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  1. So it seems that every time I open my light plot in spotlight and I make a small adjustment to a lighting unit (change the dimmer number or channel) the unit changes the font size of the original label legend. IE: I open the file and change the channel number of a lighting unit. Then the font size decreases by 2 points as if the label legend changed over night. I go in and make the label 2 points bigger which every other light syncs up with and we are happy again. Then I open it up another day and change the channel on another unit and the font auto adjusts to 2 points too big. So I go into the label manager again and fix it for every unit and I am good again until I open it next time. What is going on? Thanks in advance.
  2. After Tinkering around more I think I narrowed it down to a windows update that I never okayed to be installed. I am using VW 2010 sp2 (and VW 2008) Win 7 Enterprise Think pad t440s and it last worked April 8th 2015 I tried updating everything to find an issue, I completely uninstalled everything and reinstalled a dozen times with no luck. It came down to me using the compatibility Wiz (XP) to get it to work right. How unfortunate but not the worst thing... Thanks for the quick reply on an old thread.
  3. I've had a similar problem. I have been running VW for years and suddenly it just wont open... no splash screen or error message, it just thinks about it and then stops. Any thoughts?
  4. I was looking at the planes this morning, trying to see if that might be the case. I feel it might but, it was still acting a bit funny. What is the difference between the two options? I also noticed that the older items in my drafting didnt go 3d, but some of the newer ones did and mostly the curtains even after I deleted them and remade them. https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/4035501/DxDiag.txt Thank you again for your help
  5. Hello All, I have a bizarre problem. When I zoom in and out and when I export to pdf or image, randomly half of the objects and lines go to a perspective look, ex "Right Isometric". I tried playing with unified view, and every time I click back to Projection: 2D view, and Standard Views: Top/Plan, but it will keep slipping back to Orthogonal and Right isometric. I only work in 2d, I have never really touched the 3d options. I'm running VW 2010 on a PC in spotlight windows 7. Any idea how to stop this craziness? Thank you for your time.
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