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  1. Thank you for the heads up rDesign. I am running OSX10.10 so should be ok;)
  2. Thank you everyone:) I have switched off the glass class entirely which has resolved the problem. I am now looking into purchasing Renderworks
  3. I should mention that I'm using Vectorworks 2014
  4. Thank you rDesign. I don't get the Texture/ Surface /Hatch dialog box. I believe this is part of the Renderworks package..... Do you know if that is a separate purchase from Vectorworks Architect?
  5. All the glazing in my windows seems to be opaque. I have checked again and again that the glazing is set to the correct class (Glazing - clear) but I cannot seem to get it right. I have even created a new class with no fill and tried to set the glazing to that one but it makes no difference. If I set the whole window to that class, the frame becomes clear but the glazing is still opaque. What am I doing wrong? Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  6. Hello. this is my first ever post :blush: Hopefully you can help me. I am struggling to work out how to change the hatch/pattern/line weight of different elements on my sectional viewports. At the moment, every structural element on my drawing is showing in section as the same material with the same line weights. I know I can change the ?Section Style? in my classes but that would obviously change everything again. How do I separate the elements? Apologies if this is really obvious....
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