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  1. Every time I open up a file in VW it always opens up in a window that is smaller than the width of my screen. I then have to resize the window to the size I want before I can start working. Is there some reason why VW never remembers the size of the window when I save the file? Does anyone else have a problem with VW remembering the size of the window the file occupies or is this just how VW works (it assumes you don't have a widescreen format display?) I am running VW Mechanical 11.5 on Mac OS X 10.3.9 on a Powerbook. Thanks for any assistance.
  2. Thank you! That seems to have done the trick.
  3. Well I repaired my permissions and looked through the log. I tried manually converting the file that supposedly caused the crash and it turned out fine. I don't understand why it didn't work with the batch convert. I then gave the batch convert another shot and it crashed again. Everytime it crashed I manually converted the offending file and it worked with no problem. I eventually got all 100 or so files converted with the combination of batch and manual conversion. Does anyone have a thought as to why some files wouldn't batch conver but convert manually? It would have been nice had the Batch Convert function worked without problem, but it did get the bulk of the files done.
  4. Ok. I'll try those suggestions. I'll post back on how it goes. Thanks!
  5. I just upgraded to VW11.0.1 Mechanical from VW 9.5.3 and am having problems batch converting my files. When I try to run the command, it searches my selected folder and subfolders and compiles a list of files to convert. It starts converting but then after a few files VW quits. I get an error that the 'application has unexpectedly quit. The system and other applications were not damaged.' or something like that. Does someone know what is going wrong? I am running VW on MacOS X 10.3.5. Thanks! peter
  6. Hi. I'm trying to create an object that would look like a tapered extrusion along a path. I'm using VW 9.5.3 and I know that there is no command to do this in one step, but I can't figure out how to create it on my own. Does anyone know how to accomplish this task? Thanks.
  7. Katie, This is getting frustrating. I replied to your email two weeks ago and have yet to receive a followup. Are you still investigating my problem? I still cannot print from Vectorworks 9.5.3 and this is a serious issue for my business. To recap I am using the following: Mac OS 9.0.4 Carbon Lib 1.5 Vectorworks 9.5.3 with 3D Power Pack installed Is there no solution to this problem? Thanks. ploh
  8. Katie, Can you shed any more light on this issue? I posted the information that you requested. In addition, I have the 3D Power Pack installed as well, if that helps you out. I really need to print from Vectorworks, this is killing my productivity! Thanks.
  9. I have CarbonLib 1.5 installed on my machine. The last version I could print with was VW 9.0.1.
  10. Hi. I'm running Vectorworks 9.5.3 using MacOS 9.0.4 on a beige G3. Ever since upgrading to VW 9.5.x I am no longer able to print anything with my Epson Stylus Color 850. I always get an error stating that a connection to the printer is not detected. However, I can print using this printer with any other application (Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, Appleworks, etc.) as long as I haven't opened up Vectorworks. After I start up Vectorworks, printing stops in all my applications giving me the error I mentioned above. Has anyone else experienced this and is there a solution out there? I really need to print from Vectorworks. I have tried downloading and re-installing my printer drivers to no avail. Does Vectorworks 9.5.x not support printing in MacOS 9.0.4? Thanks.
  11. Has anyone used the training cds for Vectorworks? More specifically, does the second disc provide detailed information on working with worksheets that goes beyond what is printed in the manual? Thanks.
  12. I'm trying to utilize the worksheet ability of Vectorworks to create a materials list for my project. I am trying to create separate fields that will display the height, width and depth of an object. Looking in the manual, I saw the functions for height and width, but not depth. I tried using them, but they are not giving me the correct information. For instance, if my object has a height of 42.75 inches, the worksheet displays the height as 45.893. I entered the function in the worksheet column as "=HEIGHT". I am new to using worksheets, am I using the function incorrectly? Also, are there any resources that have detailed information on how to use worksheets and explain the use of functions? I've read the manual and cannot seem to piece this all together so that it gives me the information I want. Thanks!
  13. ploh

    Rendering problems

    Perfect! Thanks. The objects all had 'none' as their fill but had textures assigned to them. Thank you for the help.
  14. Hi. I'm having a problem that is similar to other posts here, but a little different. I am trying to render a drawing that contains extruded solids and subtracted solids. They are assigned the same texture (a wood texture from the Renderworks library) via their class designation. When I try to render it, the image looks just like a hidden line drawing except that the subtracted solid renders as if it were just a wireframe. Is this similar to the bug that folks are experiencing with subtracted solids, something different, or a multitude of problems? Thanks.
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