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  1. You probably have the HOG dongle? They stopped supporting HOG dongles. Also they say it is because the software became L8 and is not associated with LC anymore. I believe there are some conflicts between L8 and LC that caused the split. Not that it should matter to us users. I had the same license and was angry at first that they stopped supporting my license. In the end I did pay for the FP19 update. And I must say that it made me very happy! The new export plugin runs much faster. I have some very heavy geometry in my designs that used to take ages to export. Now this is finished in seconds. Also some geometry and textures that did not export perfectly now export without flaws. And lots of improvements in the software also. So just to say, even though LC and L8 made some really bad PR. The FP19 is worth the money if you can spare. I personally went up one tier to .net for 500. I think the new Export plugin won’t work with your license also as it’s a part of FP19.
  2. I found that if you select the instrument and then set their line attribute to none in the attributes pallette. Then the leader lines disappear. They remain visible when the instrument is selected. But disappear after deselecting.
  3. Maybe you can use find and modify to copy the values found in de user adress / universe to the new fields. also a Autoplot function called copy field tot field could help put everything in the right place.
  4. Hi, I am currently expierencing this problem and am wondering if there is a fix or workaround for this? A collegue has instrument that where once placed in the active class and remain in that class in the Visualization Palette.
  5. Either, you have to move all of the parts of the legend by hand. Or you you can group all of the items in your Label Legend layout. In this case there is only one handle to move everything at once. However there are some issues with grouped legends you might run into. you can not select multiple blue handles of an not grouped legend. Data Tags will give you more freedom of placement. They are worth trying out.
  6. Hi In this topic I learned how to extract the original toolset pic from a workspace file. I shared the rigging and event design pics in one of my posts there.
  7. attached is a screenshot of a detail in the render. You can see the empty geometry where the texture should be.
  8. Hi, Since version 2019 we can layout 3D label legends like we can with 2d Legends. I like this, since My 3D label now looks the same as it does in 2d and I use the same classes that I use in 2D. However each time that I enter the "edit fields" window of that legend all fields that are used in 3D are automatically classed in Lighting-Label-3D. So now my layout atributed are reverted to the 3D class. I would like the fields of the 3D label to have the same class as the 2d fields. Channel class is channel class etc. There is no need for a seperate 3D class either!
  9. Hi, I regularly render my files by starting a render from the Nomad App. This worked really well and fast. However lately I have experienced random textures not being rendered and leaving empty geometry in my PDF's. They render fine locally, but not when I start it from nomad or cloud services. I have just filed a support request, but am wondering if other users have experienced this too and maybe know what I can do to prevent it? Can't post file here due to confidentiality. Regards, Sebastiaan
  10. Since version 2019 we are able to grouxp label legend layouts so they can be moved all in one with one handle. However I found out that when this is done they now behave as rotating legends, exept for the fact that the layout gets messy now. See attached images and testfile. Can this be filed to be fixed? Regards, Sebastiaan
  11. Hi, The spotlight preference "automatically assign the class of lighting devices" does not work anymore. The class that is created is not the value of the field that I set but instead it is "0". See attached image. Mac OS Mojave on VW 2020 tried on converted 2019 file at first, restarted the program. Tried on new clean 2020 file same result. Please file as bug. Example file is attached. Regards, Sebastiaan assign sptlight class bug.vwx
  12. I am a bit curious what a PD or dimmer looks like in Lightwright. I played with the demo a bit but I couldn’t really get through it. could someone show a screenshot of what the output is in LW for a PD and a dimmer?
  13. A friend of mine is working on a Mac application that does exactly what you described above. Except for the fact that it is an external app. So far I have used excel to make my dimmer and PSU sheets and spend ages on macro’s for automation of the process. This did result in a fast workflow. Ofcourse it would be magnificent if it where built into VWX. But if it does what you need fats and effective then that’s great too isn’t it?
  14. Well I sometimes am irritated when people post their frustrations with exclamation marks and capitals. Maybe a more polite approach to the developers would be in place. Shouldn’t have posted that in public. But too late I already did.
  15. Glad to hear the issue is being addressed. This is one feature that excited me when it was announced on teaser Tuesday. So i’m Looking forward to improvements! Thanx Btw in my file just about every action took several minutes to complete. Creating, moving and deleting the schematic view.
  16. I am principally against the use of DLVP’s for raked trusses. I like the workflow of displaying views of the 3D model with 3D labels and or data tags. I was looking forward to using schematic views as one way to display raked trussing. However at it’s introdiucion it does not function as it should. Seems as if it is designed to only work properly with one piece of truss. And it does not work with hanging positions. Which is cracy cause vwx had lured us into working with hanging positions especially since Braceworks.
  17. I just tried a straight truss 4 pieces of interal 3mtr and one lighting instrument. If I move the instrument in the schematic view, the instrument in the raked truss does not move accordingly Then a schematic view of a non hanging position with a circle truss and one instrument Edit: test file attached Untitled 1.vwx
  18. Hi Thanks for your reply. I tried not creating a hanging position with a eurotruss circle. By just selecting the pieces of the circle. And this resulted in all the cuts of the circle displayed next to each other in the schematic view instead of in a circle config. I don’t mean to be a smart ass or anything. But the whole workflow of vwx and Braceworks revolves around the use of hanging positions. How could this great new feature not be designed to work with hanging positions?
  19. I just did a quick little test for schematic views. I created a hanging position from 4 pieces of truss.And 1 lighting instrument. I choose to use geometry for the hanging position. Creating the schematic view takes multiple minutes of beachball to complete. Once the schematic view is there only 1 out of 4 pieces of truss is displayed in the schematic view. (the one that has the instrument attached.) Moving a schematic view takes another couple of minutes of beachball. I can not rake a hanging position that has no instruments attached unless I check draw 3d only. But checking draw 3D only makes the schematic view not visible. Deleting a schematic view takes another couple of minutes of beachball. Can this be looked at?
  20. Hi, A problem that I already found in v2019 and just tried in v2020 and still persists. When the fields of a 3D label are grouped in the 3D Layout then a problem occurs when the instrument is plan rotated with a value between 90 and 270 degrees, then the 3D label flips. Flipping the legend from the OIP does not resolve it. See attached screenshot. Can this be listed as a bug?
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