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  1. aha! A reinstall fixed it it seems, which was pretty quick and painless
  2. I was able to export to an old copy of VW 2008 for a work around, but I've still not fixed this on my VW 2013 I thinking the problem co-incidenced with removing a trial version of Autocad and Autocad 360. Perhaps when I deleted those, they took some particular file with them? I thinking of reinstalling VW2013 now.
  3. Please Help! I've got an urgent problem relating to DWG export. This function suddenly stopped work today, it seems to happen on every file I test. When I export DWG, it crashes suddenly or on a smaller file shows a sudden flash of a progress bar but then nothing. Yes I am on SP5, yes I have re started my computer. If it is related my internet connection went down this morning, is this related to VW not being able to self verify?. I'm under intense pressure to export files, which had been working so well and now suddenly stopped, any input received with thanks!
  4. Thanks a lot Phil, I thought I was alone on this, a big step forward but it's not the full answer yet I did indeed change the 3D view and found it within the model space (I used 'back" actually). Thank you However I can't seen to rotate it (in 3D etc) so it is "flat" or rather the same plane as my plan. What I would like to achieve is a section viewport alongside my plan, so I can overlay detail etc in the model space (and see the section update as I draw). Annotation layer is good, but wouldn't this way also have advantages I think..... Thanks again
  5. Hi All First post. I'm pretty well accustomed to section viewports onto sheet layers. I'm hoping to create a section viewport in a design layer to overly some 2D work by my structural engineer. Starting in plan projection I cut the section line, create the viewport and it appears as a tiny minute empty red cross hair at 0,0 within design layer I've turned on all layers, classes and yes, section line instances..I just can't see anything. The reason I want it on a design layer is to have alongside my plan to update the model. Hope you guys can help Conor


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