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  1. cberg, I have been having the same problem with the mullions deselecting when you click the move by tool and actually created a curtain wall system today. My process was to view the model in open gl front view, scroll in so that I have the mullion I want to move and the object I want to snap to on the same screen (door, line, whatever) then to select the curtain wall, then select the edit curtain wall tool, then scroll over the mullion till it turns red, I then roll over and snap to the edge of the mullion while making sure it is still red, click at that point, keep the mouse button down to drag and snap to the desired end point. Hope that helps!
  2. Went to lunch. Shut down my computer and let it have a good long nap. Reopened the project and its working now. Its odd cause I had already shut down vw and re launched but I guess my computer needed a complete shutdown. Thanks.
  3. Does anyone know why I would not be able to input a custom value or why the option is greyed out in my Elevation Benchmark OIP? This is a new project I'm working on, handed over from someone else, so I don't know if its a setting that locks the Elevation benchmark options? This is happening on elevation benchmarks placed in sections and elevations as well.
  4. I'm having the same issue exporting 3ds and then importing to sketch up. Right now the closest I have come is exporting at 1:25 custom scale. but I'm still a little off. I have been google searching for an answer with no luck.
  5. I figured it out!!! I have to create a tile texture and apply that to the 3d polygon!! this was a case of the 5:21pm friday brain.
  6. How can I apply that to a portion of a wall surface? If your familiar with revit I'm looking for something similar to a split surface and paint tool where I can essentially just paint it on to the gyp. I tried applying a pattern to a 3d polygon along the wall surface but it doesn't seem to show up.
  7. Is there any easy way to 3d model wall tile? Do you have to make a completely separate wall and type or is there a paint and split surface tool I'm not seeing?
  8. When I make updates to a referenced title block, I have to refresh each title block by going sheet to sheet, selecting the sheet border, then selecting one of the object info components. Is there anyway to automatically update/refresh all of the title blocks at once within sheet borders without having to go sheet to sheet?
  9. Make sure you have the prefix S_ in your record format.
  10. That's what I needed! Thanks Jim.
  11. We are using google drive and it has been working really well for us.
  12. If you do not have a solid fill or hatch specified for a class and similarly, use at creation checked, it will assume the properties that you have specified on your attributes palette. I would recommend making the class a white solid fill so that it shows up correctly.
  13. Maybe, Check in your advanced viewport properties that "show wall components" is checked.
  14. That worked! Thank you Jim. I had the # but not the S_ in the front. * Wish list would be that you could do this and it wouldn't change your default sheet title to only show the information in first line. If that makes sense. edited to add image: It used to say Upper Level Mods @ UnitA in the organization palette, now it only says Upper Level. This may cause problems if I were going to attempt to do a record linked sheet index. But I'm getting ahead of myself. Still quite not there yet.
  15. Jim is a carriage return a html type code? I'm not sure how to do this? Can you elaborate?
  16. Is there anyway to make text that is linked to a record, wrap? For example, my title block is linked to my sheet name and number but if the sheet name is long it goes off the page rather then wrap down to another line. Anyone know how to fix this?
  17. I need a simple residential toilet 3D symbol. All the toilets from the VSS website are strange when you look at them in elevation or are mesh objects imported from CAD. My object imperial user library folder is empty. Is this where this object is supposed to be?
  18. Thank you for the input Alan!!! that is a helpful trick to know, (copying and pasting in place dlvp's.)
  19. I'm wondering what practices others are using for BIM projects where you have repeating units such as multifamily or hospitality? Do you do design layer viewport referencing or Layer import referencing? Do you create a Masterfile and then copy to create production files or is there a way you can create a Masterfile with all your copied references and then reference that in its entirety into your production files? I guess I'm wondering because I'm at a point where my file with all my references and sheets combined is getting really large. To remedy this I want to separate them into production files (plans, elevations, int. elevations) but if one unit needs to move I would then have to make the change in all my production files. I have also read that nested referencing creates a lot of problems as well. Any insight would be appreciated.
  20. Laurali, view the wall in elevation or 3d, double click the wall, then push and pull the toggles. Hope that helps.
  21. Found a few other threads on this topic from older releases. So the first thing that helped was changing all my layers have "use at creation" checked. This helped clean it up but my insulation hatch pattern is still wacky and some things are still showing as transparent or not at all. The other suggestion I found, was to view it through a dwg viewer rather then re importing into vectorworks. If anyone knows of a free dwg viewer. (The mac store has progeCAD but that didn't work to open my file... )
  22. When I export to DWG from Vectorworks, my sheets are showing information from the layers below. The first image is how my sheet file looks and prints, the second is after I export to dwg and re-import the dwg back into vectorworks to see how it looks. The third image is my current export settings. What best practices are you using when exporting VW BIM files that contain many references to AutoCAD users? If possible I would like to send a BIM package that contains all the 3 dimensional project information and still preserves the visibility settings that I have created on my sheets. If that isn't possible 2D exports will work as long as I can get them to export with the correct visibility settings. Thanks in advance for any help you can provide.
  23. So,I'll play devils advocate here since I may be the only one who does this, and what previous posters have stated makes sense, but I always move my terrain to align with my building. And my building is always drawn at (0,0) origin. I have found this is extremely beneficial especially when you are copying and pasting items from project to project. Also I create separate files for site and buildings, then reference them into production files. Currently doing a multifamily with 3 different units types, combined to create a total of 5 different buildings all referenced. I'm still on the fence about Layer import referencing opposed to DLVP referencing so, I might make a new thread on that topic here soon.
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