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  1. I think in the meanwhile a workaround could be to duplicate them in the recourse manager in stead of in the legend manager. Could you try that?
  2. Wow this is a useful workaround to being able to copy viewports within files! just tried is and I found that after coping all classes and layers where turned of in the copied viewport. After turning them on I got the same view as in the original file. I will probably use this in the future! however I do agree that this should be a more workable function within the software. For instance being able to have a viewport import just like a layer import. So I upvoted the request.
  3. that’s very interesting! I am going to try this out! @Cookie_NZ that might be your answer to get what you want.
  4. yeah me too! Would be useful in worksheets too! Thinking out load. I wonder if one could apply a data visualization to a data tag? Never tried that.
  5. I believe it can not. It would be super mega awesome if it was possible though!
  6. it is! If only we had full VWX integration with the streamdeck. There are only so many keyboards shortcuts that one can use in vw.
  7. To bad non of these issues made it to SP2.1. Last years SP3 release was in march. Are we going to have to wait until spring for these issues to be fixed?
  8. hi Yordan, we are aware of the “restart at function”. the request is that for instance the Circuit name can Increment at the moment of restart at of the Circuit Number. So we don’t have to manually enter the next circuit name. this could be useful in other fields that have a close relation just as Circuit number and circuit name.
  9. I always have it set to copy and I never change it. I just set the number of copy’s to 0 if I want to just move. Double tap your hotkey. Set number and click away.
  10. You can also set the number of duplicates to 0. Then it is only one button to turn of duplicates. Also if you press you hotkey for move by points twice fast. Then you get a pop up where you can fill in the number of duplicates. I often do this by default when using this tool.
  11. Maybe you can explain more about what output you want exactly. You can give multiple instruments the same channel number if that is what you would like to do?
  12. If you want to change the name of a fixture in the instrument summary, then you should go to Lighting Symbol Maintenance and change the Model Name field. be careful about changing other fields in there.
  13. Interesting thoughts @Yordan Kostadinov. What if in the "edit fields" window of the label legend manager, one could select a "Dynamic text field' amongst the other standard Spotlight fields. That special text field would then apear in the layout editor of the Label Legend. That way only the "special" text fields would have the "Use Dynamic Text / Define Tag Field" in the OIP when editing the Label legend 2D or 3D layout, the other standard field would not have this function. Both worlds could then co exist and not interfere with each other. The main advantage of this is the text alignment of multiple fields next to each other, making the label legends just that bit nicer! Would be an amazing addition in the future ;-). But one step at a time i know.
  14. Hi Jordan, Thank you I appreciate you taking the feedback seriously. The grouping of label legend fields is a huge step in improvement of label legends and I am looking forward to this working correctly. I understand what you say about single lable legends. I didn't really like them, however they where a good workaround to the lack of 3D layout before 2019. While we are discussing label legends may I add one more feature idea to this? It would be so nice if the data tags: "Use Dynamic Text / Define Tag Field" functionality would be merged into label legends ;-). Is any merging of label legends and data tags on the road map? Regards, Sebastiaan ten Broek
  15. Hi @Yordan Kostadinov Thank you for the bug listing and clear answers. I have a few more questions / remarks: Regarding issue 01: I noticed that in vw2020 sp2 the 2D label also gets messed up by the custom plan rotation. This is new to the issue in 2020. in 2019 only the 3D label was affected. see screenshot below. Regearding issue 03 / 04. Great that the 3D label class is not created anymore. But when I tried the single label 3D label, all of the fields got the same class attributes as the channel field class. In this case white fill and blue pen color. I guess this is an issue too? Can the individual fields in the single label each listen to their class attributes? Great if the eyedropper tool will work on the 3D label position even better than the assign properties! But at the moment we don't have either and making a layout for all the 3D labels in a big drawing is times consuming. Can we expect this function for sp3? Or sp2.1?
  16. Hi All, Since the changes made to label legends in 2019, I am having issues on being able to do want was able to do in 3d Labels before version 2019. In 2D labels in 2019 there was a big wish of mine granted. For a long time I wished to be able to move all of the fields of a label legend at once. In 2019 we where now able to group the fields and thus move the label at once. However when the fields are grouped this creates some issues that I would like to discus in this topic. (by the way issue nr 07 is that in vw2020 sp2 I can not move the grouped label legends in 2d anymore ;-(..... Below are the issues I've been experiencing. I added the VWX with each issue on a seperate layer and each issue has it's own label legend created in VW 2020sp2 01-3D Legend flips by plan rotation 02-3D Legend leader lines 03-3D Legend assign atribute properties 04-3D Legend 3D label class forced on fields 05-2D Non rotating Grouped rotate 07-2D Grouped Labels do not move anymore Below are screenshots from the testfile with explanations. VWX Label Issues.vwx @BSeigel @klinzey 01-3D Legend flips by plan rotation 02-3D Legend leader lines 03-3D Legend assign atribute properties 03-3D Legend assign atribute properties 06-2D label container shifts-2 07-2D Grouped Labels do not move anymore
  17. Hey Sam, Used the Refresh all truss tags. It seems like the trusses within the HP do not update after re-entering and exiting the HP. It was strange to me too, because the first cycle of the workflow works flawless. But after editing a HP the data does not update immediately. I’ll pm you a screenrecording if you want.
  18. Hey @Sam Jones I was trying out your Truss Tag workflow to get the position names in Truss within Hanging Positions. It looks great and is exactly what I was looking for for a long while! I found one issue however. On the first cycle of the workwflow everything looks great, my worksheets shows the position values. But then I want to edit the Hanging Positions Profile and add some extra Truss. If I now go through the steps again. The worksheet will not update the position in the newly added trusses. There is an extra line with the position field left empty. Then if I only enter and exit the edited HP again, then the position field updates again. Like it needs some kind of extra refresh.
  19. Hi All, In 2019 and before it was common practise for me to use the 2d polygon tool to create profiles to extrude. Sometimes with single extruded lines, sometimes more complex 2d polygons. I noticed first that a vw2019 project opened in vw2020 all of the extrudes that are created from single lines lost their fills. I had to convert them to generic solids to give them back their fills. Also I noticed that if I wanted to create a new extrude from a sinlge polygon /line that they did not have a fill and I could not change that fill. I can create extrudes from sinlge lines with a fill if my attribute palette is set to class style at the moment of drawing it., but still it can not be edited afterwards. About a month ago I was having issue with disappearing fills in cloud rendering for which I posted the topic below. I am now thinking that this is caused by the same issue. I think at that time the cloud rendering was already updated to 2020 causing the behaviour. Has anybody else had the same experience?
  20. Oh and by the way. One temporary workaround could be to export your design to vwx 2018 and run your LC Exports from there.
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