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  1. You can drag and drop a text style onto a seating section also!
  2. Hi Wilfrick, Yes you need to right click on the lighting device, select Edit Light and tick Lit Fog, you then need to render the design layer in fast renderworks.
  3. I have noticed issues with the Rush PARS in real life not on a visualiser. It has alot to do with fixture mode. I believe the ETC colour picker is optomised for ETC LED Chipsets. The best way to check is obtain the raw RGB values for that Lee filter and enter it as absolute data and compare. Or try out an ETC fixture alongside it. I recently preprogrammed a show using ETC Coloursource profiles and Martin Rush Pars. I had to re-do all of the colour pallattes for the rush pars only at the venue. I believe this issue was due to the ETC console.
  4. Please let us know the fixture types and modes. It could also be down to the MA session. What happens when you use Artnet?
  5. Hello. Presuming I understand your question correctly... The Braceworks menu in 2020 SP3.1 should look like this...(See image). You can customise your menu's in Tools > Workspaces > Edit Current Workspace It is possible you are using a regionalised version of the software and should contact your distributer for more information. Best wishes Tom W
  6. https://www.vectorworks.net/design-summit/virtual-keynote
  7. Looks great but if you don't want to make the leap as you can see you can do alot with just Vectorworks. Also Lumion NScape Twinmotion Unreal Engine to name a few
  8. hmm not sure I agree... With some time and training VW might be enough. Also take a look at the design summit recording to see how we are improving these workflows in the next version.
  9. Get in touch with the US training team and I am sure a good online session would set you up. It's worth getting the custom render style right on your machine first then using the cloud to do the hard work.
  10. These Signal/Connector types are included with the ConnectCAD circuit tool, just FYI
  11. Hi Jim I can send you a file with some great renders. I will email you a link.
  12. Zero elevation can be caused by using design layer elevations?
  13. Mark pipped me to the post!
  14. This has been requested alot in the UK. For previz I think it would ideal, perhaps venues could exist in MVR files. In terms of DWG's I agree with @Kevin Allen
  15. Is there a VE for this? I will make one if not.
  16. I have a customer building Expo stands (Booths) who uses alot of symbols to create designs and is looking for solutions to create a list of parts. Is there a non developer and user workflow documented for this, he is reasonably savy but has not got access here...
  17. Restart Vectorworks. If that doesn’t work check the record type in the instrumentation dialogue
  18. ah.. OK.... so if you significantly move the crop object within the viewport then exit the crop, The crop's location in relation to the sheet layer has changed. This workflow would occur when duplicating existing viewports and moving crops to quickly set up a sheet. What you are proposing is an ability to keep the crop in the same place on a sheet and then 'Pan tool' across your design layer until you find what you would like to capture. Am I correct?
  19. Can't think of specifics but I would actually look at a gaming pc/laptop, sounds odd but they usually have a good graphics card and CPU.


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