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  1. I tend to save followed by revert to saved manages to remove them. Agreed they are a pain!
  2. Brilliant as ever Mark! Hope you are well? Will
  3. Has anyone got some dimensions of a DHA/Rosco animation disc with motor or "KK Wheel". Happy to make the symbol myself but google is failing me for the dimensions. Thanks in advance.
  4. I have been hoping for something like this since i started drafting lighting plans in 3d. This looks very promising!
  5. Thanks Mark, thats is great will give it a go. All you thanks, hope you are also well!
  6. Just wondering how people go about making a symbol for something like this, I would class it as an accessory and want to draft it as such but obviously it is something at affects the pan and tilt of a fixture in this case a cantata PC. Would it be best to make a symbol for the whole set up rather than an accessory symbol to add to my current lantern symbol? It would be great to hear thoughts on this or see some examples.
  7. Yes all seems to work as expected, here is the file back. Truss_Hanging_Position.vwx
  8. Yes running 2018 even managed it in that file you attached. Will
  9. Using the generic truss tool the lamp was able to snap to the correct chord, could it be more of an issue with the truss symbol?
  10. Thanks Mark, Doesn't seem to of done much, my work around for the moment that seems to work is to add each symbol one at a time to the summary. Slightly dull when drafting a musical with a lot of different fixtures. Thanks again, Will
  11. I am currently working on a file that i started in 2017 and have moved over to 2017. The instrument summary isn't allowing me to build a list it just come up with a box with a cross in and when i repeat this i can only add a couple of symbols to it at a time, i have tried a new file with the same symbols and they go in properly. Is there a way to reset the Instrument summary tool so it behaves the same as when you first use it in a document? Thanks in advance
  12. That seems odd. I have just tried it for myself with your symbol and it seems to be fine. ClayPakyMythos v2015 v2015.vwx
  13. You need to attach a parts record to the 3d components and position them in the correct way the fixture in edit 3d component make sure you place a 3d locus in the middle of the head and include it in the body part of the record. Watch from about 5.15 same process applies with a moving light
  14. Is there a way to default the auto number position tool to left to right, rather than right to left? Thanks in advance!
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