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  1. It was 2 inch end frame and 1 inch door frame. Well, I made the door frame 2 inch and the end frame 3 inch, so everything seems to work now but the whole curtain wall tool needs a bit of overhaul I think. We should be able to just divide the wall length into equal parts with as many frames we want, at the same time not compromising from adjusting each frame individually... Thanks a lot for coming out tho@zoomerI know I haven't been too descriptive yet these are some of the soft bugs that needs work on.
  2. Hi, I have an a inquiry regarding the files used to present the "render for success" series seminar. Are these files available to us? Or vectorworks select users? Edit : I found it, they are under the first introduction video. At least this issue is also recorded here...
  3. Yea I don't think so, I'm not joining my walls at all nor the auto-join option is turned on...
  4. Hi, I'm having a problem accurately positioning vertical frames in a curtain wall. Rather the frames are simply disappearing because of their position or caused by something else. The issue I'm having is when I move my vertical frame next to the starting frame the vertical one disappears. How can I avoid this from happening?
  5. Ok, figured it out, in order to edit a slab surface addition or any 2D or 3D modifier, we have to use Modify>Edit Slab while the slab is selected.
  6. While editing slab objects with 2D modifiers such as "add/subtract surface" tools the vertex points seem to disappear or don't appear in the first place for the part that was added on later or subtracted. Is this normal or is it a bug? See attachment below, the part I added later doesn't have vertex points... if it is normally acting like this I think it should be added on to our wishlist... Thank you.
  7. What is the syntax to search the forum? On the last version I was able to search for phrases by separating them with a "+" sign. Or are quotation marks in use now? If so how do I search for exact phrases (multiple word combinations) ? Could someone point me out to somewhere which explains all the syntax in use... thank you
  8. Following up on this thread, is it possible to adjust the opacity of "gray" layers from the interactive display settings under preferences? Curious.
  9. Hello, I realize it is a bit unrelated but I just wanted to give a try if there is anyone looking for a Adobe Creative Suite Design Standard CS5 PC version. I'm willing to sell it for $500 or exchange for a CS5/CS6 MAC version. Just looking if anybody else out there having platform problems since Adobe prohibited platform change for suites below CS6. Let me know if you're interested.
  10. sle7en7

    BIM Design Day


    Thanks Jim!
  11. sle7en7

    BIM Design Day


    is this event going to broadcasted over the web? Or will the content be available later on?
  12. Yea, just want to confirm this bug as well. I use page-symbols within VP Annotations and exporting to CAD shrinks all the page symbols.
  13. Jim thank you very much, good to see it's in the pipes.
  14. This is still in a wish list right? Is there a way to achieve multiple viewport class overrides in one go? I know I can import settings but the cure is still going one by one importing settings from another viewport...
  15. All of this is great stuff but I wonder why these tools don't already come w/ VW yet...
  16. Hello, I have unfortunately decided to use the issue manager as well in one project and I'm having the same issues, can somebody lend a helping hand with the same exact problem Mr.Iagea is having; old entries overriding new ones... and +1 to all he said.
  17. Another point going along with this, were you guys able to adjust the text spacing of issue fields or revision fields (ones which have ":i" or ":r" prefix) ?
  18. I think this is still an issue in VW 2016, where the "draw wall lines" toggle button doesn't function at all. It simply does nothing in my experience, no matter if it's checked or not, wall lines are still drawn and controlled by the "wall lines" door attribute. That's my experience after all, if anybody would like to prove otherwise, please... the stage is yours
  19. I'm having similar issues with my HVAC Diffuser PIO's as with window and column objects where they don't obey the class attributes... Anybody know why this happens? Please see the attached screenshot...
  20. Proving Ground - Nathan Miller , thursday 04/14/16
  21. I attended a marionette webinar on April 14th (webinar ID: 114-538-387) , where do I submit the paperwork for the AIA credit?
  22. I'm having the same problem, I have sheet borders in my file but none of them show up in this tool... Well, I reverted to using a worksheet and looking for objects with sheetborders, that works fine until I want to grab just some of the issues; I have different sheets for different issues and I want to grab them by the "_last issue" field of the sheetborder object but I want to be sure it refers to the last issue of the sheet border. Is that so? And why would it not work if the description of the issue matches the input to this field value? Ok sorry; turns out "_last issue" is a boolean field... nevermind Is the "_last issue" supposed to be a way for me to report which sheets I want on my drawing list for the issue in question? Like a way for me to distinguish? Because I just went ahead and just changed all the sheets I don't want to be false for the "_last issue" and eliminated them out. I don't know if it affected something else but it worked... Hope nothing goes awry later...


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