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  1. @Pat Stanford I can’t believe that I just found this. This is huge!!! will this all work on VWX 2020 on a Mac? do you all have any other cool scripts that you are willing to share? This will save so much time. been looking for this for a while now. THANK YOU!!!!
  2. @scottmoore Great Symbol. Simple and good. @rseybert I tested it as well and it did not work for me. Here is what I did to fix this issue and be able to change the color of the light in the viewport. Edit the symbol - assign the lens and light beam to a new class light beam 1 - copy the lens and beam and past in place - create class Light beam 2. Light beam 1 class is yellow, Light beam 2 class is white. in the view port you just pick which class to be on... now to edit the color of the light you need to change that in the navigation class pallete and not in the viewport class pallete. The only issue is that now the body of the fixture in 2d view will not have the correct color as the beam... but i can live with that... By doing this you can create 2 viewports on a sheet one with yellow lights and one with white lights
  3. Hello, first post here in the Marionette forum. I work in the entertainment industry and I create AV plans and seating plans d for corporate meetings. Current method for seating layout is to select a symbol and duplicate array it. What I would like to do is drop a marionette symbol in a drawing and duplicate it via marionette tool. does any one have a symbole that I can take a look at or guides? I don’t have any experience with the marionette tool. hopfulyy will be able to learn it during the down time.
  4. My lighting symbols are classes as follows : Any unit that goes to a dimmer is assigned to class "1 - Light", moving light "1-moving light" Led par/strip "1-led" All units that are hung are on lighting flown later All ground floor units are on lighting floor layer. I also break up the truss to sub classes. All of my truss is by default black truss when in render, but when I look at it at top plan I like to see different color for each length so I created a rectangular for each truss length and assign it to 1- truss color.
  5. http://www.actlighting.com/support/grandma2/ this might help?
  6. Take it to photoshop add a glow/ lens flare to the image?
  7. A few ways. Copy it from resource manager of the file x you want to copy it from and paste it to file Y. Or have both drawings open. In the resource Manager of file X lable legend right click on the lable legend choose import. You should see it now in the resource Manager of file Y
  8. You can create a new texture and change the Image on the screen to your image. After you render the I-mag shot click on the viewport - copy it- past on to your show folder on hardrive. create new render texture from image - choose the I mag image, give it glow and hit ok. choose the screen - click on the edit screen image button- choose your new Image image. You might need to change the scale of the image a bit depending on the aspect ratio of the image you apply to the screen and the screen size.
  9. Thank you for sharing the link from LW6. Here is where it gets confusing (for me..) please read the bold underline. "When you choose Manually assign the Dimmer and Universe, all three address fields are available for editing in the Object Info Palette and you can enter anything you want into them. Vectorworks does not validate or sync the content of these fields between each other. As a result, the contents of these fields may not agree with each other. For instance, you can enter 2284 as the Address, 1 as the universe number, and 789 as the U Address, and Vectorworks will not alert you to the conflicts or try to correct them. what I`m trying to ask (not complain) is why we don't see the U address in the OIP but we see it and can edit it when I edit the light? It will be extremely helpful to see the u Address in the OIP.
  10. Maybe try to change the display light object to never?
  11. Hi Jim - yes Im aware that you do not develop LW . My only request is to be able and adjust the U address with in the OIP of vector works. the U address does show and is editable when I edit the unit so its strange why it will not show on the OIP?
  12. I called service Select and there is no option currently to add it to the OIP. So it looks like we will have to use the address to show uni/dmx (which I don't like) I guess I will stick with VW16 due to bugs in 17 that are driving me crazy and I really don't have the time to take the risk with finding them as I plot. Sorry for the rant but I`m not a beta tester. I pushed the company I work for to continue the service Select for 8 seats. And now I`m telling my guys not to use VW 17 because We are running into issues? Quote "so why did we upgrade" I will stick with LW 5 just because it's all set up how I like it. Unless there is a way to show the u adreess in the OI and I will rebuild my legends to u adreess? Not having good vibe about 17. @JimW???? Sounds do like simple code??
  13. Now that LW6 is using universe = universe in LW. U Address=DMX in LW6. I would like to see the U address in the object info of a lighting device. I see the U address in the label legend and when i edit the lighting device and Im able to change the address but I don`t see it in the object info? I like to set universe and address separately. I know I can set it up that it will show 2/114... but i dont like that. That is why i want my label legend to show universe separately from unit dmx address.
  14. Shac

    Label legend

    I don't see it in edit mode but it's not just the symbol I don't see. There is a blank screen. After I hit refresh I see all of legend info ( check, dimmer,......
  15. Coming? So we just wait and wait.....? When 2018? Or an itbepart of a build ?
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