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  1. This file was created with an illegal copy of Vectorworks See Below: http://piracy.vectorworks.net/IllegalFile.php?PHPSESSID=eu6pn0m85an21sf8n7aaiu3197
  2. Just finished a scan of my complete system with ClamXav with latest virus definitions. Results show an infection in the file: Macintosh HD > Applications >Vectorworks 2015 > Plug-Ins > GIS.vwlibrary
  3. thor01

    Door Opening

    Thanks Vincent that also works , however I don't think it should be totally invisible when removed from a wall. Interestingly, if you duplicate the door opening that is inserted in a wall, the resulting symbol has the edge wall lines shown with it and is not totally invisible.
  4. thor01

    Door Opening

    Is it possible to have a 2d locus shown in the middle of a Door>Opening? If I hover the mouse over the center of the opening, I get a center point which is great, but if I drag the opening(no casing) out of the wall and click somewhere else....I lose the opening symbol. If I remember the area it was dragged to, I can rectangular marquee around the area to find it again, but a 2d visible locus would be better.
  5. Thanks Jim, Ask and you shall receive ! It seems I can adjust the space tool settings to achieve what I was requesting, however I get resulting dimensions mixed as decimal and fraction, such as: 5'4.723" x 5' 0 1/2" Is there a setting to force the display to fractions?
  6. Essentially a tool that works similar to the “tape measure” tool but instead of drawing a line, it draws a box (I’m thinking rounded rectangle look), that when released will place a type box in the middle of the area, stating the room size in whatever units you are using. For instance: select the Room Area Tool, place the cursor in an interior corner of the room, drag to the opposite corner, (the room tool shows a greyed out line with rounded corners to show the space selected), then release, and the outline disappears with a text box pasted into the middle of the space with its dimensions, such as (12’-0” x 14’-4”). This would be a great time saver to my current way of doing this. Select rectangle tool, draw the box representing the room area, hopefully the box fill doesn't obscure another wall, look in the info palette to see the width x height of the box, commit it to memory, delete the rectangle, type the room dimension, drag it to the middle of the space. Rinse, repeat for every other room....
  7. Jim, you are correct! Coming from an older version of VW, I was not used to releasing for the second click. Thank you for the clarification.
  8. Hello All, Not sure if this bug has been submitted or not, but the Arc tool, three points mode, does not seem to work at all when using Click drag drawing preference.


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