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  1. ASagatovVW

    Light beams only 2D

    @Mason2152 I believe the issue here is that the "Field Angle 2" and "Beam Angle 2" fields in the object info palette are both currently set to 0. If I match them to the other values (30 and 20), I then get the cones.
  2. ASagatovVW

    Can't edit dimensions in Object Info Palette!

    @Eddie To make sure, are you referring to this field in the Object Info Palette? Can you confirm for me what operating system you are on? When you are typing the value, do you see the numbers changing, but then they revert back after tabbing to the next field?
  3. ASagatovVW

    site model rough edges

    @PO4 Are you just using a pad modifier in this case or are you using a Pad + Grade Limits / Pad with Retaining Edge? Any chance you could send me just the site model with the site modifiers you are using so I can dig a bit into this? Just from the description and screenshot, I think you are on the right path with something related to the triangulation, but I haven’t personally seen this effect before.
  4. @Klaus Koch In terms of not losing your file/information, the working files that you are using to actual do your work should still be okay. If you open up the most recent version of the working file, you can do a File > Save a Copy as > and convert this back to a standard VWX file or a new VWXP file. If you do this, all users will want to take their current working files from the original project and save a copy as a started VWX file. Each user will then need to go to the newly created project file and get a NEW working file. They can then copy and paste in changes from the VWX file (old working file) into their new working file if needed. Now, we will want to track down exactly what happened: 1) Can you give us a quick overview of how you are using project sharing? Are you working with the project file on a local server or a cloud storage option? Where are you saving your working files? 2) Were you working extensively in a specific part of the project over the past day? Ex. Were you working a lot in annotations or with a specific tool you didn’t work with in the project previously?
  5. ASagatovVW

    Wall Seams on elevations

    @lgoodkind As long as the walls are completely overlapping and coincident on that side, the line should disappear in hidden line. I have included a very simplistic example below. Can you copy the two walls into a new file and attach it so I can take a quick look? If the walls are story bound and copying it into a new file requires a bit of work due to these changes, I can also send you an upload link so I can take a look at the full file.
  6. ASagatovVW

    Imported DWG files very slow in vw

    @Ewaryst I’ve dug around in the DWG and I have narrowed down a few different items that should help along with some additional notes: 1) When importing the DWG, go into the advanced options of the DWG import > Conversion > and set it to import 2D only (nothing seems to be 3D?) and set the conversion resolution to low. This seems to help out a lot and I can’t really tell a difference in the geometry so far. 2) Make sure Unified View is turned on (View > Unified View should be checked). This helps with redraw speeds. 3) The majority of the slowness seems to be coming from the class called “TDG_podkład”. From looking around on this class, there is a large symbol and the main slowness is coming from this geometry along the exterior wall. This looks like it is duplicated at least 50 times around the drawing, and each instance is ~2,600 objects. Just this detailing is probably accounting for about half of the overall objects. Once adjusting the above items, the file seems to be working at a workable and standard speed in my testing so far. A few quick notes to expand on this: This file in general is importing over 800,000 objects. This is a lot of information that is required to redraw when zooming and entering/exiting editing modes. If the kind of geometry above was placed in symbols, it would help some with the file size differences. Due to compression and general information saved in the files, DWGs tend to be significantly smaller than their VWX comparison. Seeing a 5x-10x file size jump isn’t rare in my experience. A lot of this has to do with differences in how we draft information. In this DWG that includes 800,000+ objects, we could get a very similar drawing in Vectorworks with significantly less objects. If the geometry in this DWG was classed / layered a bit more, it would ideally be very easy to turn off this complex line work; however, based on how it is drawn, we would need to do quick a bit of work drafting over each one and then deleting the complex line work (unless we can just turn it off). If it is okay with you, I would like to forward this DWG along to our Engineering Team. In this specific case, I don’t think we are looking at a bug per say, but we are looking at a good example of ways we could better handle imports and speed. I opened this file in AutoCAD and it seems to zoom around without any noticeable delay. It would be interesting if Engineering could find any ways of speeding up this kind of workflow.
  7. ASagatovVW

    Callouts with Multiple Leader Lines - Line Thickness Issue

    @loretta.at.large Hello, I just tested this and had one of our techs test it, and it doesn't seem to be occurring on either of our machines. Do you know if this is occurring with callouts you generated in 2019 or is it possibly coming from an older version (if so, do you possibly know which version)? Are you able tor replicate this with new callouts in new files on your end?
  8. ASagatovVW

    Imported DWG files very slow in vw

    I’m not sure if it is one of the glitches you mention, but in the provided screenshot, it looks like a bunch of stuff is crammed up in the top/left of the import. Any chance you could direct message me a copy of the DWG in question so I can dig into it?
  9. ASagatovVW

    Older versions of VW on older OSX

    @Jim Smith Vectorworks 2008 was last officially supported on 10.6. Vectorworks 12 was last officially supported on 10.5; however, we had reports of it running on 10.6 without significant issues.
  10. ASagatovVW

    Render Texture not showing when in symbol

    @Ben Wingrove Any chance I could get a copy of the example file shown in the screenshots? I believe I have created a similar setup on my end, but I am not getting this result. For what its worth, at least in our default Render Style White Model, I don't see textures at all (even if its just on an extrude). I have a feeling that in order to replicate this, I will need a specific texture / render settings.
  11. ASagatovVW

    Render Texture not showing when in symbol

    @Ben Wingrove To confirm, are you still using VW2016 in this case? I tested this going back to 2017 with my own geometry/textures and it seems to work; however, my current machine won't run 2016 and older. I believe the "Artistic White Model" mode was replaced in 2017 with "Render Style White Model". Any chance you could upload the example document you are showing the screenshots of so I can dig a bit further into this?
  12. ASagatovVW

    Images Disappearing

    @LG Design At least as of posting this, I am not familiar with any known issue of this occurring. Can you give me a bit more information as to what is happening? You have imported images that are simply gone when you re-open the file? Are the images referenced in any way? Is it specifically only occurring with imported images?
  13. ASagatovVW

    Tool Sets

    @Mojo65 From the screenshot, I notice two specific things: 1) I am only seeing two of the palettes in this screenshot. Are you able to find all the other ones at all? 2) Are you trying to dock those two specific palettes on the side (Basic and Tool Set)? If so, the two palettes must be undocked from each other first. Once they are each floating on their own, you should then be able to dock them to the side individually.
  14. ASagatovVW

    Issues with stability and rendering

    When you say it is having issues rendering grass, are you using a texture that is set up with a grass shader? This can look great, but it definitely will slow down and complicate rendering as it is basically drawing 3D grass geometry. This kind of texture is awesome if you are looking to do a rendering of a small backyard, planters, or something else small in detail; however, if you are trying to apply it to a larger area, it might be causing a lot of slowness. (Even more so if you are trying to update multiple viewports at once) I can look into your file if needed. If you don't want to post it publicly here, you can send me a direct message and I can provide you with an upload link.
  15. ASagatovVW

    Viewport doesn't show all elements

    @chrispoloI've continued digging around in your file. I glad the initial issue with the cropping seems to have stopped. Looking at your signature, I notice your machine has 8GB which may be causing the hang up you are now seeing; however, I personally don't think upgrading is the correct action here. Simply rendering the file one time in Hidden Line is causing a spike to around 14GB on my machine in terms of memory usage. After some narrowing down, it appears most of this is coming from some complex meshes that are being referenced into the file 10+ times: In the reference viewports, I would recommend turning off the Furniture and Equipment classes as it appears that is where these meshes live. In the hidden line renderings, it doesn't appear we can see these meshes anyway. Also on the Design Layer, I would turn off the 2D Image props for the people. Most of these are 600+ vertices and 2D being propped up in 3D. It might be because I am missing a few references, but a number of reference viewports were really really far from the origin / other objects as well. After making the three above adjustments, my memory spike when rendering dropped from ~14GB to ~8GB (once the rendering itself completes, it then drops to around 3GB). Hidden line is a pretty demanding render mode in Vectorworks. I'm not sure it will work in your case as it will provide slightly different results, but I normally try using OpenGL with the below settings whenever possible. OpenGL is much faster, works with our graphics module / VGM, and you can work in the render mode if needed. (Very high is probably overkill. Medium or high tend to be fine) Hidden Line Viewport: OpenGL Viewport (no other adjustments made - things like the dashed red line might be better used in annotations in this workflow if needed): In regards to the Hidden Line, we could continue turning off objects found inside of the buildings since they can't be seen in most hidden line views anyway. I would also try eliminating any text or planar objects from the rendering as these can also slow hidden line as it tries rendering them out.


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