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  1. Hi @sandii, I work with the team who develops the Nomad mobile app. We are able to reproduce the problem you are seeing and we will investigate it. I will post an update when it becomes available. Thanks, Iskra Nikolova
  2. Hi @techdef, We investigated the issue that you are reporting. Our logs indicate that the files are synced to the cloud, but the problem is actually happening while trying to download the files on your local computer. It seems that the user running the Vectorworks Cloud Services desktop app does not have write permissions to the Vectorworks Cloud Services folder, or at least parts of it. Please refer to this page: https://support.apple.com/kb/ph25287?locale=en_US and especially the "apply to enclosed items" action. Please let us know if you continue to experience problems after checking your permissions. Regards, Iskra Nikolova
  3. hi @Jan-Burger TROOST, I am not aware of any plans to make the two viewers identical at this time. I will enter it into our tracking system as something consider implementing in the future. Thanks for your feedback! Iskra Nikolova
  4. Hi @Jan-Burger TROOST, Yes, the .vgx file is displayed by different viewers when opened in Nomad versus a browser. Note that you can use the mobile browser on your device, to access the features that the browser viewer provides. Please let me know if you need any additional information. Regards, Iskra Nikolova
  5. Hi Simon, From the behavior you are describing, it sounds like you are trying to view a model that the AR engine cannot handle. I would suggest simplifying the model by turning off layers and classes that aren't needed or that contain a lot of curved geometry. If you are willing to share your file, we can take a look and we might be able to identify which objects are the biggest burden in your specific file. You can contact me directly at inikolova@vectorworks.net. Regards, Iskra Nikolova
  6. I am glad you found my response helpful! Yes, I would say "Stay away from shortcuts in general, especially if they point to a network location". I was the one who needed to test the behavior of shortcuts when this feature was added, and I honestly still remember the nightmares I was having from that 😅. Things can get really confusing if you also install the desktop app on more than one computer. I hope we can make this more clear with the redesigned app.
  7. Hi Bo, The Vectorworks Cloud Service Desktop app is syncing one file at a time currently. The upload/download speed largely depends on the distance between you and the server, where the files are stored (in our case Northern Virginia). We could be doing things better in the future, such as having servers around the world, so users can upload/download from a server that is closest to their current location. Another issue is that the Desktop app hasn't gotten much development lately. We are planning an entire redesign of the app, which should address a lot of the current deficiencies. Currently, the Desktop app doesn't delete folders from the cloud, just files inside of them. So, if you delete the folders from your Vectorworks Cloud Services folder, you will end up with empty folders on the Web portal, that you would need to delete manually. That could be contributing to the confusion. According the our log files, the syncing process did take a log time, but eventually completed. You could use the Vectorworks Cloud Services desktop app's Status dialog to get an idea if a sync is currently going or not. We can't be exactly sure that this is really what happened, it but after review of our log files, our theory is as follows: - You created a shortcut of a network folder into the Vectorworks Cloud Services folder, which resulted in the files from their original location on your server to be uploaded to the cloud. - There was a network interruption to your network folder, which resulted in files from the cloud to get deleted, because the app thought that the files were deleted locally - When the connection to your network folder was resumed, the app deleted them locally, because they were no longer available on the cloud So, the files that got deleted should be available in the Trash folder on the Vectorworks Cloud Services Web portal, but they will not be in a folder, due to the fact that the Desktop app deleted them individually and left the folder undeleted. See https://cloud.vectorworks.net/portal/help/pages/integrate-with-dropbox/ and https://cloud.vectorworks.net/portal/help/pages/share-files/. If the Dropbox syncing works much better for you, you could use the Dropbox sharing while still allowing Vectorworks Cloud Services access to your files, so you could use all of the Vectorworks Cloud Services features (such as cloud rendering capabilities, viewing of 3D models in the browser, Bluebeam integration, viewing of 360 panoramic images and so on) with your Dropbox files. I apologize for the inconvenience this has caused you. Please don't hesitate to contact me directly at inikolova@vectorworks.net with any additional questions. Best regards, Iskra Nikolova
  8. Hi @Ian M., This is the Help article about the Photos to 3D model: https://cloud.vectorworks.net/portal/help/pages/generate-3d-models-from-photos/?app=WEB This is the Help article about the 3D model generation on the cloud: https://cloud.vectorworks.net/portal/help/pages/generate-3d-models-from-vwx-files/?app=WEB This is the article that explains how to control the model that is generated on the cloud: https://cloud.vectorworks.net/portal/help/pages/prepare-vwx-files-for-cloud-processing/?app=VECTORWORKS# Note that some of the articles have more than one tab that you can switch to, to provide you content for the platform that you are interested in - Web refers to the Vectorworks Cloud Services website, Android and iOS refer to the Nomad mobile apps. For the last article, I'd like to clarify that the cloud server always does "Fit to objects" before exporting the web view, so setting a specific perspective view locally won't result in the same initial view for the web view when processed on the cloud. If you want to have a specific initial view of the web view, which doesn't have the entire model within the screen boundary, we recommend that you do the web view locally and then upload the .vgx file to the cloud. This is something I have planned to add to this article with the next documentation updates. Please let me know if you have any further questions. Regards, Iskra Nikolova
  9. Hi @elepp, Would you please email me a sample test file that demonstrates what you are describing at inikolova@vectorworks.net? I am not sure I understand exactly what you are faced with. It might be a bug or something that we are not supporting currently. I cannot answer your question without understanding the situation in more details. I look forward to hearing back from you. Regards, Iskra Nikolova
  10. @Wesley Burrows , If you scroll down to the 6.8.0 release notes on the Web portal, you will see a Desktop app section in them. That means that a new desktop app version was released at that time. For 6.8.10 Release, no new version of the Desktop app was released, so 6.8.0 is still the latest. We'll think about making the way we post release notes a bit more clear in the future. Best regards, Iskra Nikolova
  11. Hello, This issue is related to the Windows 10 17134 feature pack. We had a fix released for that. But in order to get the new app to download, you need to delete the old app located at C:\Users\<username>\AppData\Roaming\Nemetschek\Vectorworks Cloud Services. Delete that entire folder, restart your computer and try launching again. The latest app containing the fix should download and launch after a few seconds. Please let me know if this helped. Regards, Iskra Nikolova
  12. Hi Kevin, Thanks for your feedback! We have a lot of wishes collected for this functionality already. I hope our team will be able to get to it soon. (I'll make sure I mention it to the team at our next planning meeting). Regards, Iskra Nikolova
  13. Hi Kevin, Thanks for your feedback! I have added this to our list of improvement to consider in the future. Vectorworks 2019 has some UI improvements to the Publish dialog, so hopefully they will help address your concerns to some extent. Best regards, Iskra Nikolova
  14. Hi @Jan-Burger TROOST, Integration with OneDrive is a very popular user request, so if we start working on another third-party cloud storage integration, chances are, it will be OneDrive. We don't have an estimate of when or whether this could be done yet, but it is on our radar, for sure. Thanks for your valuable feedback! Iskra Nikolova
  15. Hi @tpenna, Vectorworks Cloud Services currently does not show files that are shared with you on third party integrated storages. We will investigate the possibility to add this feature. A workaround that I can think of would be to have the person who shared the file with you on Google Drive to also integrate with Vectorworks Cloud Services and share the file with you through VCS. This way, you will see the file in your Vectorworks Cloud Services' "Shared with me" folder. Regards, Iskra Nikolova
  16. Hello @jnr, Thanks for posting about the problem that you are encountering with Web view! If you could send me the .vwx file to inikolova@vectorworks.net, and a screenshot of the Web view export options that you are using as well as a screenshot of the result you are seeing, it would really help us troubleshoot the issue. Thank you! Regards, Iskra Nikolova
  17. @Dubman Thanks for posting about the problem that you are encountering with Web view! If you could send me the .vwx file to inikolova@vectorworks.net, it would help us troubleshoot the issue. I can also experiment with the other available options that allow for viewing a 3D model, and can suggest a workaround for you, if I find one. Thank you! Regards, Iskra Nikolova
  18. @Ben Wingrove We already have a fix available for this problem in Vectorworks 2019. Due to the nature of the changes required, we may not be able to fix this in a 2018 Service Pack. I have a suggestion that might work for you. If you are using Vectorworks Cloud Services and the mobile app - Nomad, you can view the full resolution textures in the following way: - Upload the .vwx file to the cloud and generate a 3D model from it. - After the 3D model is generated, you will see a .vgx file named the same way as the vwx file, but do not use this one. - Tap on the .vwx file from the Nomad app - You will see the textures with full resolution. I attached two screenshot to show you the difference in the texture quality when viewing the .vgx file vs when you use the .vwx file. You can also hide/show layers by using this method of viewing. Please let me know if you are not familiar with this process and I can provide more details. Regards, Iskra Nikolova When the vgx file is viewed in Nomad: When the 3D model is viewed by tapping on the .vwx file in Nomad:
  19. Hi Alex, We don't have a planned date for these yet, but they are high on our list. Thanks, Iskra
  20. Hello Alex, Thanks for you post! Both, saving of the rendered .vwx file, and the estimated time of completion have been frequently asked for and we have them on our future to-do list. Regards, Iskra Nikolova
  21. Hi, I am chiming in to bring some information about the Vectorworks Cloud Services integration with Dropbox. If you use Dropbox to store or share your Vectorworks projects, you can enable integration with Vectorworks Cloud Services, so that Vectorworks Cloud Services accesses the files in your Dropbox storage directly (the files are not duplicated in your Vectorworks Cloud Services storage). Integration allows you to use the Vectorworks Cloud Services features without having to modify your existing Dropbox workflow or file structures. There are two integration options. You can switch from Limited access to Full access at any time. Limited access: A folder for Vectorworks Cloud Services is created in your Dropbox (Dropbox > Apps > Vectorworks Cloud Services). This is the only folder to which Vectorworks Cloud Services has read and write access. Dropbox only allows App folders to be shared as links, so the advanced Dropbox sharing capabilities via email are not available. Vectorworks Cloud Services’ email and link sharing are available. Full access: Vectorworks Cloud Services has access to all files and folders in your Dropbox. All Dropbox sharing capabilities are available in addition to the Vectorworks Cloud Services’ email and link sharing. The cloud server can process .vwx files to generate other types of files. - 3D models for viewing in a browser or in the Nomad mobile app, including AR viewing mode on compatible devices (can also be done on a set schedule) - Update and render viewports in .vwx files and generate PDF files (can also be done on a set schedule) - Publish files to all file formats that Vectorworks supports locally (started from Vectorworks and done on the Cloud) - Export Rendered Panoramas (started from Vectorworks and done on the Cloud) Please let me know if any additional information is needed. Regards, Iskra Nikolova
  22. Hi Christiaan, Do you and your colleague have two separate Vectorworks Cloud Services accounts? Or are you saying you have integrated the same Vectorworks Cloud Services account with more than one Dropbox account, which are members of a Dropbox Business? We have not really looked into Dropbox business yet, but we are planning on adding official support for in in the near future. It would be great if we could get a better understanding of your needs, as we plan for adding the support for Dropbox business. Regards, Iskra Nikolova
  23. Hello, Please send me a test file with such image (either post here or email it to me directly at inikolova@vectorworks.net) and I can investigate whether it is a bug or a setting that is available with Publish, but not available with the automatic PDF generation. When you use “Generate PDF”, there are a limited set of options that are available to the user to customize, as you posted in your screenshot. When you Publish to the cloud, the cloud server respects the PDF export settings that you set on your local Vectorworks, so that gives you the full flexibility. That is the reason we are not providing all possible settings for the automatic Generate PDF option. If a particular setting is very important for your workflow, and you would prefer to use the automatic Generate PDF option instead of Publishing, I would be glad to file an improvement request for us to consider for implementation in the future. Regards, Iskra Nikolova
  24. Hello, The Vectorworks Cloud Services Help contains a lot of the information that is being asked for here. Here is a link to it: https://cloud.vectorworks.net/portal/help/ - This page shows only featured articles. The full set of articles are on the side navigation menu. Each article has tabs, which allow you to read on a particular topic for each component that applies. You may want to read all of it, but the specific articles that refer to cloud processing are: https://cloud.vectorworks.net/portal/help/pages/prepare-vwx-files-for-cloud-processing/ https://cloud.vectorworks.net/portal/help/pages/generate-3d-models/ https://cloud.vectorworks.net/portal/help/pages/generate-pdf-files/ https://cloud.vectorworks.net/portal/help/pages/publish-files-from-vectorworks/ https://cloud.vectorworks.net/portal/help/pages/export-rendered-panoramas-from-vectorworks/ https://cloud.vectorworks.net/portal/help/pages/export-web-view-from-vectorworks/ I hope this helps. Please let me know if you have any questions. Regards, Iskra Nikolova
  25. Hello Di9it8, I think this may be an issue with Safari 11 (prior versions are fine). Apple has updated its default protection mechanism. The browser can no longer access local files or resources located on a local drive (i.e. any file located within your /Users directory). Therefore, viewing local Web Views/Panoramas on Safari 11 will not work immediately. Luckily, there is a way to allow this to work again. However, the user needs to perform the following steps to allow this feature to work in Safari 11. 1. Go to Safari -> Preferences 2. Go to the “Advanced” and check the “Show Develop menu in menu bar.” This should initially appear unchecked. 3. The new “Develop” menu should now appear in the menu bar. Select “Develop,” and then select “Disable Local File Restrictions.” Viewing Web Views/Panoramas locally in Safari should now work. I hope this helps. Regards, Iskra Nikolova Quality Assurance Specialist Vectorworks Cloud Services
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