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  1. I played around with this, this morning. I made it a symbol, then attached the record then inserted the symbol back into the drawing which brought up the truss settings dialogue. I filled in the dialogue (length is important here). Then I was able to attach lamps and create a schematic. Try this workflow and any issues send me a email.


    Hope you are well.


    Tom W


  2. 15 hours ago, Ryan Seybert said:

    @SCParker Thanks for the great walk-through.  It really clarified some things for me.  For the most part, I was doing everything that you guided us to do.  I guess I was getting caught up on the boundary and trying to get too specific with it and letting it determine the number of chairs.


    Side question: I have some custom chair symbols that I've tried to use with the seating tool but every time I select one in the settings pane, it crashes VW.  Have you noticed this as well?  If the symbol is in the drawing already it works but if its from my resources then it crashes.


    Thanks again for the walk through!

    Hi Ryan, Your new chair symbols should have the event planning record attached.


    Best wishes


    Tom W

  3. Hi Nick



    "However, the single most important element of a fixtures symbol, the calibration circle, is not present in 3d models. I need that calibration circle to determine the ladder dimensions to make sure the unit will actually fit!"


    I personally would not want the calibration circle to be visible in my 3d model of light plots. When I hang fixtures on a ladder I check to see that the required drop vertically is equal or larger to the horizontal space available in terms of if the calib circle fits. However each to their own, you could easily create a 3d sphere for a calibration visual, centred around the 3d loci of the 'head'. It could have a class which you could grey out. You could also copy and paste the existing 2d calib circle into the 3d attribute and extrude along path a small shape through it to make the geometry display in 3d.


    A second problem is that moving lights will have a speed rail that is 2" tall, then the clamp attached to that. I have modified all my symbols to show that speed rail so I can build my ladders precisely and tightly. To my knowledge the 3d models don't show that speed rail.


    In terms of a vertical offset from the base of the fixture and any hook clamp/rigging hardware, we are aware of this issue and hoping to address this within Vectorworks soon.


    I am proficient at 3D, and would love to have one set of geometry for my ladders, but I just can't use them if it provides LESS information than 2D.


    For reasons of hardware efficiency I have always kept more of the detail at the 2d level so that when I go to a 3d view it is uncluttered and a realistic presentation of my rig. Also when you export to a visualiser, everything is exactly how it should be in real life.


    It sounds to me like if you're pursuing a mostly 3d workflow then using 3d label legends combined with a vigorous use of the clip cube tool to create to create your viewports might be more efficient and give you the look and detail level that you are after. 



  4. OK hard to tell if it is the ID or the Hoist number that is causing the issue, if it is the ID.....


    Quit the application...


    Locate a program called Vectorworks Updater and open.... Select 'Advanced Options' and click repair.


    I know that the Braceworks team are aware of the hassle of re-numbering hoists. However when duplicating anything in Vectorworks you will get an identical clone. A script would be the ideal solution. 


    You could create a marionette that would mirror the hoists and then run a renumbering script. I think it will always require a 2-step process.

  5. Braceworks - Reset Braceworks ID's should reset the unique ID for all rigging elements on the drawing. If this isn't working then I would recommend resetting/repairing your user folder. Unless it was a different field you were looking to change? FYI you can use Spotlight - Number Instruments to renumber Hoists.

  6. 2 minutes ago, kduncan said:

    Depence2 doesn't support focus points. So if MVR doesn't translate the Off Axis angle and the Vertical focus angle to actual fixture rotation angles then this probably won't work.


    Have you looked at Vision yet?


    This is a good question, I do know that most of the users using Depence2 are largely using moving light rigs so this is less of an issue. I wouldn't have thought the fixture orientation to export correctly without the focus points but I know a colleague who can give us more of a definitive answer...




    do 'focused instruments' retain their orientation when exported via mvr without their focus points?' I think probably no but though I would check.

  7. On 5/8/2020 at 8:06 PM, J. Miller said:

    Hey All,

    Very new to the entire world of vision.

    I am using the ETC EOS console to control my vision file.

    I have the Martin Rush Par 2 RGBW Zoom 5 channel fixture in the file

    When choosing colors in EOS (by Gel color) some are close but most are way off.

    Is this normal?

    I used the GDTF fixture mode from the GDTF web site.

    Any help would be appreciated


    Jeff Miller



    Attached is the view of L139 mixed in the fixtures (Don't think so)

    Also attached is the EOS console breakdown of the color



    I have noticed issues with the Rush PARS in real life not on a visualiser. It has alot to do with fixture mode. I believe the ETC colour picker is optomised for ETC LED Chipsets. The best way to check is obtain the raw RGB values for that Lee filter and enter it as absolute data and compare. Or try out an ETC fixture alongside it. 


    I recently preprogrammed a show using ETC Coloursource profiles and Martin Rush Pars. I had to re-do all of the colour pallattes for the rush pars only at the venue. I believe this issue was due to the ETC console.

  8. Hello.


    Presuming I understand your question correctly...

    Screenshot 2020-05-11 09.35.13.png

    The Braceworks menu in 2020 SP3.1 should look like this...(See image).


    You can customise your menu's in Tools > Workspaces > Edit Current Workspace


    It is possible you are using a regionalised version of the software and should contact your distributer for more information.


    Best wishes


    Tom W





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