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  1. While drawing, I often need to refer to another area of a drawing or another layer in the same document. I generally then use the Previous View and Next View commands to get back to the area or layer I am currently where I am currently working. It would be a help to me if a "Mark View for Snapback" command could be added, similar to the "Mark Page for Snapback" command in Safari. This would allow me to quickly return to this view and continue working. While I could use Saved Views for this, I often will only need to refer to the view a few times.
  2. This probably has to do with Class visibility. Turn on all of the classes in the drawing and see if the symbol appears. Then, reassign the symbol or elements of the symbol to any class you want.
  3. Make sure your line wight for the symbol is not set to 0. Also, make certain the lines color is not set to white.
  4. CEA

    Help VS. Safari

    Vectorworks Help works fine with Safari for me. VW 11.5 Architect Safari 1.0.3 OSX 10.2.8
  5. Its easy to print drawings as black and white only. Simply select "File/Preferences/Document Preferences" and check "Black and White Only." You can also print using the "Layer Colors" option to easily control more complex scenarios with some layers appearing in black and white only and some in color. If you open the 'Help" menu and type in "Black and White" it will outline additional options. [ 05-09-2005, 12:21 PM: Message edited by: CEA ]
  6. Its easy to print drawings as black and white only. Simply select "File/Preferences/Document Preferences" and check "Black and White Only." You can also print using the "Layer Colors" option to easily control more complex scenarios with some layers appearing in black and white only and some in color.
  7. I'm also looking for an architect to work in my office in Washington, DC. We do primarily high end custom residential work, and a small amount of institutional and commercial work. I'll send you a message through your web site. If anyone else is interested, post here and I'll contact you. [ 05-02-2005, 10:22 AM: Message edited by: CEA ]
  8. I think it would be very useful if the program incorporated this option. I believe you currently can not change the gray tone.
  9. We use the Arc tool with the "Arc by two points and Center" option enabled. You can easily put an arrow of any kind at either end of the arc. If you predefine the line weight and arrowhead characteristics in a class ("Notes for instance) it is a fairly quick and flexible method.
  10. I agree with "aersloat." To be useful for us, the callout tool need to allow the user to EASILY align the text of any number of notes in a drawing. I like the idea of the callout tool, but in its current form it is not usable for us. We resort to using the text tool for the note and the arc tool for the leader line. I'd rather be able to use the callout tool and do this in one step, but the lack of flexibility in aligning the text is a real problem.
  11. I forgot to mention that I strongly agree this feature should be incorporated into Vectorworks.
  12. The "Rotate Drawing" plug-in works for me with VW 11.5 and mac OS 10.2.8. I use it sparingly. As I recall, the documentation that comes with the plug in warns that some inaccuracy can creep in if the drawing is rotated and then later rotated back to it's original orientation. I have had no problems with this myself.
  13. I use a 17" 1 ghz Mac Power Book at home- it has been great, and a real pleasure to use. I also have a Mac wireless mouse for the powerbook. The 17" screen is great for drafting work. I have a 21" monitor at work, but I do not miss it while using the 17" laptop. The 15" screen on my previous laptop was too small for me. Too bad you cant use a Mac. For me the larger screen is key. Portability is secondary.
  14. This would be a tremendous improvement. I find the current hatch system virtually unusable. I had purchased the Motivo4 Hatch Pattern Generator for Vectorworks V8 and it worked beautifully; unfortunately I do not think it has been updated for newer versions of Vectorworks. If this feature can be implemented by an independent developer, I have to think Nemetschek could rather easily add a similar function. Control of hatches is critical to 2d drafting and really should be made a priority.
  15. I too have not been able to get the Batch Print feature to work with Adobe Acrobat Professional v6. After I have selected the sheets to print, the print dialog appears. I select Print, and am asked ONE time to name the file. I think the PDF file overwrites itself; so only the last sheet printed is available. I have set the Acrobat preferences to ask before overwriting a file, but this does not seem to have any affect. Has anyone else been able to get this feature to work with Acrobat?
  16. Select all of the lines you want to extend. Select the "Single Object Connect" tool. HOLD DOWN THE "OPTION' KEY (on a Mac, it may be the alt key on windows) Click on the line you want to extend your selected lines too.. The option key also modifies the split tools function.
  17. Gimp print has worked well for us with OSX and an HP 488CA. It should work equally well with the HP 450C. I'm not sure about the Xerox 2230. Gimp Print has been a big improvement over the very poor OS9 compatible software provided by Hewlett Packard when we purchased the printer 4 or 5 years ago.
  18. It may have been the Vector Depot web site: www.vectordepot.com
  19. I downloaded a script that does this from the VectorBits website.
  20. Version 11 is the most significant upgrade to the program I have experienced- I have been using Vectorworks since version 8. I would not hesitate to switch from version 10 to 11; the viewport feature alone makes the upgrade worthwhile for me. I personally have not experienced any problems with speed.
  21. CEA

    equal parts

    You can also use the "LINE INTO SEGMENTS" command to divide a line into any number of equal parts.
  22. Does anyone have any thoughts on this topic? Adobe has a sale on open type fonts through the end of the year, and I would like to take advantage of the sale. Will "Open Type" fonts work with Vectorworks 11.0.1 and Mac OS 10.2.8?
  23. CEA


    I think you can have more control over the creation of PDF files using Adobe Acrobat. Of course you will also need to purchase the program. When I tried using the MAc OSX built in PDF creation option a year or two ago, the line weights of my drawings did not print properly. Has anyone else had this problem? Maybe this line weight problem been fixed in the later versions of the operating system.


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