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  1. When i try to enter a value less than 1 degree in the rotation info, it always rounds it to at least 1 degree. How can I enter .5 degrees? If you could point me to tutorials for the following I would appreciate it... How can I zero out the rotation of an object so that its at its original rotation from when it was created? How can I rotate an object on its Z axis while looking at it from the front?
  2. Specifically, if I save a document while in OpenGL view VW crashes, sometimes VW crashes and the file is saved corrupted and becomes unusable. If I change to any renderworks modes it crashes as soon as I change the view in the viewport window. I do only have a laptop video card and 4gb of shared RAM...
  3. My computer has a newer version of Quicktime that I think is making Vectorworks crash. I have googled and searched this forum but I cant find any instructions on how to go back to version 7.7.3. I have 7.7.5 and its not compatible with Vectorworks 2014.
  4. Perfect, Thank you very much
  5. I made a symbol. This is the first symbol I have made in Vectorworks. When I bring in the symbol from the resource browser it is not on the floor. It's lower. How can I change this symbol so that when inserted into a project it will appear on the floor?
  6. The only way I have been able to do this is to ungroup everything and then select all the objects. Then you can enter a global Z value for everything selected and enter 0. New question If there's a bunch of duplicated groups, how can I edit one group and make the rest of them get the same edit?
  7. I can't find that. I have VW2014 I have this... File>Document settings>Document preferences>Display but there's not an option for center on objects
  8. When I push a number on the numpad to go from top to front or to side view I lose the specific object that I am working with. I then have to pan around until I find it. Is there a way to have a selected object still centered in the viewport even if I change the view form top to front?
  9. My colleague made a bunch of groups of tables and chairs that are not on the ground. When I select an individual object that is floating I can enter 0 into the Z value in the Object Info panel. But when its a group, I don't see a place to manually enter the Z value. I have been able to move the groups with the mouse but that takes too long and I don't know if the bottoms are exactly at 0.
  10. I figured out the problem. I was making copies of the object. When rotating the original object I can see it, but when rotating the copy I can only see the bounding box. Does that mean that each copy is only an instance of the original? If that is the case can I make the copies independent?
  11. So sometimes when I rotate things I can see them and some times I get the blue square and I don't understand why? Is there a key command to make an object reset to its original rotation?
  12. When rotating, I can only see the bounding box around the object I am trying to rotate. Can I just see the actual object as I rotate it? That would be alot easier.
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