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  1. Hello, i cannot figure out how to create a 2x6 herringbone hatch in VW 2014. Please help! thank you Katerina
  2. Hello, i need to hatch some walls with curved and circular tiles. I'm unable to figure out how to create a hatch pattern from anything but straight lines. Please help! I'm using Vectorworks 14 thank you
  3. Hello, I'm using vectorworks 2014 and this version seems to have a setting i can't figure out from the previous version, that we never had issues with. We are working in 2d only and in the past we would create a tittle block layer with a scale 1:1 and a floor plan with a scale 1/4:1 and interior elevations for example, with a scale 1/2:1. the tittle block layer would always show up on all other layers in correct size. with VW 2014 it does not show up. I played around with it and it would only show up if set the scale to be exactly the same, which is problem-some. Anyone knows how to fix this? sorry if I'm not making sense. katerina
  4. this is driving me insane! Some setting in the drawing is preventing me from editing dimensions after they are created. I can't even click on it to select it, like it's locked and un-editable. I tried clicking and unclicking the interactive scaling mode with no luck. please help, about to lose my mind!
  5. Very new to vectorworks and using 2014 version at my new job. I'm very comfortable with autocad, and get very frustrated that vectorworks 2d drawings seem to take twice as long as they do in Cad because of lack of basic options. Maybe i'm missing something and you guys can help me out. I'm currently converting a set of elevations that are all in the same lineweight to add thicknesses and adjusting grayscale. I've figured the "eyedropper" tool is the fastest way to do that. I select a line, take it's properties with the eyedropper, then switch to the paintbucket mode and have to click line by line to give my elevation wanted effect. If i have a group of lines i want to change all at once, i have to exit my command, click "x" key, select my group of lines, only then i can "paint" all of them together, then i'm back to painting line by line. I notice that with any command, especially with "move" and "offset" command. I have to completely exit my command, select the new line or selection and start from the beginning. I really hope that there is a faster way of making selections while IN the command. I hope i'm making sense! It would be so much faster if i'm in the "move" mode and i can keep making several selections without having to exit, click "x", select, then go back to the move mode. Is there a vectorworks setting that will allow me to be more efficient in my work? thank you for reading my rant, and I welcome any advice! TIA
  6. thank you so much! I eventually figured it out. I use 2014 program and i had to select all levels, then click on "sam color" and "same line weight" options. This program is sooooo confusing and not even a bit intuitive!!!
  7. I'm very new to vectorworks and have to use it at my new job. I was asked to edit a hatch on the elevations that was imported into vectorworks from another architect. when i go to edit it, i have to do everything by level, well this hatch has 1000 levels!!!! every line in the hatch seems to be its own layer. Any advice on how to edit all of them at once? I just need to change the line weight and color TIA


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