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  1. ASagatovVW

    Dual Dimensions Not Working in One Drawing.

    @Bruce Kieffer This a confirmed bug that I actually previously submitted ( VB-154481 ). I stumbled across this a few months back as well and came to the same conclusions. Once I get a further update, I'll let you know. I am also moving this into the "known issues" section.
  2. ASagatovVW

    ESC key not functioning correctly

    @I will I When you are getting this result with the ESC key, are other shortcuts working for you in the program? @Ethan R. ESC should be able to cancel a rendering on the design layer; however, the state of the rendering process may come into play. If you open a simple file, are you able to successfully use the ESC key to cancel the rendering there? In case you are trying this on the sheet layer, you will need to use the Cancel Update button in the object info palette.
  3. ASagatovVW

    OpenGL Graininess surrounding objects

    @Sebastiaan I think I might have your answer... If you go to Tools > Options > Vectorworks Preferences > Edit Tab > Is the Default Compression set to JPEG? If so, can you swap it over to PNG and update the viewports?
  4. ASagatovVW

    VWX 2019 Setup - texture, rendering, challenges

    Would it be possible for you to upload the example .vwx file that you took these screenshots from? Are you able to see the textures properly in OpenGL or do you get a similar result to the Renderworks renders? If you zoom into the object not displaying the OSB texture, do you see the texture applying to the sides of the shape?
  5. ASagatovVW

    area or line lights in OpenGL not working

    Can you confirm for me which version of Vectorworks you are using? As far as I know, all recent versions of the software should require a Renderworks mode for these light sources. The help also specifies this:
  6. ASagatovVW

    Issue with Import Images

    @briland23 and in case anyone else above is still running into this: Can you please confirm this setting? If this drop down is set to IMAGE RESOURCE, the import will occur, but it will appear nothing happened because the import is simply making an image fill resource in your resource manager. Can you please confirm this setting is set to BITMAP?
  7. @A.D.K. Ah, you are correct! If I adjust that color, it does use that color when adjusting the layer scales! I will put together a submit here and post the reference number shortly. Figuring out how to get it to this point will still probably be important, but we at least have enough information for a submit. Now that we know it is tied to that color setting, it may be easy to fix/figure out in the background. EDIT: Here is the reference number for the submit on the ghosting ( VB-163003 ).
  8. @A.D.K. Further update: It seems that I can replicate the blue boxes / ghosting issue in your provided test file by changing layer scales; however, I'm still not replicating this in a new document from scratch. Submitting your test file will at least get the ball rolling here, but finding out how to make this occur in a new document will likely be key for finding the exact cause/fix. In your example file, I am seeing a blue highlighting, but I don't see blue applied to anything. Did you previously have blue applied to one of the class attributes that the callout may have been originally placed in?
  9. @A.D.K. I haven't been able to replicate the offsetting/ghosting issue shown in the original post, but the post about the class attributes, I can replicate and it has been submitted ( Reference Number: VB-162951 ). A few notes from my testing which may be helpful for now: 1) If the callout is placed directly into the class (the class you want it in is active when you use the callout tool), it seems to pull the settings properly. I am only getting this result if I try adjusting the callout class after it is already placed. 2) If you change the line attribute setting in the attributes palette to "Solid", it then seems to pull the color from the class properly.
  10. @A.D.K. Understood. Dropping that setting will impact sheet layer navigation speeds (Best Performance includes the sheet layer VGM improvement in 2019). Just to make sure, you had a situation actively occurring where things were offset/wrong and upon changing that setting, it became slower AND the graphical issue didn't correct? In this specific case, does restarting Vectorworks fix it? If the issue does persist through a restart, getting a copy of the file would be helpful.
  11. @A.D.K. Considering the issue normally disappears after a restart, this would likely point to a graphical issue and not specifically a setting with the tool. Can you try going to Tools > Options > Vectorworks Preferences > Display Tab > Navigation Graphics: 1) What did you currently have this set to? 2) Can you try adjusting it to another setting and see if the issue disappears (if it is actively happening like your screenshot) or if you no longer run into the issue?
  12. ASagatovVW

    Missing Vectorworks Libraries

    @Josh-gsy Your second post makes me think it is a specific preference. If you go to Tools > Options > Vectorworks Preferences > Session Tab > Make sure "Enable Online Content" is checked.
  13. ASagatovVW

    Speaker Array Bumper Missing Import

    @Chris_W Hm... I don't think I've ever seen the specific results you are seeing. You are not only missing import, but you are not seeing the default library either. Inside of your Applications > Vectorworks 2019 ( or Program Files > Vectorworks 2019 on Windows ), do you see a file in this path? My guess on this would be either the library file is missing or you do not have proper read/write permissions to it. Since I haven't seen this before, it might be best to reach out to technical support and have them dig into it directly on your machine.
  14. ASagatovVW

    Speaker Array Bumper Missing Import

    The most common cause for not seeing the import option is that the speaker array is not actually placed in the drawing yet. If you are first placing a speaker array and you get the object properties dialog, if you enter the configure array dialog there, the import options are not present. Can you confirm you place an empty array in the drawing to start? Once the empty array is in the drawing, go to Configure Array through the Object Info Palette and you should then see the import options.
  15. ASagatovVW

    Viewport from clip cube not functioning

    @halfcouple Can you provide a few screenshots of what you are doing? I have run a few tests here, and I seem to be getting the same results between SP3 and SP4 from what I can see.


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