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  1. It would be very helpful if the "HATCH" command from the "TOOL" menu would default to the last selected hatch. As it is now, I am constantly scrolling through the list of hatches in my document to select the hatch I want.

    I know I can set the "default" hatch for the document, but it would be more convenient if the program would simply default to the last selected hatch.

  2. We need to add a 4th drafting station in our office. We currently have three G4 Power Macs running Vectorworks. The new computer will be used primarily for two dimensional drafting using Vectorworks 11. Our projects are typically broken into three referenced files; each file is generally 10 MB.

    We can choose between the 1.8 GHz duel processor Power Mac or the new 1.6 GHz single processor I-Mac.

    As I understand it, the duel processors are not utilized by Vectorworks for 2 dimensional drafting work. If this assumption is correct, then the I-Mac may be a good choice. I know that Renderworks takes advantage of the duel processors, but we hardly ever use Renderworks.

    20? I-Mac, 1 1.8 GHz processor: approximately $2,000

    1.8 GHz duel processor Power Mac, with 20? monitor: approximately $3,200

    Any advice? Will the Power Mac be noticeably faster for our work?

  3. I often experience the line weights changing from mm to mills. The line thickness does not change, just the unit of measure. It seems to happen for no reason. I have tried trashing the preferences, but it does not help.

    I would also like to have access to contextual menus with the shift lock on- as an architect I almost always wright in capital letters when drawing.

    MAC OS 10.2.8

    VW 11

  4. I have never quite figured out how to use the Duplicate Along Path Tool. Could someone explain how they use the tool and what drafting task(s) it is useful for?

    I have a feeling I am missing something, but I have never been able to figure out how to use this tool. I do use the "Duplicate Array" command often.


  5. I read on the gimp print web site that all HP Jet Direct ethernet adaptors use as the default address.

    This configuration works for me with an HP488CA and Gimp print.

    There was a previous post on the Nemetschek Tech Board Printing/Plotting Board Discussion Area titled ? Printing in OS X w/VW 10, gimpprint and HP 455CA? posted 02-26-2003 that outlines the setup procedure. It helped me to set up our plotter.

    Good luck.

  6. We need to purchase an addition Apple computer for our office in the next few weeks.

    There are a few options I am considering.

    1. Single processor 1.25 ghz G4 Machine ($1299, w/o Super Drive)

    2. Duel processor 1.25 ghz G4 Machine ($1599, w/o Super Drive)

    3. Single processor 1.6 ghz G5 Machine ($1799, w/o Super Drive)

    The computer sill primarily be used for 2d drafting using Vectorworks 10.2. I plan on keeping it in service for this purpose for the next 3 years (at least).

    Any thought on the relative merits of these machines for running Vectorworks? Would we derive any immediate benefit from the G5 processor with VW, or does the program need to be updated to take advantage of the processors capabilities?

    As I understand it, VW does not currently benefit from duel processors.

    Any thoughts or guidance would be appreciated!

  7. In my experience, the best solution for the Macintosh is to use a true postscript plotter. Unfortunately, this means using one of the more expensive HP models, the HP 800PS is the least expensive true postscript plotter HP offers.

    I would strongly advise staying away from the 500PS- the HP software based Macintosh print drivers are horrible!

    Another workable solution is to use a non-postscript plotter or an older plotter that is supported by the free, open source Gimp-Print driver. In my office, we have been able to get our 3 year old HP488CA plotter to work quite well using the Gimp-Print software. In fact, the gimp print driver works MUCH better than the barely functional, bug ridden, OS 9 based HP software that came with the plotter. I do not know how the gimp print driver works for color prints, but ifor us it is working perfectly for black and white architectural drawings.

    Many thanks to the developers of Gimp Print for their great work!

  8. We have a Xante 3N laser printer. It will print 12X18 as well as 11 X17 sheets, which is great for printing 1/2 size 24X36 drawings.

    I was so tired of all the problems with our HP 488CA plotter that I decided to try another printer manufacturer. We have had the printer for about 18 months now, and have had no problems, and their tech support was very responsive in helping us switch to Mac OSX.

    I believe they Xante now has a newer model available. They seem to specialize in larger format laser printers for graphics.

  9. I finally found time to implement ?asrsloat?s? suggestion.

    It turned out a font I had loaded on our new machine was indeed corrupted. I deleted and reinstalled the font and everything works perfectly!

    Many thanks to ?asrsloat? in particular and everyone else for your tremendously helpful contributions to this message board! You have saved me a great deal of time.

  10. For what it is worth, I used Archicad version 5 several years ago and switched from Archicad to Vectorworks. For me, the lower price of Vectorworks was nice, but not the deciding factor.

    The primary purpose of CAD for my office is to produce 2d construction drawings. I find Vectorworks gives us more freedom and is more efficient in creating 2d drawings. The ?Virtual Model? theory that you can construct a computer model and then essentially slice it up to produce quality construction drawings is a nice idea, but in practice it did not work for me. In my opinion, the quality of the 2d drawings was crude, and we were spending a great deal of time trying to construct detailed models.

    I?d suggest a dedicated 3D modeling program for models and a separate CAD program for 2d drawings.

  11. We just added a new computer to our small network, and are having problems printing.

    Mac 1.25 ghz duel processor, 1GB ram, OS 10.2.5

    Xante Acelawriter 3N laser printer

    HP 488 CA plotter

    When trying to print to the Xante laser printer from Vectorworks 10.1.0, we get the following error message visible in the Print Center Application:

    ?pictwpstops got an error disposing of document ?43?

    This problem only occurs in Vectorworks, other programs have no problems printing to this printer. I can save Vectorworks documents as PDFs either through the built in Mac quartz features or Adobe Acrobat and then print them, but I can not print to the laser printer directly from Vectorworks.

    The same problem occurred with OS 10.2.4; I upgraded in the hope of solving the problem.

    The other 2 computers on our Ethernet network running Vectorworks 10.1.0 and Mac OS 10.2.5 have no problems printing to this laser printer from Vectorworks.

    Any suggestions to solve the problem?

    Thanks for any help.

  12. Katie:

    I think I may have reset the origin in the "target file". I should have realized that this would cause problems.

    Can I copy one or all of the files from our server to a laptop, work on the file and then overwrite the old file on the server with the newer file on the laptop, or will this somehow foul up the workgroup references?

  13. Thanks for the replys.

    We are using Mac OS 10.2.4 and Vectorworks 10.1.

    I have been occasonally transfering one of the files to a laptop to take home work, and then overwriting the old file with the revised version on our office network.

    We have not used the "move Page Tool" and we have not moved the drawings on the original file.

  14. We have just started using ?Workgroup References? in our office. Occasionally, the referenced layers will seemingly randomly reposition themselves, causing a good deal of work to get all of the layers to align again.

    I can not figure out what we might be doing to cause this behavior. Does anyone have any thoughts or suggestions? The Workgroup Reference feature seems to work quite well, if we can only solve this problem.

  15. When I use the redline tool, I get very long leader lines linking the text to the bubble outlining an are of the drawing. These lines are roughly 150' on a Full Scale (1:1) layer!

    Can the leader line length be controlled? (I know that the "tag Length" can be controlled in the "object Information" pane).

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