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  1. Not sure which bit you are referring to? Do you mean the inserted connection? Blue and Light Blue Diamond?
  2. Its a class! Just turn off the class. 'Braceworks Hanging Point Load Class'. I wouldn't recommend deleting them.
  3. Just out of interest Steve if you draw an arc or curved polyline and right click create objects from shapes and the select lighting pipe, do you still get the same results?
  4. Are any of the truss items raked, angled or vertical? It sounds like it could be a hybrid symbol issue where the 2d has disappeared. If you locate the truss symbol in the resource manager and right click edit 2d is there any geometry there?
  5. Sure the issues with creating hanging positions can cause a few problems. 1. has always felt like an unnecessary step 2. makes working with and customising the geometry of the position further tricky and isn’t particularly user friendly. 3. making connections with other rigging objects can be more straightforward when the rigging objects are not hanging positions. 4. existing truss symbols when raked at an angle and made into a hanging position (symbol) can have their 2d top/plan elements disappear. There are a few workarounds but these points illustrate the issues with hanging positions. Just to confirm, there may always be rigging objects that lend themselves to becoming hanging positions such as identical truss spans which you can make into symbols to reduce the amount of geometry that is being generated at a given time. Also more complex combinations of rigging items such as a system of truss which is being constantly reconfigured or objects with complex requirements in terms of illustrating 2d geometry (such as ladders). these are all issues which we are working to resolve and find solutions for. I cannot disclose exactly what’s to come. But moving forward I think that keeping more complex truss designs and some vertical hanging positions as rigging objects such as ladders would be more advantageous. There is a bug filed for the ladder issues. best wishes Tom W You can attach
  6. Interesting, is there a way to get the Set Hoist Number and Dimension Display to reference a text style like the dimension tool does? Could be a VE? Unless text style linked to classes would work? Would probably be neater.
  7. Hi Mark, does the driver come bundled with Vision or is it downloaded separately? If so where from? Thanks in advance..
  8. You can also drag and drop a text style from the resource manager onto the hoists....
  9. Hi Daniel OK so I agree there is an inconsistency with this... We are encouraging users to not make hanging positions with this object due to the complications you describe. Firstly Top view is the only view that will display legends and 2d attributes of the hybrid lighting device symbol, exactly like top/plan view in the workspace. The other views are 3d views with a hidden line rendering. I think what is happening is that when the lighting pipe ladder is converted into a hanging position it is losing its 2d Front view ladder form and basically converting a copy of the top plan single pipe into geometry with a fill which is expected behaviour. Interestingly when i redrew (added) in a 2d front view element in the edit 2d component of the lighting pipe ladder symbol. The Create Schematic View functioned correctly, however I was then left with a weird and unused 2d appearance to ladder when in top plan. I think this is an issue because if you remember the original lighting pipe ladder tool created a 3d (Footprint?) ladder from its own 2d top plan To be totally honest with you I hadn't encountered this issue with the ladder tool because I don't use it. When I create a ladder I create a short 500mm - 1000mm length of lighting pipe, attach a host lighting device and then duplicate vertically on the Z - Axis. Give it some vertical pipes either side and then make the whole thing a lighting position. I think moving forward it is becoming less important to make geometry a hanging position. This presents a few issues in terms of position names and detail etc but then I have been using data tags to display information of rigging objects. I hope this is useful. All the best Tom W
  10. Hi Maggie, is this the same process for the UK?
  11. BTW it will show lable legend information in the schematic view, in terms of your channel and unit number info.
  12. Hi Austin, Yes we did the webinar, I believe its going on to the Vectorworks University soon! Apologies forgot to update this thread. Are you on the facebook group?
  13. The Create Schematic Views create a 2d (graphic) of the lighting device and position, it's more a case of 3d first then generate a 2d element for the plot. Draw your elements in 3d and then get vectorworks to create the schematic of how that position goes together. The create plot and model command has been superceeded by this and the workflow has changed. Also export to Vision doesn't like plot and model and requires you to draw your fixtures where you would like them in the 3d space and not off to the side of the main plot as you would graphically represent them on the drawing. However all is not lost as you can still create Design Layer Viewport which will work in place of the create lot and model command.
  14. Hi Mike send the file into UK tech and we will take a look all the best tom w
  15. You could create empty viewports with the visualisation applied to generate the legends separately. Can’t think of another way yet as I am without my Mac.
  16. If no-one can come up with a solution, I will file a feature Request. Best wishes Tom W
  17. If you right click Edit Light, is the fixtures colour Red?
  18. Managed to get it to connect, but calculation continuously fails. Please get in touch with UK tech. All the best Tom W
  19. Hi Mike Just out of interest if the flown circular truss is horizontal when you make the connection then rotate it with the 2d rotate tool on screen plane from that connection do you still get the crash? I will take a look at your file. All the best Tom W
  20. Hi Anthony 1. is there anywhere to be able to access the layers that was created in VectorWorks so you can turn off layers? This is not possible, I trigger a saved view in Vectorworks prior to export MVR to control visibilities. 2. Is there any way of accessing ,’’say shutters in a source 4 profile ‘’ Yes, this is Window - Software Console, Then Select the Fixture. 3. Is it possible to make changes in vision and for Vectorworks to show the update . Any live update capability Not yet. You can merge updates from Vectorworks into Vision but not the other way back. All the best Tom W
  21. Good question, I don't believe so yet. Wondering if anyone else knows? @JBenghiat Without hanging positions would be interesting to discuss lighting position field workflow.
  22. 2 things, 1 have these ever worked? In the OIP of a selected lighting device what does the use Legend field say? Select an orientation. 2 What classes have you used to control the visibility's?
  23. Not within a legend but what you are describing could be solved with data visualisation. 1:25 in the following video


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