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  1. Hi, I am really interested in how to use DLVP's in this way. However the link in the OP as well as the movie in the Landudesign site down work. The link is broken and th .mov wont open on my mac whatever I try. Could anyone point me to a good tutorial? Thank you an regards, Sebastiaan
  2. I've had similair issues likes these. And I found out it were 2D lines causing it. Like Ruiz said.
  3. Just Updated to SP4 an immediately saw some of the redraw issues again. Zooming in on geometry and part of it disappears and reappears when zooming out again. Rendering to OpenGL makes geometry appear again also. This should be top priority on the fix list.....
  4. this was my conclusion also. I find excell is so commonplace that you will always find a solution to a question you want to solve. Or you will easily find someone with knowledge to help you solve it in excell. I am sure that VW worksheets are able to do a lot more than I do with them. And I wish I had the time to really go in depth to learn about it. But for now I personally only use VW worksheets to export data to excel.
  5. I've made my own Excel files to do so. For me this is the best and most flexible program to calculate.
  6. When you right click edit the sheet layher you can change the dpi of the individual sheet layher itself. It is probably at 72 dpi there.
  7. I have the exact same problem. My workaround is to group the selection twice and then undo once to end up with one group again. This solves the disappearing geometry always. Cmd+G cmd+G cmd+Z
  8. I too have a lot of the redraw issues. The most common is when grouping several objects or symbols. It was also the first occurrence of it for me already in sp1. Parts of the selection disappear when I group. I found out that when I group the same selection again, that the geometry will appear again. I then ungroup once to end up with one group again. I also experience a lot a lot of the other redraw problem and I'm hoping for a quick fix.
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