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  1. How is this suppose to work? I can't find a way to make it active.
  2. Other curved objects render fine. I have the render setting set to very high. Maybe it's time to reboot Vectorworks!
  3. I used the Door Tool for this door. The hardware renders chunky even with shaded Details set to "Very high". I assume the hardware is way dumbed down. Basically a place holder. Is that true, or is there a setting to make the render smoother?
  4. I can't get it to fail now! I'll look at it better next time it fails and report back here. Thanks @bcd.
  5. I create a solid section using the Split Tool. If I go into history mode to edit that object the results always fail. If I ungroup the solid section and try to move the NURBS surface, that fails. Is there a way to edit a solid section without starting over?
  6. @trashcan, I'm sure you've solved this by now. I want to show butt hinges when I design a door, and I would like to see them with Vectorworks generated doors. I don't use the door tool often, but I am there now and I too was looking for hinges. It's not a big deal for me, just good to know I can stop looking for the setting! Anyway, I have a library of hinges I use doors in walls and cabinets. Here's a set of glass panel French doors I designed a few years back, and the doors I'm setting in a wall in my drawing right now:
  7. I agree. I don't have a great need to do this work often, so I will keep doing it the way I've been doing it.
  8. Is there a way to create a symbol from a profile shape, use that to make different lengths of crown molding, and then down the road modify the symbol profile which in turn will update all the extrusions created with the symbol profile?
  9. Thanks @Pat Stanford. I understand that. I'm looking for a solution that does not require I duplicate the symbol numerous times. I'm exploring tile layout options for my kitchen back splash in my drawing. Each option I create then needs another version of the tile symbol. I want to have only one version of the tile symbol. Maybe this cannot be done, and that is OK.
  10. I have not used the Class Options: Show/Snap Others much with Vectorworks, but I can see good reasons too. I'm working on a drawing now that I want to edit only the active class while seeing the other classes, hence Class Options: Show/Snap Others. Here's what I've done: I created a symbol completely in the None class. I place an instance of the symbol on my drawing. I assign my "Wall-Tile-1" class to that symbol instance. I make the Wall Tile 1 class active and I have Class Options: set to Show/Snap Others. The problem is I cannot select the symbol instance. If I change the Class Options: to Show/Snap/Modify Others and then select the symbol instance and the OPI says it's in the Wall-Tile-1 class. I think therefore I should be able to select it when I have the Wall-Tile-1 class active and Class Options: set to Show/Snap Others, but I cannot select it. Support tells me this is expected behavior with symbols and class options. OK, but that makes my work much harder. Does anyone have a workaround better than duplicating the symbol and then changing the class of the duplicated symbol?
  11. Thanks @Pat Stanford. Now I understand. I had a problem the other day with a " trailer showing in my data, I'll bet that was because I had the format cells set to fractional.
  12. OK, that is a goofy setting. There are like 6 different ways I could set the fractional value in the worksheet using format cells, all dependent on which cells are selected. They are all set to 1/2 by default. If I have my Document Setting/Units set to fractional 1/32", then I think that is what my worksheet should default to. So my question remains, why are the fractions rounded to 1/16" when the cell format is set to 1/2 default, and my document units is set to 1/32"?
  13. Sure, but not if it takes you some time to make since I have very little need for it.
  14. @michaelk, I installed your scripts. Thanks. What is remove all suppose to do? I hoped it would remove all the previously set sorts, but I still have to remove the sorts one column at a time, unless I'm doing something wrong.
  15. Is there a fast way to change the sort order of columns in a worksheet? I added the Layers column and I want it to sort first without changing the sort order the rest of the columns. I see no way to so this but to unsort all the columns and start over.
  16. I drew some pipes and it is way easier to align the pipes and fittings in 3D.
  17. I checked by selecting just the cells that had the " and there was the " in the trailing field! Thanks @Tom W.. All is good now.
  18. I added a Layer column to my worksheet. The result show the correct layer name, but those names all have " at their end. Why?
  19. What re we looking at with the 3d connexion space? Is that a Vectorworks add-on?
  20. Hum... Certainly true if I was doing this work to make money, but I have other reasons. I will look for the fittings that @digitalcarbon posted. Thanks. And I just found the post with their pipe info from back in 2013 when I asked this same question then!!!
  21. Thanks Pat. I don't have much need for drawing PVC pipes and fittings, but it does surprise me that there's not a Vectorworks tool to do so. I'm drawing pipes for my house remodeling projects. They are all schedule 40, and the fittings are 45s, 90s, tees, sanitary tees, couplers and reducers. In the past I just extruded circles and intersected those extrusions to indicate where the pipes are in the walls. I will continue to do it that way until there's a Vectorworks 3D pipe tool.
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