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  1. Hello, I am curious as to how one would go about making lighting objects in Vectorworks. I have a file of symbols I like to use, and ones that come from manufacturers automatically are lighting objects. When I make a symbol of my own, even when I convert it into a lighting object in that file, it is not automatically a lighting object in another file when I import the symbol. How does one go about creating a symbol like that? I have looked through the help documentation, and the only thing I found was converting a lighting object into a plug-in object. When I tried this, it turned my 2D/3D Hybrid symbol into a 2D group, and still did not default to being a lighting instrument. I am using VWorks 2015 SP5 (although soon to switch to 2016), and I am on Windows 10. Any help would be much appreciated Thanks!
  2. I am having a problem rotating certain Lighting symbols from the Vectorworks library in 3d. Specifically, I am attempting to rotate the Mac Viper AirFX symbol using the OIP - Set 3D orientation function. When both X and Y are set to 0, the 3s symbol looks good, but as soon as either of these values are set to something else, the symbol of the light explodes; the yoke, body, and base of the symbol separate and move away from each other. Any information on this would be greatly appreciated.
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