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  1. In a preliminary design, the thickness of a slab has not yet been calculated, so we choose  a slab style with an approximate thickness.

    For  implementation plans , the thickness often changes so we have to make an new slab style and substitude. And then we have to adapt the  levels because of gaps or overlaps at wall heights.


    Wouldn’t  it  be a lot  easier if the thickness of the slab is determined by levels (Top of Structure an Bottom of Structure). A change in slab thickness would be a simple change in the level set-up and all other objects like walls would follow this change automatically.

    There is another advantage to this : we don’t need a slab style for every possible slab thickness.

  2. Sorry if I was not clear :

    With the space tool, I can show the room area, room name etc on the ground plan.

    Therefore the room name is entered in the field Custom Space Name of the object info palette .

    I do not want to enter the same name again in the data tab of the info palette because this is extra work ( I know : I'm lazy) and it could cause errors.

    So LOC='Kitchen' will not work because this criteria will search for the object name in de data tab.

    I was hoping this would work :

    =COUNT( (S='switch1') & ('Space'.'11_Space Name Cust'='Kitchen'))

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