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  1. Hi @Moritz Staffel Thank you, indeed the "use structural member....." was unchecked in my file. However now the bridle can not snap to the middle of a structural member in auto insertion mode, it will only snap to the end of it. I can make a bridle in the middel of a member with click mode, but then still the above issues are still present. Changing the bridle configuraction manually is a workaround, but would be great if some of these issues could be improved in a service pack? @Martijn Wingelaar Maybe we should ask the developers for improvements of the tools instead of calling their work a mess and useless?
  2. No this does not resolve the issue. Seems like the problem is whithin the instrument summary as the the box also resizes after the refresh.
  3. @Moritz Staffel @Jim Wilson I am now trying to make a bridle connect to a structural member. This is not working. The bridle tool will not connect to the structural member i made. Am I doing something wrong? Can you update us on when the Bridle tool will work properly? This topic became quiet after my last questions.
  4. Hi, I have a few files that where saved in VW19 SP0 and now have a flaw in the instrument summary. If I open the file now (since I updated to sp1) the Typical Label Legend dissapears as soon as I refresh the instrument summary. Before refreah: After Refresh: Anyone has any ideas? I am running VWX 19 on Mac OS Sierra. Thank you, Sebastian
  5. @Moritz Staffel The structural member tool does not work at this moment. as described in the topic below. can I make anything else behave as a beam as opposed to a point? Sure. It starts with the very long bridle all the way to the floor: If i then set the downleg back to 0 then the apex jumps to 0 again also. Then I change the apex height to 1000cm and it automatically reinserts a down leg of 1000. If i remove the down leg then the bridle becomes long to the floor again. However if I have the simple 3d part unchecked, then I get very weird behaviour. The parts of the bridle go all over the screen:
  6. @Moritz Staffel With drop lengths set to 0 i get the following bridle all the way to the ground. This is when not snapping to a hoist. I think when not snapping to a hoist, the plugin should make the shortest possible bridle length that angle restrictions allow for. Also it does seem to listen to the maxumun leg length. Also can it bee that the bridle plugin does not listen to my document units? It seems like it listens to mm while i have my units set to cm. When I set the preferences to something that makes sense in cm then it will not allow me to make a bridle. In isometric view I do seem to be able to snap to a hoist in two legged view however, then the bridle lays on the floor and is not attached to the rigging point annymore:
  7. I get this a lot at this moment. Closing and reopening a file resolves it temporarily for me.
  8. Hi @Moritz Staffel I am trying out the bridle tool also. I have a couple of questions: When I select the bridle downlength mode, then the tool makes a bridle all the way to Z=0. On each other mode I get a downleg that I don't want. If i make a simple two legged bridle the it always gives me a chain shorten on both legs. I should only need a chain shorten on one of the legs. If I do line up a hoist to two rigging points, then I get odd Bridle lengths. Even with the maximum leg length set to 2000 Can I easily make the leg lengths of a bridle shorter? Changing things in de OIP breaks the bridle. Beamclamps are mentioned, for instance in the filter check box in the manage bridle parts window. But I don't see any beamclamps in the bridle parts list? Can I make anything work as a rigging beam as opposed to a rigging point? (the structural member tool does not work yet) Thanks
  9. Hey Keith, You can set a limit to each field you are numbering. For address you can set it to 512. In 2019 with the new Spotlight Numbering tool you can make a field restart to the start value at a set limit. However this does not yet trigger another field (in this case universe) to increment. I made a recent wishlist request to add this feature to the new tool. Want to upvote it? I do agree that universe - address and also circuit number - circuit name should be able to automatically concatenate into a desired field. This would make much cleaner labels. If you are asking for the software to know which dmx channels are free and used on which universe, then that would be massive ofcourse! Might not be simple though.
  10. Sure! These are the pics for rigging and event design. They where the ones I was looking for.
  11. Hey this is working! didn't use terminal but found a online tool that decodes and give the pic as download http://base64online.org/decode/# Both the low res as the retina picture are present in the code. Learned something new and have what I want, thank you very much!
  12. Indeed cannot find them in the vectorworks.app package either 😞
  13. Anyone has any Idea? I can find lots of tool images, however not the general toolsets ones. Maybe VWX can make these availible?
  14. I see now .wvr are within .vwlibrary files. Now to find where the images are...
  15. Any idea on where I can find these files? searching .wvr gives no results on my mac
  16. Hi, In 2018 I remade my custom workspace based on the Spotlight workspace. I have a lot of custom tools, shortcuts and menus. Now in 2019 there are new toolsets such as rigging and event design. I altered my workspace to have the same layout for the toolsets. However I would also like to have the same toolset pictures in my workspace. They seem to be hidden in the program so I cannot find them. And using a screenshot makes for a very blurry image. Would it be possible to make these toolset images available to those of us with custom workspaces? Sebastiaan
  17. I am very excited about the spotlight numbering tool. I solves most of my annoyances with instrument numbering. There is just one more thing that would make this great new tool fabulous: The option to trigger the increment of one used field by the "limit restart at" of another used field. So if I were to set the field Circuit Number to restart at 6 (a soca multicable) then this would trigger the field Circuit name to increment by the set value for this field. Then I would not have to go back to the Spotlight Numbering tool after each soca is full, but just continue numbering as long as I need to. This could look like another check box saying: Increment at Limit Restart of field: (and then a drop down holding each field that has a "Limit Restart at" set
  18. Ofcourse, but since they implemented the majority of my (Spotlight) wishes. Some enthusiasm is in place imo😀
  19. This release looks awesome. Thank you for listening to users and improving so many of the tools! Big round of applause to the VWX team!
  20. Exactly this made me wonder. Thank you so much. Big quality improvement for me!!
  21. @Jim Wilson Just looked at the clip about the new Spotlight Numbering tool in VW 2019 and at the first glance I think I ow the development team a sincere thank you! Was just wondering from the looks of it if we can still number multiple fields at once? Can’t wait to be hands on tonight!
  22. I was wondering if in Spotlight, the acompanied spotlight labels that are now only visible in top plan view. Can also be made visible in these views? This could be an interesting 3D label option.
  23. Hi Stephen, thanx! please upvote the request by clicking on the little arrow up. Above the 12. The arrow will become green and the 12 will become a 13 🙂
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