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  1. -Hippo, That would be great if you can share! Thanks. -Pat, The plug-in would run in a loop in the background and would not need maintaining as much as a script?
  2. Is there a non-script way to bind a record format to its' symbol's x-coordinate? I want to display the x & y coordinates on a symbol where x & y point to the point of symbol insertion. Is there a way to this with worksheets (without much scripting) ? Please see the attached the file; as you would notice I can't assign the record format to the x-coordinate, it returns false naturally... is there a way to do this? Follow-up Question: Is there a way to turn the X-Coordinate called on a database header in to dimensional value? (e.g; 7'-6 3/8" prints 7.531 on the worksheet; how to keep it as 7'-6 3/8" ?) Thanks in advance.
  3. Alright, my worksheets start to corrupt after a while whenever I use cell merge and start shifting cells. I'm only using spreadsheet cells (no database headers) with simple strings punched in. I have 3 columns and many rows, whenever I merge couple of row cells and grab one of the rows and shift it up or down, I get patches gone out of my worksheet. What will be the cure or reason for this? Thanks. EDIT #1: see the images attached.
  4. Hello, quick question here, Is there a way to customize the spacing for issue and revision entries which the sheet border creates. I have created a custom titleblock (which I use with the sheetborder) with specific row widths for issue and revision entries. Then I punch in ":iNo" ":iNote" ":iDate" at the spaces they belong but when it comes to display they start to get out of their row widths and look misaligned. Is there a way to get around this? I tried to change the texts' spacing value but no avail...
  5. I see, that's what I thought as well... so the User Data and Preferences Folder controls the VW preferences. Good good, thanks a lot.
  6. Hello, I'm kind of reposting this here from my original post to grab a bit more attention. What I'm trying to achieve is to regualate multiple users' "Vectorworks Preferences" and I was wondering if this tool has something to do with it? If there is another work around to this, please let me know... any help is appreciated as always. Thanks
  7. That is true, the best stuff are in those video clips, it is pretty :cool: but yea I would love to see keynote slides if they are out at all.
  8. So is there place we can get access to the presentations or the slides shown during the summit? I couldn't really catch everything that was shown
  9. Wait so what is that command under TOOLS>OPTIONS>VA SET PROJECT PREFS... is for? I couldn't figure out what it does, I was thinking it was related with this issue somehow but it is linked to some .txt files under application data, UNLIKE workspaces or templates ... I would love if somebody shines a light to this topic
  10. Ok guys, thanks a lot, when I (or If I) come up with a coherent list, I'll make sure to post it.
  11. Hello, I was just curious if there was a thread or list you guys keep which holds all the wish requests from everybody? Or a general list, if not all the wish requests. I just don't want to repeat requests if I think about submitting one. Thanks
  12. Haha pretty awesome, I knew you were looking for an opportunity to bust out the superman tee under your shirt, good job
  13. Alrighty then, I'll leave you guys up to it. Thought I mention it as well...
  14. Alright this is a bit nit-picking at this point probably but, in the old 2014 VW I was somehow able to tab through fields within the OIP. Meaning I was able to to tab between "record format" "record field defaults" and "record info" sections easily. This came in handy especially when entering information to different record fields for the same symbol(s). Feel like I'm missing something but don't know what... any help is appreciated.
  15. Cool, thanks Pat, I'll take a look at this and let you know how it goes.
  16. Is there a way to attach or set the record field of a symbol to a dimension string embedded in it? I can't find the time to work on a script right now, but if there is a relevant code, I can work with that too. I dug around a little bit but couldn't find a post similar to this, if you can point me in the right direction, I would appreciate that as well, thanks in advance.
  17. Ok Pat thanks a lot, good to know the least. EDIT: I guess we can add "STR2NUM" kind of function to a wishlist but I'm sure it's in needle&mortar somewhere.
  18. Hello all, I was wondering if there was a way to count strings in a worksheet? The values are not in under a database row, they are just punched in stings to cells. I've tried nesting them in "INT" or "Value" functions and using them with "COUNT" or "SUM" functions but to be honest a bit frustrated that I can't even figure out this. What would you suggest? EDIT: my strings are basically dates in this format; mm/dd/yy
  19. Got the permission from the boss man finally, will be attending, looking forward to it
  20. Ok everything back to normal after restart. Sorry for freaking out.
  21. I haven't restarted my computer yet, maybe I posted too soon but I was curious if there is toggle option or something like that but no I just can't drag and drop from the resource browser other moving and dragging and dropping seems to work fine. Let me restart and get back to you.
  22. I can't drag and drop symbols or anything for that matter from my resource browser all of a sudden. Anybody have an idea why? Is there a toggle option for this, that I don't know? Thanks a lot for any help.
  23. Ok Jim will do. The issue is in this file, if you copy the blue revision clouds and try to change them they disappear but the orange clouds work fine because I created them new and also in the 2015 update, the others were created in 2014. And the file manager doesn't accept .zip files so I got you the .ifc format if that works...
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