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  1. Pretty sure this is possible but has a unique workflow. @Scott C. Parker Didn't you have a video for this?
  2. Also, Vectorworks won't always default to the correct graphics card, so also check that graphics switching is using the dedicated card. If this is still an issue contact tech support directly so we can start a case.
  3. criteria should be 'object type truss' and check inside plug in objects and inside symbols. as for the system name we still have the same issue @jgulbrandsen mentions above. If you used geometry instead of symbol you could assign a different system name to each truss inside each hanging position. This workflow may be easier without using hanging positions and using either truss system or position name on the truss objects. We are continuing to develop this workflow as a priority.
  4. Possibly, I always 'use geometry'. instead of making a symbol so might explain why I had not seen this.
  5. This could be an origin issue, Would be good to double check.
  6. Thanks Johnathan. I was referring to Erik @Sam Jones Move by points was the only 'tool' I could think of.
  7. This is a good question. I think the last time I looked into this I created a flatfish (invisible Truss Symbol). So I could use 'Change Trim Height Of System' It's not the best solution but it works.
  8. Align and Distribute will only align what's already there. I think you mean 'Move by Points'
  9. I am taking about choosing between Auto plane or Layer plane. " (Front Elevation POV)," If Mike is drawing in a front view for the first time its likely that he still has layer plane toggled.
  10. Be sure to specify the working plane before drawing, There is also a set working plane tool. Or draw It all in top/plan, extrude and rotate.
  11. The only way to do this would be to remove the fill from the other 2d components that you don't want Data vis to fill and leave the fill of the objects that you want coloured. And then set Data Vis to apply a fill. it does not apply fill to classes.
  12. Hi Chris, it does not shorten the list only what objects get selected. We are working on Data Vis, there is an existing enhancement request to update the list using criteria. All the best Tom W
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