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  1. LISA

    how to find help

    thank you for all responce. Maybe I just need someone on a part-time basis to help me. I need questions answered. example: Can you write a script that if you put three dimensions in it will draw a 3d box for me? So each time all I have to do is change the dimensions.
  2. LISA

    how to find help

    How can I find someone who can help me with a vw project I am working on?
  3. LISA

    cad tools

    thank you, that answers my question. I am a new user for vw and look forward to the future discussions. thanks to everyone who helped me.
  4. LISA

    cad tools

    are there any types of tools to make vector easier, for example a keyboard or mouse? thank you
  5. LISA

    starting out with V-Script

    I am looking for help on this topic please email me. thank you


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