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  1. Has anyone used Vision and an offline editor on the same M1 machine to pre-viz a show? Wondering if there are any hiccups.
  2. For those of us who are doing work with conventional fixtures this issue is VERY important to resolve. I have sent this question to Service Select and spoken to techs multiple times and they don't seem to have an answer, so maybe let them know that there is a clunky fix now. When you have many colors in a show with a lot of booms this is a LOOOOOONG process.
  3. I think you have the right idea, Scott. When you check a line it should highlight as well if the highlight is what actually indicates what will be numbered. I can imagine that someone would want to number more than one field (unit #, channel #, address #, etc) though I can't imagine most lighting designers doing it.
  4. SP4 on VWX. Vision is I think I am up to date, but I will check with tech support.
  5. So I gave that a try, selecting all the units with a particular color and then putting that color in the 1st slot on the color wheel. Much quicker, but when it got to Vision there was still no color. My process was Find and Modify, select a color, Edit, enter the color from the colors listed in the palette to color wheel 1 slot 1, Okay.
  6. Tom, is there a way to edit this color wheel field for multiple fixtures or do I have to go light by light?
  7. Thanks Tom. This might be faster than doing it in Vision.
  8. I am breathless in anticipation. What did you mean when you said "or it can be done in vectorworks through the lighting via the following?" Nothing followed.
  9. After more work with Vision I have confirmed that the focus did in fact transfer. Tom, are you saying that Vision has my color info but it is hiding somewhere? Or are you confirming that I have to re-enter all the color info? Without a reasonable sort process (by channel, for instance) that is incredibly time consuming and tedious.
  10. Additionally, color doesn't import to Vision 2019 from Vectorworks 2019. It is so tedious to enter color for each fixture in Vision.
  11. Are there tutorials that address Vision 2019? Are their troubleshooting suggestions (for instance, my focus doesn't import)? Is there a tutorial that walks you through the basics of Vision 2019? I've used vision for several years and it has always been a difficult learning process.
  12. I agree with that. Having been with 2019 for the past 9 months I can't remember what the process was in 2018. And shortly we will have 2020!
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