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  1. Thank you for explaining!!! I feel like I just won a battle in the war I have been fighting this week!!! Yay!
  2. I'm going to try to remodel the entire site in 2015. My hypothesis is that this may be because I upgraded the site from vectorworks 2008 and this is causing it to be glitchy.
  3. Thank you Cipes for your suggestions, I was also thinking about creating two overlaying viewports, turning off layers I do not need completely, and then overriding the classes in each viewport. I think with the amount of classes and references I have, creating unique classes for each reference would create something unmanageable. Also the 2d hatch is a good work around for now when I'm on a deadline but I really need to figure out how to accomplish this 3 dimensionally in my workflow since this will become an office standard for projects.
  4. Ok great! so this seems to work for my lines but not for my sand hatch...
  5. I having an issue where when I cut a section through certain areas of my site the site model doesn't pick up the section attributes. My section style cut pattern shows on the building but not the site. Please see image below to illustrate. The section on the bottom is showing the site cut correctly, where the one above does not. If anyone else has had a similar issue please let me know.
  6. UPDATE (sort of): So I have narrowed it down to line weights. (Revit has an attribute called scale line weights that helps with this type of issue.) So my hypothesis is when I print to half size it scales down my line weights to 1/2 the value. Now I have it so that the outlines of the buildings show up but my hatches are still transparent. I think because of the line weights within my hatch components so I upped those line weights from the default .03 or .05 to .18 and updated the references but that didn't work… I'm just worried I'm getting myself into an unreconcilable mess where now when I print full size my line weights are too thick. What line weight scale are your 3d hatches drawn to? Also when creating walls the wall components default to different layers so I updated all the layers to have thicker lines .35 or .25. Anyone with any insite on this would be helpful.
  7. When I print or publish to a full scale pdf, and then print to my printer I get crisp lines and dark colors. When I publish or print directly to my printer through Vectorworks at 11 x17 scale I get pixilated and very light almost transparent line work. See picture attached. Please let me know if anyone can help with this issue, since printing to a pdf and then to the printer takes much longer (almost an hour) due to large file sizes. Thanks in Advance.
  8. Thank you Jim, I'm new to the board. Cipes, I think my issue is with the ability to grey out entire layers in hidden line mode, without them becoming transparent. I have a series of buildings. All referenced in on their own layers in a mid scale multi family project. So in section and elevation views I want to be able to grab the layers of the buildings in the background and turn them grey with the eye tool. You can see an axonometric view of my complex of buildings in the images attached, then an elevation view where those pesky buildings in the background are hanging out. I want the background buildings to show in elevation, just as grey lines as opposed to black thin lines.
  9. mic check 1, 2,…. anyone out there? I guess this board moves slow…
  10. Good Afternoon, I'm needing to grey out levels below in plan and buildings beyond in elevation. At this time I'm working in plan. I need to grey out the the two levels below in this viewport. Images attached show what happens when I grey out the layer. In my advanced viewport properties I have "render grey layers transparent" unchecked. Yet, they are still showing up transparent. I should add, that the layers are a mixture of layer imports and design layer viewport references, but both are working similarly when I grey the layer. Anyone else have a similar problem or a work around?
  11. I'm having the same issue. Did you ever figure this out?
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