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  1. I have a custom titleblock that i would like to modify where i can enter the correct information in the object info palette...........Is this possible???........and if so how?
  2. quote: Originally posted by Katie: You can toggle the control line of which the wall is drawn from only when using the Wall Tool. (L shaped wall icon in the walls palette.) Toggling the control point iwth this tool uses the U key. THe I key will bring up the preferences dialog for the wall tool. When using the Wall Type tool, this control point is set by the wall type definition under AEC>Select Wall Type SElect the wall type you want to use or create your own and click on edit. The control Offset value determines where the wall be drawn relative to the line drawn on the screen.
  3. in VW 8 ish when you would start a wall you could toggle from starting point to center or right or left by using option key i believe....then in VW 9 it was the U button to toggle between settings....now i am in VW 10 and cant figure it out...........
  4. In version 8.5.2 when you start a wall you could toggle to set in appropriate place with the command button. What happened to this feature in version Architect 9.0? I was able to put most of my tools and quick keys back to use as I was using in VW 8.5.2 yet I am starting to get use to the new nudge feature. If any one can help I would appreciate it, thanks....


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