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  1. One of our community group members asked me about making this so I revisited my drawing for 2007. How the serpentine polyline is created does make a difference how the shape extrudes. The shape I had in my 2007 drawing did not work. When I extruded that it created a closed on the bottom object. That was obviously something either I did not care about back then, or I could not resolve back then. Double click to enter history mode and you will find polyine shape. There are other ways to do this. The file is attached.



  2. 7 hours ago, Tom W. said:

    select the Working Plane (click on one of the coloured axes) you'll get interactive coloured handles that appear allowing you to manually rotate the Working Plane any way you want


    I have the Menu/Modify, the contextual menu, and the edit working plane methods working to do this now. Thanks, but I can't figure out how @Tom W.'s way works? I can select the working plane, but I don't get any arrows to move? This is what I see:



  3. I figured it out. When the criteria is Visibility is visible, then Vectorworks counts the objects that are visible as defined in the navigation palette, and that includes the visibility of layers. My problem was I placed the worksheet on another design layer, Design Layer-2, and expected it to count the visible objects on the Design Layer-1, but I had the Layer Options set to Active Only, so even though the Navigation Palette has some classes set to visible, when the layer is not visible, then Vectorworks can't count the visible class objects in that layer. Now that I understand this it does make sense. Also, I find it best to place the worksheet on a sheet layer in this case and use Multiple View Panes, then I see the worksheet face on in one pane and the layer and visible objects in the other pane. The worksheet counting is correct that way.

  4. I have it working, but how I did that is a mystery to me. I would think that visible means what I can see, but the worksheet will pick up objects that I can't see. This appears to be related to where the material and record is attached to a symbol. I'm working to figure that out. In the meantime this setup in my screenshot does work to give me the info I need. If I remove the Record criteria then symbols that are not visible get counted in the worksheet.


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  5. I wish I was in control of the Vectorworks context menu, but it appears Vectorworks has it's own thoughts. Here's what my setup looks like in the workspace manager:



    Here's what it looks like in my drawing when I select objects and right click:



    I know from experimenting that moving the properties command in the context menu moves all of the solid operations there too. It makes no sense, and that should not happen, but when I move Properties to the bottom of the top section in the context menu, then the menu looks like this:



    Hello engineering! This is a mess.

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