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  1. Markvl

    Vectorworks User Interface Overhaul

    I never liked the Chrystal entry. I so often find that modern finishes just can't compete with the ways things had been done in the past. The original entry is so much more grander than the new one. You feel like you're going into a museum. Anyways I digress.
  2. Markvl

    Cabinet Base Cor 36x36in

    @Jim Wilson Another thing I noticed was an option that was available at least in 2017 but is not there in 2019. It's a folding door configuration. So for instance in a corner cabinet setup with an inside corner there never is a two door setup it's always a folding door. The cabinet will only show the two door setup. When you apply a door handle, two handles will show up on the inside sides. Would you be able to find out why this was changed, removed, forgotten? The pic provided is a screen shot of the OIP from 2017 for the corner cabinet. This is how it should look. This is what the cabinet looks like in 2019.
  3. Markvl

    Cabinet Base Cor 36x36in

    I've updated to SP2 and indeed it has been fixed. Very happy about that. Thanks @Jim Wilsonfor the original submitall. And look at that he's got this shifted over to Wishes Granted as well. Indeed it has been. Thanks VW.
  4. Markvl

    Cabinet Base Cor 36x36in

    Any news on this @Jim Wilson? especially in light of this comment...
  5. Markvl

    VW 2018: Push-pull tool problems continue

    I totally get your frustration. When we have a job to do I expect the software to do what I want it to do within the limits of my understanding what the software has expressed that it can do. These kind of bugs it seems get in the way of getting the job done. It just takes time to do a work around that shouldn't have happened in the first place.
  6. Markvl

    VW 2018: Push-pull tool problems continue

    When ever I'm using the push/pull tool in proximity to the bim object there is a visible sign that the program is trying to determine what surface to highlight but I'm still able to make a move. Looking at your specs it doesn't seem like you should have any troubles. I am using a windows machine vs your mac but that should make a difference. Video card issue? Maybe? I don't know.
  7. Markvl

    VW 2018: Push-pull tool problems continue

    You're not going to like this...I had no serious trouble with it. Now as I don't have a video thingy to post what I was doing I'll try to type it out here. Upon opening the file I can see the two bim objects and the extruded box. I flew around a bit and went back to the general initial view and chose the push/pull tool. I had no issues choosing any faces I could see and pull or pushing them and setting them. I experienced not a hint of lag. Now when I did shift the view so that the bim objects were hidden behind the box there was a slight lag in highlighting a given side but I was able to pull them out or push them back in. Some of the trouble I had had more to do with screen room to get my mouse cursor out to a position that would translate into a 3D move whether pushing or pulling. Again I watched your video and you are experiencing a real problem. I couldn't duplicate it.
  8. Markvl

    VW 2018: Push-pull tool problems continue

    @line-weight would you be able to post that file here so I could poke at it myself? Just watched your video. Man... there is some serious lag there. This was not my experience.
  9. Markvl

    Railing/Fence Tool

    Wow! That is way beyond what I'd hope for. This is incredible.
  10. Markvl

    VW 2018: Push-pull tool problems continue

    Well @line-weight I started a new file downloaded the same object and file type made a second copy of the object and drew a rectangle and extruded it so that I had the same setup as you have shown. No trouble making it work. There is some lag but I was able to highlight all surfaces and drag them in or out and set them. I even push pulled parts of the server model. Don't know what to say. Could be a 2018 thing. I could test it there as well. This test was on 2019.
  11. Markvl

    Railing/Fence Tool

    Why do the Australians get all the good stuff? ūüėú
  12. It would seem to me @techdef that maybe there is a "shim gap" dimension in place. See pics attached. This setting is in the Jamb and Sash section, down at the bottom.
  13. Markvl

    Undo AutoHybrid

    Yup it's a sneaky one. Having a tool/function to split/separate the two (2D and 3D) would be great.
  14. Markvl

    Roof Textures

    Ahhh... @Matt Overton I didn't realize that you were using a tile shader, but ya there is a way to change the orientation. I get what you're driving at. It is to much work to change the texture orientation. It should be easier. Wonder if this is in the wishlist?
  15. Markvl

    Roof Textures

    @Matt Overton, my initial thought is rotate the texture image. Bottom left of the Edit Image Color dialog box.


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