alan Woodwell

    Best Methods for Extrude along path in multiple planes?

    @HEengineeringHi, I would stay with polygons and 3D polygons. See short video that may assist. Regards https://youtu.be/XHHRGaZhMaw
  21. Alan Woodwell

    Until Next Time

    @Jim WilsonJim, sad to see you go but one needs to prioritise, life is short and you always follow your gut felling. Yourself and family first, live life and follow your dreams. I realized this life late in life after working 100 hrs a week for years and have a family member die young and my Doc calling me at work and saying go home i want you in the hospital tomorrow for heart surgery. All the best and enjoy the family and life. Alan
  22. Alan Woodwell

    sliding glass door not showing up in plan view

    @minottoHi, This issue can arise if something is way off internal origin of the program. Turn on all classes and do a select all and zoom extents. Display your internal origin. If you have things way off in the distance delete them if you know what they are untill you get Z extents with just your drawing. See if this helps.
  23. Alan Woodwell

    Hollowing out hemisphere

    @nakedeyeHi, Shell Solid is an easy way to hollow out anything. HTH
  24. Alan Woodwell

    Roof pitch assistance

    @niknakHi would you not just draw a horizontal line in VW then a line at 22.5Deg. the vertical at the end would give you the height. then do same for another pitch. Unless i am missing the question.


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