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  1. 2 minutes ago, MartinFahrer said:


    Yes I wonder that too, Why design the interface for 1/3 of the users? Disregarding  Mac Light Mode and PC users? I don't understand the need for icon change just so Mac Dark mode would look good. was there an outcry from Mac dark mode users, or was there one person on the GUI team enamored with Dark Mode?


    I'm not sure how relevant this is. There's plenty of ways to approach a dark mode icon set. A conscious decision was made to go with the cartoony mess that we ended up with. I just fail to comprehend how this decision is made when I'm assuming you want to be considered a pro tool product.

  2. For me it's quite simple, I take pride in my own professionalism, and the tools I use should reflect that. The new icons are clearly a step backward in that regard.

    This is both because they look like SketchUp are some other tool less geared towards professional use, and because they are much harder to distinguish and thus less functional.


    Silly as it may sound, it still annoys me a little on a daily basis, and I just don't need that kind of distraction from a tool that I otherwise hold in high regard.

    And, yes, I am on a Mac, and no, I will not be using dark mode

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  3. in my experience, this happens a lot when read/write permissions on the file server are out of wack.

    This then results in io errors where the file can no longer be saved. In our situation, we get the warning once. If you then save to desktop, all is fine. If you try to save again after the warning, VW invariably crashes.

    To be save, we have automatic backup set to every 25 steps, to a local folder.

    One related thing I have been unable to solve, I sometimes get rogue files created on the file server after such problems starting with a double period, ie "..documentname VWTMP-VWTMP.vwx"

    For the life of me, I cannot delete these files, when I click on them, they disappear, only to resurface once I revisit the folder.

    Even as root (this is on OS X Server) I can't get at them.

    Not sure if it is coincidence, but this seems to only happen on Intel Macs with VW 2008 SP3.

    I wish VW would fix some of this stuff instead of just telling me to buy the next version. I love the program, but with every new feature/version, we get these kind of bugs to work around and they never get fixed until the next version which introduces... etc.

    Doesn't make me very upgrade happy.


    Mac OS X 10.5.8

    various iMacs G5 & Intel

    VectorWorks 2008SP3

  4. And it's not that many steps. Once you get the hang of it and better understand how the walls function, it's fairly easy and done real fast. Plus you have the plus of moving the walls like you do others. If you have drawn a polygon over it, you'll have to move that too each time and make sure it's always on top of the wall. So that last one is harder to keep track of it.

    Still doesn't work over here.

    My problem is also that the default solution for component joins in VW, is a solution that never, ever, occurs in the real world.(45? angle joins)

    The solution that I am trying to draw is the way it is build 99% of the time. I don't think it is unreasonable to expect VectorWorks to do better here.

    The AutoCAD solution shown in the video is better because it is a method, documented and repeatable.

    To do something similar in VW requires fiddling. The outcome is less predictable and the drafting technique is much harder to explain to new users.

    VW has always been very easy to pick up and use, but the wall tool to me, still doesn't live up to the usability we have come to expect from VW.

  5. thanks, but that doesn't work. Step 7 fails with the message that 'the first selected component will not intersect the second selected component' (I think the problem is different component thickness, the concrete is 200mm, the brick 150mm)

    Even if that did work, I still think that's a lot of steps to achieve what in actuality is the default solution.

  6. I just watched the DCM video. It mentions improved wall join features.

    The lack of flexibility here is preventing me from using the wall tools at all.

    The video unfortunately doesn't provide any insight in the usability of walls with multiple components.

    As a simple example, in 2009, joining a bearing concrete wall to a non-bearing brick wall results in all sorts of weirdness that cannot be corrected easily and definitely cannot be sent out to a contractor:

    Here's what the standard join looks like in 2009


    joining separate components doesn't work as expected as there doesn't seem to be a way to get rid of the white space:


    joining all components manually still creates the silly 45? connection:


    So that leaves manually adding an object to make the join look like one could actually build it. This is obviously not an option:


    Why do wall components join at 45? angles? That never happens in the real world. Why can't we just set preference for components (Bearing-non-bearing would help already) Then non-bearing components would always stop against bearing components.

    I keep thinking I must be missing something, but I have so far failed to find a solution for what is such a basic building principle.

  7. on the subject of workspaces, is there a way to rename menu items?

    Some bright individual decided to rename 'Page Setup' to 'Printer Setup', in VW 12. The 'Page Setup' command now brings up the 'Set Print Area' dialog.

    Since the 'Page Setup' command opens the printer's page setup in every Macintosh application ever created, this is confusing our longtime Mac users.

    I realize it's a small thing, but consistency is a big part of why we prefer Macs over PC-s, so I'd like to be able to change it back to normal.

  8. memory is allocated dynamically (i.e. as needed) in OS X, you don't need to set anything any more.

    Only thing I could tell you is to make sure that you have the latest version of OS X and VW (9.5.3) and have as much memory as the machine will take.

    I'd still strongly consider upgrading though...

    [ 02-22-2006, 10:12 AM: Message edited by: Kees W ]

  9. I think expos? is one of the best features of OS X, and I use it extensively to quickly switch between open documents.

    vectorworks however, doesn't seem to understand expos?'s window management. When I bring up all open vw drawings, and select another drawing, Vectorworks brings the correct window to the front, but all commands continue to operate on the drawing I was previously working in, which is now out of sight. The new front most window is static, it's impossible to select anything or perform any kind of operation, every command goes to the other drawing. The only way to solve this is to go through the window menu or back to the Finder first.

    This happens on different machines, and in both VW 10 and 11.

    Vectorworks is the only application I'm aware of that misbehaves like this with expos?.

    Anyone else seeing this? Anyone find a solution?

  10. jnr, I appreciate that, the 9.0 thing is the reason I didn't buy 12 yet.

    My post was a hunch based on nothing but what was posted and my experience with those settings in 11. Even on my 1.33 GHz PowerBook, enabling the OpenGL option slows down VectorWorks. (don't get me started on that pathetic fx5200go in my 'pro' machine)

  11. For people experiencing slowdowns on old/slow machines, did you enable any of the open-gl acceleration / vector caching options to acelerate 2D performance?

    Because I'd assume that on hardware that old the video card/vram would slow you down more than speed you up with those options enabled.

    Also for zoom while drawing, I've always used command-1 and command-2, I don't have VW12, but I assume (and hope) that still works

  12. I've had auto-save disabling itself since VW 10. In response to this same question, someone advised to repair permissions using disk utility.

    The problem always reappears after a while though, I never did find a solution.

    Nemetschek are blaming Apple, but auto-backups works in every other app I own that has this feature, so I'm not sure of the validity of that claim.


    There is still no way to have the VW Backup folder(s) in a location of your choice. VW insists on littering these folders wherever the files are stored, rather than allowing you to set a folder on a local drive or networked drive to centrally save the backup files.

    this one bothers me to no end, and I'm dismayed to see it's still like that. We, like I imagine most any firm of any kind of size, work from files on a dedicated server on the network. Not only does the backup cause considerable lag in drawing when being saved over the network, it also litters my server with VW backup files.

    It doesn't help that VectorWorks doesn't clean up after it self either... [Frown]

  14. I do believe that this is an issue with the way VectorWorks opens files, though. I have many files backed-up on cd, and only VectorWorks is unable to open any of them. Copying to the HD always works.

    it's a minor issue, but it does make it rather cumbersome to browse through an entire cd, because you have to copy all of its contents first.

  15. working on a network is not VW's forte, to put it mildly. One of the biggest problems for us is that VectorWorks insists on saving the backup file in the same save path as the real file.

    When the network is slow, this means 10-30 second stalls while the backup is being saved. It also means I have my server littered with VectorWorks Backup folders (since VW doesn't clean up after itself either)

    Even symbol libraries on the server, loaded in the resource browser cause us stalls and even unexpected quits.

    We have no such problems with any other application.

    (btw, working locally also creates problems, like team members unknowly working on the same file, and thus overwritting each others changes at the end of the day)

  16. How is your automatic save set up? (prefereces, under session tab)

    VectorWorks has the very annoying habit of creating the backup file in a folder at the same location where the actual file resides.

    When a file is located on a network, this can cause large slow-down when the network is busy or otherwise slow.

    When working on large files, I actually have to turn auto-saving off for lack of an option to create a local backup.

  17. I just found a huge bug in add surface when used with small objects.

    this happens here on every file and is 100% reproducable.

    Create a new file, with scale 1:100 or 1:20 even. Create a circle with diameter 1mm. draw a rectangle, say 2x8mm. Make sure the objects overlap, select both and use "add surface".

    VectorWorks 10.5.1 on OS X 10.3.6 or OS 9.2.2 will crash on all of our machines, every time.

    I don't usually draw objects that small, still, VW bombing out like this in such a situation is pretty bad.

  18. Have you seen InDesign CS's palettes that dock to the sides of the screen? (They slide out when you click on them) On the workstations, I want my palettes in plain sight, but on the small screen of my iBook, it's a really nice touch.

  19. Yes, if your files were created in MiniCAD 6 or later, you only need to install VW 9. Anything earlier requires an earlier (non native) version.

    I believe VectorWorks 8 can still read MiniCAD 5 and maybe even v4 files, so I would try that first.

    You can update your copy of 9.0.1 to VW 9.5 for OS X compatibility, btw.


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  20. Hi,

    we have been encountering a rather annoying problem with VectorWorks 10.5.1. (On Mac OS X 10.3.5, different G4 machines with plenty of RAM)

    When working with drawings that contain a lot of symbols, clicking the replace symbol button in the info palette will popup an incomplete list of symbols. Symbols will show up in the resource palette, and are embedded in the file itself.

    Especially symbols that have just been created will not show up, even after saving, closing and reopening the file.

    This of course renders the function next to useless. Are we doing something wrong? Does anyone have a solution for this?

    [EDIT] the only solution we have found is to paste the symbols to be replaced and the replacement symbol into a new file.

    Replacing will then work. This is of course less than optimal.

    [ 08-20-2004, 10:24 AM: Message edited by: Kees W ]

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