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  1. Hello everyone , can one upgrade from ARCHITECT 2014 W/O RW to the 2015 DESIGNER W RW or only to the ARCHITECT 2015..Thank you
  2. Thank you for your help . From what I gathered , the architect package would only miss the Advanced Lighting and Advanced Landscape ... I am assuming though that it would still contain basic lighting and basic Landscaping ..which would be OK with me , I was just afraid that the Architect version wont have the full 3D modeling capability ( only in designer ) but it doesnt seem to be the case .
  3. Hello to all ... I hope someone can help me . My work is Architecture / interiors / furniture design ..I am trying to decide on which Vectorworks package to invest in, I know the Architect takes care of most architecture .. but do I have to have the designer package to get the most of the software for Interiors and Product design , specifically modeling in 3d for Furniture design .. reason is budget obviously .. I would love to get the designer package and be done .. but I really wont have use to stage design/ mechanical engineering and so forth ... any advise is greatly appreciated . Thank you to all
  4. Looking to convert to Vectorworks I am interested in buying a used license ,either a designer or architect WITH Renderworks prerab;y 2010 or later versions . Thank you
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