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  1. Hi All,

    I've been trying to work out a way to create a script that will build a stage based on user inputted dimensions. I know this is available with spotlight, but i'd like the stage script to do. Is build the stage from symbols/objects I've created so that it then gives a breakdown of how many decks of stage are needed and how many legs are needed.

    Is this possible using pre-build symbols and how would I go about it?



  2. Hi All,

    I'm trying to get my head round symbols reports and generating items. I'm trying to create the below:

    1. Report that counts stage legs in a stage deck and counts amount of decks.

    2. Lists each stage deck size and legs needed (various sizes 8'x4' 8'x'2 etc)

    3. Lists Size of legs needed specified by user, i.e all decks are on 300mm legs.

    4. Leg size specified would automatically create the right size legs for each deck, without having to redraw the legs etc.

    I've had some basic experience with scripting and understand that the drawing stage legs for a user input size would need to be a script but I'm not sure where to start.

    I'm struggling to make the report work for decks I've drawn with legs already, it lists the deck but not the legs, or lists the amounts but no names or types.

    Any help would be really appreciated.



  3. Hi Andy,

    I have seen ConnectCAD, and also stardraw, but as we've just migrated to Vectorworks I'm hoping I can implement this into the vectorworks without having to use an additional package. I'm sure its doable its just having the starting point to work from. As I'm not knowledgeable about vectorscript, and i can't find a good tutorial or video to work from, that starts from no knowledge of scripting.



  4. Hi Guys,

    First off thanks Andrew, this is exactly what i was hoping it would do, but looking at this process i don't think it will be work for what i need. I have about 100-200 different symbols different shapes different amount of inputs that need labelling. SO i think the easiest way would be the first option, and do it from a linked text to record.

    Pat - What I'm trying to achieve is to use vectorworks to building AV schematics, for video and power, using pre-built symbols that we have already created in the past. It would be nice if the inputs and outputs could be labelled, by the user . I think looking at the PIO that Andrew sent through, this way wouldn't work for what symbols I've got as they are all different.

    I wanted eventually to be able to click outputs and inputs that would create a line and be able to label this line as the type of cable used. But i think this all might be over my head as i'm not programmer and have no grasp of vectorscript. I can sort of understand what Andrew's .VSO do and how the script makes the shape.

    Thanks for all the help, any more suggestions would be greatly received.

  5. Hi Andrew, thanks for your help with this, could you explain how you made the symbol behave this way, i have 200+ symbols i need to create to work in the same way.

    Also would there be a way to make it appear in the shape window as a list

    Input 1

    Input 2

    Input 3


    With text boxes that you can then fill in that add these to Symbol. I understand that this may mean i need to make the Symbol a Plugin Object, but i'm sure how to make it one.

    Thank you


  6. Hi Pat,

    I the input lables are currently on the symbol as text fields.

    I'd like the custom names to replace the labels on the symbol as the user enters them. I'd like the names to stay on the drawning so when its submitted the user can see what each input is labelled.

    How do I convert a symbol into a PIO i thought it might be the case. But i'm struggling to work out vectorscript to make this happen.

    i've attached the .vsx file of the symbol i'm trying to use, so its easier to understand what i want to create.


  7. Hi There,

    I have a symbol that I've created that has 6 inputs labelled, Input 1, Input 2 etc. I'd like the fields to be editable by the user when the Symbol is selected, so that in the OIP it says Input 1, and the user could re-name this to whatever they will be using Input 1 for, i.e Microphone or Laptop.

    I've watched the videos on the Custom Title blocks and see how this works, and the object and the records work if I insert the Symbol into the Standard Title Block.vsx file I can then edit the Input Fields.

    Is there a way to do this without it being a Title Block object and just a standard Symbol?



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