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  1. Hi, I have a site model that exports well to 3D PDF. When viewed with 3D PDF Reader it is hollow. Same when I apply clip cube to the site model. How can I make it solid or have the 'show skirt' applied to the clip?
  2. In order to do a sun study I replaced the 3D component of a tree with a sphere and cylinder. Using plant objects would allow 'Send to surface' and resize quickly as needed. In any 3D view the two new objects are misplaced and do not line up as they were inserted. Grouping or creating a symbol before inserting into the 3D component did not help. Add Solids of the two objects did only partially resolve the problem and only in OpenGL. The trunks are now green and the plant objects a very difficult to select in 3D as the wireframe does not match the rendered shape. In addition I wanted to produce some artistic renderings, here it produces artefacts that seem to be related to the odd wireframe shapes shown when selecting to object. Is the 'One 3D object per 3D component' a know limitation or do I miss something? Are there 3D objects which would work better as a 3D component when resized then others?
  3. 2d polylines, lofting and then raising worked for me thanks
  4. Thanks Benson, The trick is the 2d polygon, any other object is not doing the drape. They are just moved on the z-axis without changing their appearance according to the site model. In wire frame I can see the drape over the site model (mash solid) Unfortunately non of the render options produce something that looks like a draped object (or a foot path over a hill) Did I miss anything?
  5. Hi I'm a newbie so most likely I have just not found the right tutorial ? In 2D I have foot paths, areas of meadows and other areas of lawn (all closed polygons). How could I drape them on the existing surface of the site model (which is, of course, not flat). They should not modify the site model. fich
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