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  1. slightly off topic. There is a visualizer out there that combines an entertainment vizualizer with a scenic / architectural visualizer. The scenic is not as far developed as Lumion etc. But it’s to my knowledge the first visualizer that bring these to world’s together and is very much worth checking it out. it’s called Depence2 from Syncronorm. I tried the demo and was amazed. I wonder which engine they used for it? I definitely believe that (real-time) GPU rendering is the future.
  2. thanks for this @Rob Books I was already afraid that this was as designed in 2020. Glad that it is a bug 😉
  3. Hi Rob, Yes, please find the file attached tothis post. The removed items are indeed planar. But they where inserted on the 3d plane in the 3d part of the base truss symbol. Why would they have to be blown away if they are on a 3d plane? Could it be made possible to only remove the planar items that are actually in the 2d portion of the symbol? Also my client based their whole counting system on nested symbols with records inside their trusses, instruments etc. In 2020 now all their nested symbols in trusses are lost upon rotation of a truss. truss rotation 2020.vwx
  4. Anyone on the team that could explain something about this change in the truss tool? @jcogdell?
  5. @markdd @TomWhiteLight I agree with you. users should get back their 2019 Plot and model view functionality and they should get it back immediately with a quick release of sp3. Vectorworks is often too soon on releasing unfinished functions. With this one especially.
  6. I would be very interested in the answer to that question too. There was a discussion about exactly this subject on this forum this week. I wonder if this german add on does what I hope it does? @Pat Stanford @Sam Jones.
  7. @TomWhiteLight I truly believe all your reasons to move into true 3D designing only are legit. I personally have always been principally against the use of Plot and model views and I have never used them. However I do agree that @rseybert has a very good point. That removing functionality from the now legacy, but widely used, plot and model view before the new workflow is fully functional is a mistake.
  8. Hi all, I am working for a client that made some customisations to the trusses intheir library. They added some polylines to the 3d part of the base symbol of the truss to make the trusses recognisable in 3D. Now we are finding that in 2020 whenever a truss is rotated. All geometry within the symbol that is not a generic solid, is not brought over to the ****-3D symbol that is created upon rotation. This was working fine in 2019. Please look at the attached screen recordings. for instance I tried adding an extrude to the truss. This dissapeares upon rotation. As soon as I convert this to generic solid, it stays. Also, they used a nested symbol inside the truss symbol and applied a record on that nested symbol. Now when a truss is rotated. that nested symbol is no longer in the truss. Only a copy of anything that's a generic solid geometry within the symbol. So also the record applied to nested symbol has dissapeared. And their worksheets that they had setup in 2019 do not any more count the objects with a record that they could previously count in 2019. Resulting on faulty object counts. We could workaround the record issue by attaching the record to the base symbol of the truss in stead of the nested symbol. The disappearing geometry however is an issue that needs to be fixed imo. 2020.mov 2020.mov 2019.mov
  9. I will make the feature request. Thank you @Sam Jones and @Pat Stanford for the interesting discussion. I learned from it
  10. I am not expecting them to. I would like te be able to use a live data link with VWX. OBCD is possible but so difficult to use that nobody uses it. So OBCD is possible, Lightwright is possible. Why wouldn't something else be possible for other users that want to link external data?
  11. Ok, but if I make a change in data in a worksheet now then my lighting instrument is updated also. What if that external link did the same? would that not work?
  12. Then I am curious what your opinion is on the live link that exists between VW and Lightwright? They solved the issues that you are addressing to. Could that be made to work with other apps? I agree the solution would be to make worksheets in VW better. Importing and exporting to an external appis also maintaining two sets of data. And as you said it is difficult to keep it in sync and cumbersome to either make the changes in two apps or to have to import back into vw. Would be so nice if we had the same types of formula's, conditional formatting, referencing to other sheets etc that are in excel and other spreadsheet apps. I don't have the answers to how to solve this, just the wish as a user.
  13. So what if this function was coded in such a way that it would link an existing VW worksheet to an external spreadsheet application? The object link would then exist within the VW Worksheet. Not many people have the profound knowlegde of VW worksheets that you have. Referencing, editing, formatting and many more functions as such are just way more accessible in Excel than they are in VW.
  14. @Sam Jones I admit to have no knowledge about Auto-cad tables either. But when I read this text it apears that the whole setup is being done within A'cad. It appears like A'cad is able to read and write from and in .xls and .xlsx files. https://autocadtips1.com/2014/07/24/creating-a-data-link-with-an-excel-table/ It reads to me like the Excel sheet is treated like an external reference, similar to how a reference is made in VW. If there is a change to the external data the user can see this and click on an update button. I could see a lot of benefits from such a function in VW. There must be disadvantages of course. But still would be amazingly useful.
  15. @rseybert I did not even now that the schematic view could create these nice frontviews. That's very interesting! However I agree that this is not complete if we can not add the same type of labeling like we can in "normal" views. I just did a very quick try on a 3D label but that does not work as I expected. Labels are not aligned to the schematic view instruments and I do not see the text just some white planes that are the size of the textboxes. What I've seen so far is that the schematic view is only usefull for a raked truss that you want to schematically display in top view. But that is not flawless yet either. Definitely waiting for improvement there, but I believe there is a lot of potential in this function! So in many cases I wil for now revert back to my workflow of using a 3d view in combination with 3d labels or data tags on my sheet layers. I attached a pixture of a frontview of a ladder in hidden line render with some data tags that I applied in the annotations of the viewport. And that looks quit similar to what you made in the schematic view, but with working data tags ;-). Just to be clear, this was drawn in 3d just like your example.
  16. I still like to use 3D labels or data tags in 3D. And then just show a front or side view or what you like from your ladder on your sheet layers. maybe use hidden line or OpenGL to make the views more clear on the plot.
  17. Nobody said it should work automagically without any setup of some kind. I do believe that once set up there would be a major benefit, especially in making updates to the data. The initial import and export isn’t the biggest issue. the having to do it again to update both excel and drawing is where it gets annoying and where mistakes are easily made. I totally understand the way you look at possible problems in creating such a link to excel. And I very much appreciate how much in dept knowledge you have on the developer side of this. So please look at my comments as a user wish and not me trying to be a smart ass. I would believe you straight away if you said there are too many problems in creating such a link. But just a quick google learned me that in AutoCAD there is a function called ‘Data Linking’ they actually say this about it on their own website: “AutoCAD tables are great — however, in some cases, using Excel is just the better way to edit spreadsheet-like information. That’s where data linking comes in.” I admit to have no AutoCAD knowledge at all. So maybe I am pointing at something that is not working in the way that we are discussing here. But at first glance it looks like they found a way to work around that long list of reasons you where referring to? Would that really not work in VW?
  18. I wonder why this would not happen for a very long time? I am certain many users would happily benefit from this. I would understand the argument that one must be careful about compromising data in a VW file. But if the function is off by default an a user is warned when turned on. Then why not? So what did Lightwright do to get it’s own very special data connection? Did he write it himself? Would an other developer be able or be allowed to use the same xml for data exchange? I mean the function already exists. Why not open it or even expand it to other record formats? Or give users the option to make it a csv. Excel is better at handeling that.
  19. It would be great if some sort of open gateway to excel or others would exist. Easier than obcd that is. lots of people have their own custom rack and patch sheets in excell. Lots of people don’t like to use Lightwright. My excel rack sheets are filled with numerous excell macros that I could never be able to reproduce in a VW worksheet. I’d be so happy if I wouldn’t have to import and export anymore, but live update either of both ways.
  20. hi @SamIWas I wonder if this is a workaround: try to make the extra legends that you need in a blank file. Less than ten at a time. And then import those into the file you are working on. maybe that will keep them from breaking.
  21. interesting theory. I wonder if that is actually the way it works? Who would be able to tell us if that is so? I copy and paste in place all the time.
  22. Ok that sucks, did you also report it to tech support? They can file the bug for you. I heared more people with this issue where duplicating from the recourse manager did work. So your issue might be different?
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