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  1. Upping this one one more time before vwx19 release. Please give us easier instrument numbering!
  2. @Sebastiaan I am alteady anticipating a release of VW 2019 and am wondering and hoping for some of my requests to be fullfilled? A saved sets and dropdown for numbering instruments would make my life more complete. And would it take a lot of coding for the vwx team?
  3. Ok so indeed i changed the folder name to something different and it is working still. I don't know wat happened or what i did in between but I am happy it is working again too.
  4. Solved. Workgroup folder needs to be named: Vectorworks Workgroup Files and should then contain a libraries folder containing the files. I am am quite sure I had in named differently before but it works again now.
  5. I am having issues with my workgroup folders not showing in the resource browser either. I had I configured and working and then they dissapeared with no apparent reason though not long after installing SP3. I had had previously posted this topic about the issue. Also I have contacted UK tech support but not yet received a solution from them. I need my my files in a workgroup folder instead of in favorites. As large favorite files cause considerable lag in the recourse browser. i am curious to what the problem might be here. Maybe it is the same as mine?
  6. I thought it was all about the journey instead of the destination?
  7. I still remember all those evenings wrecking my head over my excel dimmer and PSU macro's. In the end it made my life a bit more magical😉
  8. Just tried your code in a drawing with approx 100 instruments and it feels instant! Now to remake my label legend and see what workflow fits best. Once again thank you so much. btw, I was able to understand and read your code well, I really should make time to dig into vwx scripting! Thank you once more, I am Happy!
  9. Thank you @Sam Jones & @Pat Stanford! I need to try and look at youR script tonight. I hope i can inderstand the script and learn from it. I believe indeed it Will be a combination of your script and a double set of Label Legends. (48 by then) Wouldn’t it be nice if VWX would listen to us and build a optional configurable direct link between fields? Then the change would be instant upon each mutation. Thank you you so much Sam! Glad I caught you on a good day.
  10. Yes this would Be fast if it was just two fields in to one, but I need 4 fields into two user fields. So I have to do it twice and on the second one I need to change the three drop down lists. So so indeed either it should be done just before printing, but then I need to swap all label legends as well. And maybe rearrange my 3D labels all over again. Or if I had one script to do this all at once then I could do this as I Number my instruments.
  11. So this a solution that works and I understand that is has to be rerun after each change. But what if I become greedy. And ask for something even faster. I only want these field to be concatenated, and I always want all of the instruments to be affected by the script. So for me a single script that only concatenates : Universe and Adress into Userfield 1 Circuitname and Circuit Number into Userfield 2 I already use delimiters when I number the instruments. If i had such a script combined with a keyboard shortcut, I could run the script after every change to the instruments. With the autoplot tool, however beautifull as it is, I have to go into the menu twice and change settings and run for the second fields to be concatenated. Would this require a lot of code or marionette scripting? I am a novice to scripting in VWX. I have done some Excel VBA so am willing to learn. Could somebody push me in a direction? @Pat Stanford
  12. Thank you! I didn’t know autoplot does this also! I Will try this tonight and think it will make my life happier. Thank you!
  13. Hi, I am posting this question about lighting instruments here, because I think this might more be a worksheet or scripting question than it is a Spotlight question. To make my 3d and 2d lighting labels more efficient, I would be really happy if it where possible to concatenate two fields into a user field of a Lighting instrument. The following fields I would like to concatenate: Universe and Adress into Userfield 1 Circuitname and Circuit Number into Userfield 2 The reason is that I would want my 3d labels to look exactly the same as my 2d labels. At this moment it is not possible to display fields next to each other in a 3d label. By concatenating and then displaying the userfields in my 3d label I would have workaround to fulllfill my desires. Also see screenshot of the desired end result. Would there be a worksheet formula that does this, like it can be done in excel? Or maybe a script can do this? I wouldn't prefer a solution that requires me to export it to another spreadsheet program and then import it again. Thank you in advance to anyone that is willing to share there knowledge on this.
  14. Anyone had any idea? Should I post this as a bug?
  15. Unfortunatlely this didn't solve the problem. I restarted VWX and refreshed the libraries after setting up again. The silly thing is that is was working fin before and dissapeared out of the blue. Just not sure how long it was since I updated to SP3. I noticed it about a week and a half ago. The files are in the folder and they are all 2018 files.
  16. For some reason the workgroup folder I had set up and was working in the past year has dissapeared from my Recource manager. And I can't seem to get it back. I have set up the folder using the :"[Workgroup]\Libraries\[folder name]" naming of the folders. But the files do not appear in my Recource manager again. I do not want them back in my favourite file as this results in a lot of lag in using the recource manager. Attached are printscreens of my recource manager and folder structure. The files are on a dropbox folder also. Any ideas what happened or if I am doing something wrong? I am running vwx 2018 SP3 on a mac with OS version 10.12.6
  17. I think very soon another newly registered user wil put a link to an unknown pdf application in this topic for you. This is will be the answer to all your needs.
  18. Absolutely! Pan and tilt. But also zoom and other parameters should be controllable from the Object info or via some type of mini console within the program. Sliders s would be fantastic! And the ability to apply it to a group of selected instruments.
  19. Looks good! downloading now, still would be great if all of this is already in vwx ofcourse.
  20. Like the title says, I would love the Select Similar tool to be able to select the same Instrument type that is clicked on. At this moment it is only possible to select all of the same object types, so it would select all Lighting instruments, I want it to be able to select all of a single type of instrument. Thank you!!
  21. I added more wishes to this wishlist request, and also changed the topic title to a more general request. Please all Spotlight users let Vectorworks know what you like to improve! and feel free to upvote ;-).
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