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  1. Hi @Amorphous it is indeed available to you. You'll find it amongst the Detailing tools; the icon with the steel beam. Soft Goods icon is a blue looking ribbon with gold trim.
  2. Markvl

    Slab Slope

    I was always wondering if you could do this (A single slope slab). Thanks for asking @Bruce Kieffer and thanks for the great answer (video) @Matt Panzer
  3. Markvl

    Titleblock Revision Data

    For the benefit of others with the same dilema but are working on a Windows machine this is what the dialog box looks like. Thanks @Wesley Burrows Apple has much nicer dialog boxes.
  4. Can someone explain to me why "Revision No.'s" show up alphabetically rather then numerical? Is there a way to change this? I prefer to order my revisions by numbers.
  5. I echo your sentiments. While there are some welcome improvements there are even more fundamental issues that have not been addressed IMHO. So we continue to battle it out here in the forum.
  6. Markvl

    Need help with Wall Framer

    Never mind folks. Got it working.
  7. Markvl

    Need help with Wall Framer

    Having trouble getting the Wall Framer to generate a framing model for me. I keep getting this message. What might I be missing?
  8. Markvl

    Cabinet Base Cor 36x36in

    This would be fantastic @Jim Wilson. Thanks for jumping on it. I'm sure a bit of a party to happen today at VW to celebrate the launch? Enjoy!
  9. Markvl

    Cabinet Base Cor 36x36in

    So Cabinets as styles. Great. Love it. Now the bad news. The Cabinet Base Cor 36x36in needs some TLC and has needed some for some time. 2019 hasn't fixed it. You'll see in the pic provided...right off the bat the cabinet doors and drawers on the left side are missing their 3D faces. Could we please get this fixed. Changing the door/drawer style does not rectify the situation.. Where/who should this be directed to @Jim Wilson? Now seeing that maybe this should be shifted over to Known Issues?
  10. Markvl

    Wall texture alignment after reshape.

    I share your pain. So often a texture like a brick or stone starts half way in a stone or brick with no way to shift it up with all walls matching up.
  11. Markvl

    Create Floors from Walls

    Slabs are great for some things and Floor is great for others. I like to use Floor for my floor finishes
  12. Hi @dominijk What you need to do is go ahead and create the "default" schedule but what you want to do is apply the SUM icon to a column that identifies the wall style. If you look at the pic I've attached you'll see that I have the database header on and highlighted. Do the same and then just drag the sum icon onto the appropriate column. Hope that helps.
  13. One word...SWEET! This opens up a whole wack of possibilities for visualizations and detailing.
  14. Markvl

    Doors with side lights

    Is your door/sidelight a straight PIO (plugged-in-object) or is it a symbol inserted into the wall? At first glance I'd say it's a symbol. You're wall caps seem to be playing tricks with you. Could you isolate this and post a copy of the file?