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  1. Any chance you can post a file Patrick? Need to check parts records etc.
  2. Can you post the file? Or just the truss part of the file?
  3. Can you post the file? Or a copy of the lighting device within the file? Just check do you have 3d label legends in use?
  4. Right Click on the screen or surface in Vision and choose assign video input, Name it then select a stream from the list. It might do all panels as individual screens (I cannot remember). Test this with an extrude sent from Vectorworks. Hope that helps!
  5. Go to Spotlight > Reports > Lighting Symbol Maintenance. Check all of the instruments on the plot have the frame size filled out. If this doesn't fix it contact UK tech Support Also you can DM me the file.
  6. Hi Katy! Apologies been busy with Plasa, This video should help. When you create a class from scratch you can choose which viewports and saved views it should be present in. However when Spotlight creates the class for you, You will need to edit viewports and saved views in the organization dialogue below. I guess the trick is, is to have every conceivable light and its class in your template file. This would be an enhancement request which I will make. I will get to your other problem shortly. All the best Tom W Update Classes into saved views.mp4
  7. You need to attach the truss record to the symbol. Let me know if you have issues after doing this. Or if you don't need to rotate the object in 3d (angle) you could always Spotlight - Convert to Hanging Position.
  8. Hi David i tend to draw ladders as 3D only and then use the spotlight - visualisation - create schematic view command and make sure I save the 2d schematic on a separate layer.
  9. This has been reported internally and a fix is being worked on.
  10. Hi Ace... 1. have a look at the preview features (there are more improvements coming in the next few months). In here you will find multi soca boxes and fan outs etc. 2. You don't have to use this you can just create your own symbols and insert. 3. I understand your scaling issues you have two choices... - Create a data tag for these items to denote their position, these can be larger than the drop symbol and you can also scale the data tags (data tags would also be useful to display other data). - Your second option would be to create a symbol with 2 classes one which controls the visibility of the larger outline and one which controls the smaller outline. Then you could insert the symbol and toggle those classes on or off to control their appearance. I think the data tag workflow would be easiest to manage further down the line. Hope this is helpful.
  11. File - Document Settings - Spotlight Preferences Then open the 2018 version, save then close it down. Or send the 2018 file and XML file to the user with the instructions.
  12. Hi EugP Any chance you can post or DM the file?
  13. Is this a data tag or are you using a 3rd party plugin? If its a 3rd party plugin (lighting tape) you should contact them directly for support... info@lightningtapes.com
  14. Instead of referencing you could try importing just the layers that you need. In the layers tab of the organisation window select new layer then choose the file you wish to import the layer from. Be sure to check import layer objects and click OK. I tend to reference any source geometry/venue outlines. IMO Anything with Data I prefer to have it in the actual file just in case (you don't have to do this). If you are referencing be sure to check the cache option in the referencing preferences.
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