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  1. Markvl

    Help with Wall Schedule!

    @Sky it is weird but I remembered that I also had this problem the first time I used a wall section for my fire rated walls and so what I ended up finding out it has to do with IFC settings. When you edit the style of your wall and click on the Data tab you'll notice an IFC button on the bottom left. Select this and the pic attached is what you'll see. I went into each "Object Properties" that was checked and unclicked all the items that had a style lock on it. (Swishy arrow) I then went back to the schedule and recalculated it and the info showed up. Bonkers! But now all my walls show the info I want to see.
  2. Markvl

    Help with Wall Schedule!

    @Sky Sorry something goofy went on there. See this pic. Hmmm... something else I noticed is that some walls are showing a description and others not.
  3. Markvl

    Help with Wall Schedule!

    Odd. I simply started a new worksheet and the data cells are all the same accept your original worksheet just doesn't seem generate the "answers". Have you tried just putting in a new worksheet?
  4. Markvl

    Help with Wall Schedule!

    Now is there a particular way you want the info to show up?
  5. Markvl

    Help with Wall Schedule!

    @Sky I've just downloaded and opened it up. Having a look. One thing I've done right of the top is Create a new wall schedule w/image. See pic attached. I checked the Style info for your 12 conc. shown last in the pic and all the info lines up with what is shown in the worksheet.
  6. Markvl

    Help with Wall Schedule!

    @Skystill having issues? Send along the file to me if you can and I'll have a look.
  7. Markvl

    Railing/Fence Tool

    WHAT? REALLY? ūüė≤
  8. Markvl

    Link to file location

    Perhaps I'm being misunderstood. I've figured out how this works in v2019. In v2017 the data stamp only shows the file name not the file path. Yes I understand how I can turn of all other info except the file name. Its the file path that I'm interested in for v2017. If there is a way how do I do it?
  9. Markvl

    Link to file location

    Well got it figured out on v2019 and ya I know about the "Data Stamp" but is there anyway to get a long version as shown in the pic attached in v2017? Can I in some way change (customize) the output of that Data Stamp? @rDesign, @JuanCarlos
  10. Markvl

    Link to file location

    @JuanCarlos is this for v2019? If so what about v2017?
  11. Markvl

    Link to file location

    I guess I may be looking for the same thing or not. I'd simply like to have a piece of text that upon inserting it will show the current file path or that it is part of a custom titleblock. I've been digging but not finding anything. Is it attained by some kind of text string in a Record other than P_File Name?
  12. Wondering if maybe you'd be able to use the grass shader?
  13. Markvl

    Bluebeam dropping Mac

    I noticed this as well which suggests to me that you won't be left in the lurch. They are coming up with something "better"?
  14. Markvl


    Stacked walls was one of my first wishes when I started working with VW. No answers yet. Just work arounds.
  15. Markvl

    Help with Wall Schedule!

    Hi @Sky, Pat is the best at this. Might I add...use this to get your description...=IF(GETIFCPROPERTY('IfcWallStandardCase.Description')<>'', GETIFCPROPERTY('IfcWallStandardCase.Description'), GETIFCPROPERTY('IfcCurtainWall.Description')) This is what I get when choosing TOOLS - REPORTS - CHOOSE SCHEDULE - WALL STYLE REPORT W/IMAGES


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