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  1. Well, I've used the tool "combine into surface" under several different conditions on several different landscape plans of mine. I have learned that the tool won't work with my landscape bed lines which I created by created with the arc tool and then combined and trimed the edges to make it look smooth. I just can't use the polyline tool to do that. Anyway, I tried selecting all the arcs and using the compose tool. This makes a single line, but still won't work. I also converted a copy to polygons, which also won't work. When I used polygons, polylines, and other shapes from scratch, it works great, but not with lines I derived from the arc tool. So anyway, it was a nice hope.
  2. Thanks Robert. So, then I cannot "move" anything on the linked layer except for what I create on that layer such as white filled polygons. I can't actually shift around the displayed objects from the linked layers via the link itself right?
  3. Thank you Robert. I will try this out pronto and get back to you.
  4. I want to know if VectorWorks has a command or tool similar to the boundary or hatch tools included in AutoCAD. For now, I simply create an "areas" layer and use the polygon tool to trace out my lawn space, pavers, concrete, flower beds, etc. so I can place good looking hatchs or fills and include bidding information for my clients. I find this tedious and time consuming but see no other way to do it. If all this time I have been wasting time, someone please let me know. I should also say that these are not, of course, objects created with a tool that automatically calculates its area - like a polygon, polyline, rectangle or circle. It's normally a combination of arcs, ploygons, polylines, etc on the boundaries of the spaces I want to measure and area for. How do you all come up with these measurements?
  5. I've never tried anything like that before Justine, but since no one is answering, I do have one idea that would work for you. First off, I should ask if you edited the plant database from within vectorworks, or if you customized you plant list in microsoft excel or filemaker? Assuming you simply edited the database from within vectorworks, I have a suggestion. In my version of vectorworks, which is 9.5.1, the plant database is actually a .txt file (comma delimited) located in this path (which should be the same for you): C:\Program Files\VectorWorks LANDMARK 9.5.1\Plug-Ins\VW_Land\Data. In the Data folder, you should find a file named plant database.txt (unless you created your own with a different name). MAKE A COPY of this file and put it somewhere else on your computer. DO NOT do anything to modify this file until you have made a copy and only mess with the copy of the file. Now, if you have excel, access, or filemaker you could open this file and manipulate the data (hope you know how to use one of those programs) any way you want and create custom plant lists that way. Until I started using vectorworks, that is what I did in my days of hand drafting and I printed off the lists on "sticky-back" transparencies. Having said all that, (whew) I should say that in other words there is no way I can see for you to do what you want from within vectorworks.
  6. If anyone is still following this thread, I do have one more question! I was able to use a layer link to make my own "virtual" viewport of a landscape design, but now am learning that I must move the origial to be able to center the parts I want to "blow-up" on the linked layer. So, I assume I cannot move the objects on the layer link at all. Am I right? Or is there a way?
  7. Thanks for your ideas. I have to recant on my statement about the manual not being clear. It clearly states "click the project 2D objects to display any 2D objects in the linked layer". I just never read all the way to step 4 :-). I just jumped once I knew how to find the dialog box and basic settings! Projecting the 2D objects seems to work good - it even shows my imported scans! I'll continue designing the plan and try again later - if for some reason it doesn't work, I'll just do my copy-paste-mask like I've done before.
  8. I guess that would explain it. I don't think that is clear in the manual. Then again, I don't know where I was in the manual - I just searched for "layer link" and for all I know I was in a section regarding 3D! Its official then, I will give up playing with layer links. I really wish there was some sort of viewport funcionality in VW. Oh well. Thanks for your help.
  9. I am sure there are many who have brought up some of these things. I have been using VW landmark to do landscape design for two years now. I love much about VW but often find myself frustrated with some major, at least in my opinion, flaws. Is it just impossible to ask for view ports? When I called the salesman back before version 9.5, the one I use now, he said they were working on it for a future version. Layer links don't work at all for what I do. They stink. I love the view port feature in AutoCAD (and most every other serious CAD program I might add). I use VW because it is just so much more intuitive and the drawings just look better. I also yearn for the ability to insert an OLE object. This also is part of most every other serious CAD programs. I manipulate and format all of the data I extract from VW in Excel - and have to paste it in as EPS so it will look good when printed. How nice it would be to have the ability to simply link it in place as an OLE object and continue to play with it if need be. Lastly, a real html help system would be nice. the PDF manual is just ok.
  10. Hi, I am desperately trying to find a way for me to layout a drawing using the AutoCAD "model space" concept. I want to be able to lay out a plan for a residence I am designing (at a scale of say 1"=50') that is far too large to fit on one sheet anywhere near a desirable scale (at a scale of say 1"=10' or 1"=20'). I can?t get the layer link command to work at all, with what I am trying to do. It only wants to link the house layout (which was created with the wall tool). Why won?t it link other lines and such? I have some scans in it of some of my freehand drawing and it totally ignores those as well. I have read and re-read the layer link description in the manual, and am just wanting someone to explain to me just what I can and can't do with a layer link before I waste more time. Thanks!
  11. I'm not quite sure where to post this, so I'll start here. I am having trouble installing the Landmark demo I downloaded. The program seems to install but all the shortcuts it creates point to nowhere. Performing a manual search, I cannot find any .exe file anywhere in the landmark program file. This brings up my next point - the landmark installer does not specify anywhere to install the program. The "target" box during install is empty and I must designate where it is to install. I have tried to install the demo on two different computers - one running Windows2000 and one running WindowsXP. Once I extract the download, there are two folders created - industry and services as well as a "setup" launcher. Both of the folders contain a "setup" launcher as well. I have tried them all and tried them independently to no avail. What do I need to do next? Why does it seem to install but there is no program file? Thanks in advance -


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