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  1. I am a VWX user from the days of Minicad. Up until VWX2018 I was totally impressed with VWX. As of VWX 2018 and more so for 2019 I am totally UNIMPRESSED. Program shuts down constantly since 2018. In 2019 I have lost at many hours of work with inexplicable shut downs and the program has myriad bugs and anomalies. Latest bug is that in Viewport, when I copy a key note and paste it in the same Viewport I do not see it until I exit and re-enter the Viewport. I cannot copy a window and door previously placed in a wall and then place the window or door in another wall. Keynote tool randomly adds "NA" notes to note list. When reversing wall wall sides, attached walls change location. Many, many more complaints to follow.
  2. Cannot export Batch PDF in VWX2016 and cannot find Batch Export Plug-in in my VWX2013 file to move it over to 2016. Any suggestions.
  3. rja/a

    Navigation Pallet

    This morning when I opened VWX the Navigation Pallet is working correctly without any action on my part.
  4. rja/a

    Navigation Pallet

    Thank you for the advice, I will try this and report back to you.
  5. rja/a

    Navigation Pallet

    Operating MAC 10.8.5, SP #5
  6. When I opened VWX2013 Architect today my Navigation Pallet no longer has an expansion button and will not expand. Other pallets seem to be working fine.


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