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  1. I used the Door Tool for this door. The hardware renders chunky even with shaded Details set to "Very high". I assume the hardware is way dumbed down. Basically a place holder. Is that true, or is there a setting to make the render smoother?


  2. @trashcan, I'm sure you've solved this by now. I want to show butt hinges when I design a door, and I would like to see them with Vectorworks generated doors. I don't use the door tool often, but I am there now and I too was looking for hinges. It's not a big deal for me, just good to know I can stop looking for the setting! Anyway, I have a library of hinges I use doors in walls and cabinets. Here's a set of glass panel French doors I designed a few years back, and the doors I'm setting in a wall in my drawing right now:


  3. Thanks @Pat Stanford. I understand that. I'm looking for a solution that does not require I duplicate the symbol numerous times. I'm exploring tile layout options for my kitchen back splash in my drawing. Each option I create then needs another version of the tile symbol. I want to have only one version of the tile symbol. Maybe this cannot be done, and that is OK. 

  4. I have not used the Class Options: Show/Snap Others much with Vectorworks, but I can see good reasons too. I'm working on a drawing now that I want to edit only the active class while seeing the other classes, hence Class Options: Show/Snap Others.

    Here's what I've done: I created a symbol completely in the None class. I place an instance of the symbol on my drawing. I assign my "Wall-Tile-1" class to that symbol instance. I make the Wall Tile 1 class active and I have Class Options: set to Show/Snap Others. The problem is I cannot select the symbol instance. If I change the Class Options: to Show/Snap/Modify Others and then select the symbol instance and the OPI says it's in the Wall-Tile-1 class. I think therefore I should be able to select it when I have the Wall-Tile-1 class active and Class Options: set to Show/Snap Others, but I cannot select it.

    Support tells me this is expected behavior with symbols and class options. OK, but that makes my work much harder. Does anyone have a workaround better than duplicating the symbol and then changing the class of the duplicated symbol?

  5. OK, that is a goofy setting. There are like 6 different ways I could set the fractional value in the worksheet using format cells, all dependent on which cells are selected. They are all set to 1/2 by default. If I have my Document Setting/Units set to fractional 1/32", then I think that is what my worksheet should default to. So my question remains, why are the fractions rounded to 1/16" when the cell format is set to 1/2 default, and my document units is set to 1/32"?


  6. 7 hours ago, jeff prince said:

    That seems a bit excessive for documenting a house.

    Hum... Certainly true if I was doing this work to make money, but I have other reasons. I will look for the fittings that @digitalcarbon posted. Thanks. And I just found the post with their pipe info from back in 2013 when I asked this same question then!!!

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